Author Topic: Above the clouds? [open, night, mountain top]  (Read 1003 times)

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Re: Above the clouds? [open, night, mountain top]
« on: February 19, 2013, 11:12:30 pm »
The soothing, memory filled tune drawing her eyes behind her, there was a light smile on her face.  As her eyes fell on her father, her body tensed on instinct.  Subconsciously taking a step back as she watched him play, entranced.  She very infrequently saw anyone else play a stringed instrument, she was normally the one playing.  As he finished his speech, her eyes fell to his as they opened.  "I...I didn't expect to see you there.  It's been a while father."  A slight hesitation evident in her voice as he says he's missed her.
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