Author Topic: Infiltrating the Castle: Who is Yagyuu Uzumaki? (Open, Night)  (Read 1117 times)


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"Wife.....son?" he did a double take at all three of the people and almost combusted. "IMPOSSIBRU!!!!!!!!!!!!" He stab his finer at the woman indignantly. "THIS HARLOTS SCENT IS UNWORTHY TO BEAR THE CHILD OF MY BELOved BROTHER, THE MIZUKAGE!" He turned to the boy. "AS FOR HIM!- My brother is only 21. A son this Kenro what type of ill joke are you trying to fool me into this time?" It would appear this Yagyuu only had memories from when Yuji was the Mizukage.
    “Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”

    Nickname:"The Dragon" "Cherry" "Cherry Boy"
    Name: Kaguutabe Yanbarakutuubei
    Age: Fifteen
    Gender: Male
    5'7", slightly elongated ears, strong sense of smell, red hair, golden eyes, he wears headphones to cover his ears, sharp teeth.
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