Author Topic: BANG BANG!! (open, Market)  (Read 1033 times)

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Re: BANG BANG!! (open, Market)
« Reply #30 on: September 30, 2012, 08:28:04 am »
A Grecian woman appears, fair of face and form, ocean eyes stormy and tempestuous, her full mouth in an expression between a snarl and a scowl. Not one often seen on the usually even tempered little goddess. With her hair drawn back in the curls it was, and wearing the double chiton, there's little doubt of her origins. Though it becomes as quickly obvious that she is not there in full corporeal state.

Daggers, ornate and wickedly curved, decorate her forearms in a tattoo, beautifully rendered. With a catlike sort of grace, she leapt from her balance point of the ledge, and sprang into movement toward the swordsman, her hands glowing with a pure and soft white light. She is muttering in very quiet, semi venomous Greek, though it isn't pointed at either of the men on the roof. Meanwhile, the cuts begin closing on Haro's chest nearly immediately after her hands touch his torso. Once his wounds heal, her eyes shift over Elliot, checking to be sure his skin is clear of damage or wounds. "Where's the little b*tch, and why is he sheltering her?" Haro catches something about killing her painfully as Kaya mutters in her Greek, mostly to herself.
Name: Kaya Mitsume 'Lorelei'
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