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"I'm not relying on my blade, I just want to have more tactics that I can use." Feeling insulted, he growled a little bit. "Anyways, what is this 'challenge' of yours anyway?"

After falling on his butt, he shook his head to regain his senses. Looking at the new guy, he felt power and felt like he shouldn't mess with him. Seeing that even Niha acted with a little respect towards the guy, he sat silently and listened to him.

"So you're gonna give us a special power just for us if we do your so called 'mission'? The thing you'll give us won't eat our souls or have some bad side effect right? If there is nothing bad like that, I'll do my best. I need every edge I can get against these stupid people with stupid special powers. I could use a blade that is really, really sharp or whatever."

The moment he transformed, sayi made a dash to the girl. While dashing he jumped over the low bullets and blocked the rest with his Nasod Arm since the machine wouldn't feel a thing. Right before getting in range to hit her, he changed his movements to face the boy as he was moving around in circles and shooting. The boy's movements made it easy to predict where he was going to end up so sayi held his Nasod Arm forward and timed an explosion so the boy would get caught in the blast.

Carefully watching that everything was happening, he shouted out as hard as he could "If we have no business with each other, why are we fighting? I'll drop my blade if you two call it a truce too! We're not heartless, are we?" Keeping his calm, he noticed that the boy's blade returns to his hands with a flash. "Convenient."

He looked at the two opponents, with no sign of hostility in his eyes, trying to solve this situation peacefully but he was still in his fighting stance just in case they decide to attack.

Finally with the end of the spell, he got up. After watching him feed the chocobo he looked at both of them and asked once more. "Who are you and why are you here? Also, why are you fighting with us?" He didn't wanted to kill no one who didn't deserve it so he had to know their intentions before going all out. When he saw the girl shoot herself, he turned his head away but then he noticed the light and looked back again, readying himself back to his fighting stance.

"Grr. You son of a-GAH!" Hitting down to the ground hard, the Blade Master coughed some blood. He was surprised how quickly he countered Elliot. Elliot was too fast even for him to see. "How did he predict..." He started thinking but the pull of gravity was too painful for him to focus. All he could was lay down since he couldn't move a muscle.

Seeing that a glacier got fired at Elliot when he said "Blizzard." He quickly caught on with their attack and rolled to the side the moment he said "Thunder." dodging the lightning as he expected. Getting up, he started dashing to the guy, jumped into the air and slashed downwards, using his body weight as the strength behind his attack.

Keeping his eye on this new opponent he asked once more: "Who are you and what are you doing here?" He didn't wanted to fight a 4-way fight, he preferred 1v1 fights but he believed that he could hold out on his own. Looking at Elliot, he gave him a look that says sayi and Elliot were opponents, just that, but these new guys could be enemy, a threat so they should fight together against them. Hoping that Elliot wasn't too lost in his mixed emotions and got his message he turned back to this new guy and started thinking "A blade appearing out of nowhere? And it looks like a key, what kind of weapon is this? A blade that's shaped like a key huh? A bladekey? A keyblade? Keyblade... That sounds nice. I wonder what's its powers are, gotta be careful, I don't know what this guy can do." Not changing his stance or moving, he closely watched this new person, ready to act the moment he moves.

"Bad mood? Hah, you're in a bad mood gir--Whoa!" Surprised by the sudden appearance of the ship and the boy, he cut his words short. After collecting his thoughts quickly, he reassessed the situation. He started thinking to himself "Tch, this was not in my plans, not in my possible outcomes, completely unexpected. For his sake, I better come up with another plan quick." After deciding on his next move, he shouted out to the new boy "Who are you and what are you doing here?" while he was still in his fighting stance, ready to take care of this new threat if need be.

Quickly following him, he silently watched him from the entrance, knowing that he couldn't notice him since he was so confused and angry. Seeing him push that little creature to its limits just it could catch up with him, he believed that something serious had happen. "Hmm, this might be tough. Right now, talking to him wouldn't work." His worried face slowly turned into a smirk, then a wide smile. "I guess we'll have to communicate with the warrior's way!" Quickly regaining his composure, he walked in right as Elliot destroyed the mannequin.

He acted nonchalant and like nothing happened. "Hey Elliot fancy meeting you here! Apparently teachers don't attend classes now and I really need a good partner to train myself. You seem fired up. Wanna spar a little?" He didn't wanted to push him too far and make him go berserk but he had to taunt him into attacking. He decided to see what's gonna happen first. He stood far away from him, at least half the length of the training area, ready to dodge or get ready in case Elliot lost himself.

