Author Topic: an evening stroll 8/6 [private]  (Read 489 times)

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Re: an evening stroll 8/6 [private]
« on: August 06, 2012, 10:58:12 pm »
She remembered this conversation. She'd heard it enough times to repeat it.  Their link allows him to see the exact memories he's triggered. He hears a deep male voice bellowing for Aphrodite. He watches, seemingly from a very young Kaya's eyes.

A woman, golden haired and golden skinned in a chiton much like Kaya has been known to wear, eyes the exact shade of his own princess', is frozen in mute terror. She whispers to the child that Kaya is, her voice musical. He can see such resemblances between this woman and Kaya. Both have that angelic appearance to them.

She tells Kaya to run, to hide, not to worry about her. Kaya begs her to hide with her, to leave with her. "Mama, please. Don't let him." That little voice whispers, pleads. But she's pushed away by her mother, ordered to go and hide.

She doesn't go far. She tucks herself away in a closet, but can still hear exactly what happens. The sound of the whimpers, the screams of her mother are unmistakeable for what they are, as is the sound of fist hitting soft flesh. Soon, the woman no longer screams. She simply whimpers. The little girl gets scared when even those whimpers fall silent, but the sound of fist meeting flesh doesn't stop.

Silence reigns, but the little goddess is unable to move. She's so terrified that he's still out there. But she wanted so badly to go to her mother. She crept from the closet silently, moving to her mother's side.

Broken body bleeding, that angel's face has been utterly disfigured. Her eyes, so much like Kaya's own, are swollen shut. Her jaw is obviously broken, it's delicate bones shattered. Her cheekbones are in much the same state. Her body is like that of a broken and mangled doll's.

Heavy footsteps echo behind her,that voice whispering, "So sorry, 'Dite. I didn't mean to. So sorry."

The remembrance leaves Kaya shaking violently, head lowered. She's curled into the smallest ball she can manage, obviously protectively. It's nothard to see the terrified little girl in the huddled mother to be.
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