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Re: The River Styx
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Charon takes the 2nd coin and puts them both somewhere into his cloak. His bony hand tugs on one of the chains coming from its twisted mess wrapped around his body and dipping into the waters. It seemed that the several chains that fell from him were connected to a great weight, because the chain he tugged did not give easily or move very far. But still, he tugged three times and on the third he sighed.

"Stand back, please."

The waters became disturbed, just as they had when Charon showed himself. But this time, it was softer. A fog came over the surface of the water and disturbed the view of the same roiling and bubbling that had been before the boatman surfaced. But then, the bubbling slowed and eventually stopped altogether.

And then a mighty splash came forth from the river as a large boat came breaking through the surface all at once. It seemed waterlogged, still spewing out the contents of the river from its body even as it bobbed on the now waving waters of the river Styx. Many things grew upon it, some things one would do well not to touch. The banisters and rails, the masts and the wheel that drove it all seemed to have been of legendary craftsmanship at one time or another but have faded over eons of water erosion. Even the wheel had broken and fallen over upon itself.

But the most noticeable thing about the boat was the rusted clinking chains bolted here and there to the front of the boat. It even seemed as though the carving of the woman on the front were holding the chains in her hands. They dipped at a shallow angle beneath the water and seemed to rise precisely where Charon was standing.

A wooden plank came from the boat, extended by some invisible force, and sloped down to the shore creating a ramp for the mage and the Fury to board the vessel.

"Get in."
Name: Zagreus aka Timaeus Zag
Age: Appears to be in his mid teens, real age is undeterminable
Gender: Male
Bio: Zagreus is the son of Hades and Persephone, current rulers of the Underworld. Yes, that Hades and Persephone. He takes more after his mother in personality but has his father's looks and hot temper. Growing up under his father's rule was challenging. The more expectations placed upon Zagreus, the more the boy wanted to act out against his father's wishes. In response, Hades banned him from leaving the Underworld. Well ****...
ability: Shape Changing & Fire/Heat Manipulation
Likes: Music, mortal society, clothes, travel, pranks
Dislikes: The outdoors, sweets, frozen foods, strict situations
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Year: 3rd
Equipment: A black handled knife with a long blade that has dozens of odd symbols etched into it, a pocket mirror, one zippo lighter, and a pewter ring set with an obsidian stone that bears the insignia of Hades, a black leather satchel with silver skull buckles, three journals bound in some unfamiliar flesh, keys to his motorcycle "Lil' Cerberus", an ebony bow with a matching quiver of arrows, and a pet scorpion named Scorpius.

Stats: total 600
strength- 35
speed- 120
intelligence- 85
energy to use ability- 200
stamina- 100
martial arts skills- 40
equipment skills- 20