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Re: BANG BANG!! (open, Market)
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"Huh, guess I'm not needed...," a familiar voice says behind Genji. Once he turned, Ginji would see Elliot standing behind him with his right arm glowing yellow as though he were about to attack, but stopped in his tracks when he saw Haro's attack land. The irate teen then tsked and glanced away in annoyance when Akina spit out blood. "Yup, she's done for. Dammit! I wanted to sock her once for destroying my favorite store too! Just my luck..." He pouted immaturely at being unable to land his attack on Akina.
- Kazuma Edilos & Daemos

Name: Kazuma Edilos / Daemos

Age: Unknown / Unknown
Gender: Male / Unknown




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- Elliot Miyura

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