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yuji uzumaki

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Re: Zatira's Room
« on: September 27, 2012, 03:01:39 am »
*his face stayed almost emotionless but he was pleased it was a boy* will stay by my side at all times i will have have kenro enlarge this room my things will be moved here*he sit on the bed thinking to himself*

good yuji:so you do feel huh?

evil yuji:you will hold your tough! just because i have feelings for this woman means nothing this is your fault i have this dammed things!!!

HAHAHAHA! it looks like.. you big guy have a bad case of love*he put on his uzumaki smile*

i said hold you tough!

Name:yuji uzumaki
Age: unknown
Bio:he has taken over 90 world since leaving his own he is also the father of genji,dawn and bii
ability:  colossal strength ,the power to control lava and water,speed,flight
Likes: dark places, chaos
Dislikes: unknown

Stats: total 2500
energy to use ability-300
martial arts skills-300
equipment skills-300