Author Topic: Above the clouds? [open, night, mountain top]  (Read 1003 times)


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Re: Above the clouds? [open, night, mountain top]
« on: February 20, 2013, 12:37:32 pm »
Deji: Honestly i don't see why you're suprised roslin was a very beautiful woman she was ery bright and talented you've turned out just the same. Now the wings those just so happen to be my fault. Before Deji turned me into.....whatever this is the only ability i had was changing my DNA, your mother said she wanted a little angle  and i may have takes her a little too seriously heh heh, but i regret nothing my foolishness gave my you and your brother it gave me the prefect family.
Deji's work confused Mika ever so slightly, he'd been speaking of himself in the third person and every time he said his name it sounded as if he hated it more and more making his voice a bit raspy and resualting in him clearing his throat often. He looked at her and smiled brightly something about him seemd different, normaly when she got a visit from her father there would be many insualts, mind games and tears of sorrowed agony but now he only spoke words of kindness somethng Mika wasn't quite used to yet
Deji: My dear you seem a little....lost, iseverything alright?
Name:Jizero Ito
Age: 19
Bio: In Jizero's time on earth he has been through many trials of hardships and has always come through unscaved. After his home planet bacame to dangerous a place for him to stay his grandfather devised a plan to send him to earth, although he did end up there as planned during the trip he fell off radar for 16 years during which no one from his home world know what happened or even if he was alive but the search for him never stopped. During these 16 years Jizero had learned to be a great ninja and became one of the few people to defeat all of the grandmaster ninja but with the title of master ninja came a great cost, to defeat the final grand master Jizero gave control to the darkness inside and ended up taking the life of his first love. Now even though he'd found his family and returned to his home world he's returned to earth to attend the academy. When it comes down to the basics Jizero is a troubled soul who keeps his cool understress, there are times when he can bee silly and others when he's clueless but he's very kind and trust worthy.

abilities: bends the laws of nature , transfomation, elemental powers, "Scientific immorataliy"(conventional methods of death only throw him into hyper hybernation: suffication, sickness, destroyed heart, decapitation, etc...), and limited regeneration.

Likes: Melon flavored anything, guitar, children, friends and family, honorible people, a pretty face, tea(and secretly vodka), cats, books, one of a kind items, and being a ninja.

Special needs: Grounded ginger, Blood(occasionally)

Dislikes: Spiders, his older brother, his father, sports, sex, haters, bullies, men(unless trusted), water shinobi, and selfishness
Classes:ninja studies/training,elemental studies, swordsmanship,marksmanship
Clubs/activities: if have any
Class Rep:yukimora
Year: 2nd
Equipment: 4ft dragon katana,44-cobra calibur revolver, 6 ninjatsu scrolls.

Stats: total 495
energy to use ability-30
martial arts skills-70
equipment skills-80

How to beat Jizero: starvation, set him on fire, seperate him and Kyoki.