Author Topic: Standing At the Edge of the Earth (Missing Children Squad)  (Read 1806 times)

Kaya Mitsume

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The empath sild her eyes over each of her team, getting her impressions as she would. Mika heard Kaya whisper through her mind. "Hey, no worries, girly. That knowledge of dark magick will probably be wicked useful. And you're able to fly with Kami easy. Not a lot of people actually have much information on spirits, normally."

Kaya continued moving, as if she weren't having a completely separate conversation. To Yukio, she whispers "I get exactly why you're scared, and as I've got my own history I can empathize. But I need your focus here, that way we can both make sure Freya-chan makes it out of here in one piece. I made a promise to someone, after all. If you wanna talk about what you've found out, I'll listen afterwards." She left it at that.

None of the others required bolstering, but she felt it best to say what she could to keep spirits and confidence high. "I think I've got a pretty awesome team here. Shinkuru, as my tech genius, do you have anything that can act as a scanner that could detect the presence of such things?"