Author Topic: Chance Encounter ((Semi-open, permission needed; Elyana, Elliot Evening))  (Read 1563 times)


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"!!!" At first the teen was overcome with embarrassment and almost panicked, but once Lya guided him into looking into her eyes, all embarrassment and other reservations melted away as though he was drowning in her eyes. Somehow, he knew now. He knew what she wanted and he knew how she felt, but what now? He felt like he needed to say something, but what? What should he say at a time like this? He'd dreamed of this moment many times before. If his mind was clear, he might've seen those dreams now as the premonitions that they were, but at the moment, he was too far gone to care.

Slowly, silently, the distance between their lips closed without Elliot's knowledge. The teen was still wracking his unresponsive mind for something, anything to say. Lya's scent became more and more overwhelming the closer he got to her. Finally, their noses were almost touching when he'd finally come to a conclusion; perhaps there was no need to say anything.

Closing his eyes, the Crescent Moon gave in. Tilting his head, the boy leaned forward the last few centimeters and felt the softness of Lya's lips for himself. A small sigh of content escaped him as he kissed her. He knew he loved her already, but now he was just understanding how much as, for the first time, he felt as though everything was as it should be.
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