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Housing Area / Re: Mechi's House
« on: October 26, 2012, 06:16:12 pm »
Mechi appeared in her home right after she teleported from the cave. "I HATE DRAGONS!" Soon after Mechi shouted that she fell over to her knees. Teleporting from place to place takes a large amount of energy from her. Although she's been able to teleport for a while , surprisingly, her body wasn't use to it. She hated the after feeling of teleporting. It felt as if someone stabbed her in the stomach, and punched it a few times. Due to her teleporting so quickly she also a bit of dizziness.

Mechi patheically crawled over to the sectional and with all her might pulled herself up. When she was comfortablly settled upon the couch she stared at the ceiling blankly.

Mechi sighed "Oh. Sure." She watched as Niha went after the dragons. Once she was for sure he was gone, she kicked the cave wall and yelled at herself. I hate...this. No one ever seems to want to stick around me anymore. Fine...FINE! It's cool.

Not caring about the her energy level, she quickly teleported to the place she calls home.

Mechi watched as the dragons flew off. She didn't know anything about whaat had just happened but she know it wasn't very good. Mechinslid one of her earphones off her ear.

"What's the matter?" She asked Niha, with a hint of worry in her voice.

Mechi sensed movement as she listened to her music. She looked up at the other, realizing they were leaving she hopped up on her feet and follwed them.

Mechi continued to listen to her music.

Mechi heard Ren speak to her, she wantsd to ignore him but decided not to. She simply looked him and blinked. "I do not like you. " She emphasised every word in that sentence and slowly so she knew that he would understand for sure. Mechi lightly scoffed, placed the hedphones that hung around her neck on her head. Music automatically played, she buried her face into her knees.

Mechi looked up at Niha and buried her head back into her knees.

"You can stand there if you want, but  I am not expressing any type of feeling to you about how I feel,Niha."

"I rather not, I'm fine. Go and yourself." She looked over at the couple and then buried her head in her knees. She didn't feel like talking about her feelings nor did she know how to. Mechi sighed softly as she stared at the darkness.

"I am not jealous of such an immature couple." She said coldly. She stopped walking instantly after she spoke. Mechi wasn't in the mood for swimmig and fun. She figured she would just sit this one out. She gently pushed herself against the rocky wall, slid down it, and crossed her arms while hugging her knees.

"I'll sit here and wait."

Mechi grunted as Niha patted her head,and glanced back at the couple. "Hmph!" She huffed while turning her attention back in front of her. Mechi eyes flashed a neon green. All of a sudden, beams of light from her eyes illumanated the cave. " It does that automatically." She explained.

F-fiance..did she just say fiance? For a brief moment Mechi was shocked by what she heard but not too shocked. Mechi looked at Ren coldly once more and huffed. Just before she walked away Mechi made a side comment "And yet I still don't like him." That comment was meant to be heard but at the same time it wasn't. "I'm going back to the cave."

Such an odd boy..

Mechi glared at the boy evily,and said not a word to him. Even though it was quite obvious that Mura knew the boy, Mechi was still skpectical about him. Still standing slightly behind Niha, Mechi whispered to him and said "I  don't like him."

Mechi always remembers first impression and his was in fact not the best.

Mechi walked back out to the entrance and smiled at both Mura and Niha. "So are we entering or not?" She  asked with eagerness in her voice. Mechi sensed movement behind, and before she knew someone or something was running not toward her but in the same direction. She immediatly sidestep, right after she did poor little Homura was instantly attacked by some stupid kid.

"Hey! What's the big idea punk?" Mechi quickly ran over and pushed him off of Humora.

Mechi looked over the rock and shook her head. " Oh no. This is my first time on the mountain so I wouldn't know." She stood up and walked over to Niha side. "Nice."

Mechi crossed her arms and walked into the cave. The cave appeared harmless, but she wasn't sure if it really was. The deeper she walked in the darker it became.

Mechi ignored the rustling sounds in the cave she thought it was maybe wind sounds coming from the depth of the cave.

Mechi stayed quiet the whole time, not saying one word. She always enjoy the outdoors so she wanted to embrace every second of this trip. When Niha kindly asked her to climb off, she did so. She gently jumped onto the ground and stretched her  arm muscles.

"Ah, this sun is really helping my stamina level. I feel my body absorbing the sun rays." She sat down after her comment, and picked up small round pebbles.

[[Same here. I understand completely ^__^"))

Mechi smiled at them both and nodded.

"On an adventure we go!"

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