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oh i must here this, continue please "jester continued doing unmentionable things to her as she would speak"

"jesters hands moved from her back to her thighs, rubbing them ever so softly" has she killed someone? "jester talked as he bit so some of the words come out a little muffled"

"jester smiled and did the same. he traced his fingers across her lower back" and what pain is that? "jester leaned in and bit on her neck seductively"

yes.....the dreaded fog. it make even makes my skin cold "jester shivered lightly" if only someone would keep me warm "jester smiled slyly" the girl seems to always be making new friends, but i believe that is her way of coping

no, i was just asking thats all. has things been going here on the island?

ta ta.......

oooo is it something dark? "jester smiled happily" whatever it be, finish it, once you are ready head to kurai shima and wait for me "jester turned his attention back to miyako" have you been having any fun with my gifts

such a quick response....oh what could it be....."jester put a hand on miyako cheek as he spoke to her"....he's trying to escape? "jester smiled slyly and a dark gleam flashed in his eye. he never took his eyes of miyako"  then i will teach you. i will show you the world of magic. you will learn its flow, its pattern, before you die be it sooner or later you will be able to determine a magics source, affinity, and everything above.......but to learn the art of seasoned life. one must delve into sources darker than the creation of the word itself. i will leave you sometime to prepare and say goodbyes. this will not be a short trip. you will be gone for years on end, i will ask one last time. are-you-sure "he turned his head slightly so that one eyes view was cast on shinji."

" jester walked over to miyako and played with her hair" are willing to leave everything, be what I make you, do as I tell you? "Jester spoke to shinji but looked at miyako"

" jester smiled" what makes you think I would share this knowledge? I'm not known as friendly around here, ask dear miyako over there " jester stood and walked over to the window" years of understandinng and training of magic, dark things.....sacrifices

From many different avenues my young friend. A master, books, imagination. So on and so forth

" jester nodded with a wink of approval"

"Jester raised an eyebrow as he stepped forward" just how it sounds my dear boy

"jester choked on his tea" my dear boy, no!!.....long lasting yes "jester winked and smiled"

knowledge is best gained over time my boy "jester sipped some more tea and smiled slyly" and with the right knowledge, time is never of the essence

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