Boys Dorm Rooms / Re: Room #247
« on: October 26, 2012, 09:44:00 pm »
Waking up with a huge yawn, the Blade Master walked to his bathroom and washed his face before going out. He always slept with his clothes unless it was too hot so he didn't have to spend time changing. "Time is money or so they say." He thought. He slowly opened up his dorm room to get out when he saw Elliot run towards him from the hall. "Hey Ellio--" before he could finish his sentence, Elliot ran past him. He felt that something was wrong, his instincts told him that. He quickly went back in and grabbed his blade just in case something happened. After all, everyone here had powers, one had to be careful around them in case they go berserk.

"Hmm... We can't have a friend run around like that now, can we?" Because of the opportunity to help a friend, he smiled but that smile quickly turned into a worried face before he dashed after Elliot, without letting him notice that he was tailing him.

O'raion Academy / Re: orientation hall
« on: October 24, 2012, 11:36:02 pm »
"Hmm..." The Blade Master just moved to a corner and leaned on the wall after the orientation was over. Not interested in the chat the students were having, he went to the School Gates to enjoy the day without leaving the school.

"Yeah, I'm not used to these kind of days." Saying that, he suddely looked really tired. "See you later then I guess?" Looking at Elliot, he shaked hands with him before parting ways and he went to his dorm room.

Boys Dorm Rooms / Room #247
« on: October 24, 2012, 03:06:42 am »
After eating with Niha and Elliot at the beach, he went to his room to relax and think about all the stuff that has happened.

His room was pretty simple, when you walk in through the door the entrance hallway would welcome you, to your right there was a door to bathroom and at the end of the hallway was his bedroom. He had a small kitchen merged with his bedroom so they were one big room with some open space in the middle. He had a little fridge to store basic food in his kitchen. At the bedroom side, there was a closet which stored his clothes, all black/grey t-shirts and pants. The room was not gloomy nor cheerful. Painted in gray, the room was just there. Right next to that closet, there was another one, empty except from his old blade.

He walked into the room and went to the bathroom to wash his face. After getting out, he took sat on his bed. "Hmm, strange day. Never thought I'd see those two again." After collecting his thoughts, he walked over to his blade closet and opened it. Looking at his old blade, he felt nostalgic. "Heh, thanks for bringing me all the way here old friend." He looked at the empty space. He was hoping that as the Blade Master, he would find lots of blades and make a collection out of them. He loved blades, he always believed that a blade was a warrior's companion. A blade that would rest with him, walk next to him, fight with him, win with him, lose with him, kill with him and... Die with him. He cared for his blade, that blade he got from a regular store which carried him and supported him a long way. He took the blade from the closet and held it in his right hand. The balance, the weight and its curve... It was like meeting with an old friend again. "Please support me from now on too." He held the blade close to his face and touched it with his forehead. This blade was the only one that knew him. This blade was the only one that saw who he was. He wondered if he could reshape the blade in a blacksmith and sharpen it. Even if he finds a lot of blades in the future, he was never going to forget this blade.

He turned around and walked to the open space in his room. He took a deep breath, changed his stance and quickly slashed from right to left. Without stopping he followed it with a slash from top-left to bottom-right. This made his hand rest in its normal position and he followed this with a piercing move from his left arm, using the sharp claws of his Nasod Arm. Pretending that it was stuck in a person, he pulled his hand back, pulling the person to him and then stabbed the imaginary person with his blade.  After taking another breath, he put the blade back in the closet and laid down on his bed. Holding his left arm forward, he looked at it. "I'm not sure whether I should be happy that I got this or I should be sad. You made me kill a lot of people but now you and me gonna save a lot of people." Making a fist with his hand, he finally let it go and fell asleep, turning to his side.

"I-Is that? Is that my secret recipe? The 'Sandwich of Epicness'? HOW DO YOU KNOW?!" He made a mad dash to where they were and grabbed his sandwich without hesitation. He opened it took a peek inside. "Hmm, cream cheese at one side, tomato paste at the other aaand white cheese slices in between. Yup, this is it! How?!" Taking a huge bite, he gulped down some soda with a big smile on his face. "I don't know why but this sandwich brings a smile to my face everyday! It's been so long since I had one! A week infact!" His eyes started tearing up from pure joy.

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