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yuji uzumaki

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Re: Zatira's Room
« on: September 27, 2012, 02:41:12 am »
*he looked into her eyes wondering how this woman got him to feel this way it wasn't her mind control he would have felt it and killed the woman but he felt as if she this one woman made him stronger he got closer to her he could feel the child kicking him  as he placed on hand on her stomach *is very active so have you found out what it is?*he placed a hand on her cheek*
Name:yuji uzumaki
Age: unknown
Bio:he has taken over 90 world since leaving his own he is also the father of genji,dawn and bii
ability:  colossal strength ,the power to control lava and water,speed,flight
Likes: dark places, chaos
Dislikes: unknown

Stats: total 2500
energy to use ability-300
martial arts skills-300
equipment skills-300