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Title: Yo, Pup! [Elliot, Ely, open, afternoon]
Post by: Elyana Romanov on September 21, 2012, 09:46:03 pm
A familiar howl came on the wind to Elliot. He knew that howl, beyond a single doubt. The silvery voice is more than a little familiar. Elyana called to him on the wind. And afforded him the respect of a howl. Said woman waited fairly patiently, and this time, she didn't hide. Serious face today. Well, sort of.
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A short time later, Elliot appeared in the forest answering Lya's call. Their previous encounter still weighed heavily on his mind, so he looked at his elder cousin-in-law with apprehension. Just what could she possibly want with him?

Elliot approaches Lya with a slight hunch, suspicious eyes, and his hands in his pockets as he opens his mouth to say something rude. The rude words do not escape him however, as he remembers who he's talking to and stands up straight and adjusts his tone before he could offend her. "Normally you wouldn't call me in this way. Is something going wrong," he asked in a more respective tone than the one he originally intended to use. He then watched his cousin-in-law for possible signs of deception as he awaited her answer.
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The No Moon sat on the ground, leaning against a rock and looking up at the sky, mainly the clouds. "Nope, nothin' wrong, pup. Have a seat. I won't bite...hard."  She murmured before she brought her gaze back level with his. No deception on her. Just a rather playful sense of humor.

She waited 'til he sat down before she said anything. Or moved. She looked for the claw marks on his skin, but wouldn't be surprised if they were mostly healed. "I won't apologize for the other day. I will explain. I've never liked that name from anyone but my father and Gregor. Even less once Gre took off. From mouths other than Gregor's, it brings back bad memories. Things I don't care to go into. But it makes me edgy and angry, now. You ended up on the bad side of that." A hand lifted to shove her dark hair away from her face.

"That's not the only thing I wanted to talk about. I just figured that might make you understand, and loosen you back up. Don't really want ya mad at me. Least not because of that. Family's family, and all that. I did come around to see if you wanted to join up with the pack that's forming." The bayou peeked around the edges of her words, charming in it's fashion.
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Elliot's head dropped a bit and he looked annoyed by Lya's biting joke as he remembered a time where she DID bite him and it hurt like a b****.... for 3 days straight... but the teen sighed and followed orders sitting on the ground with his legs crossed about 5-6 feet away from the No Moon. The claw marks on Elliot's neck were wrapped up, but there was a lack of blood on the bandages insinuating that they were at least closed up. The full extent of how fast they had healed however could not be seen until the bandages were removed. There were also bandages wrapping up Elliot's torso that peeked from under his shirts, but he didn't seem to show any signs of strain from his ****/broken ribs.

Elliot then listened to Lya's explanation of what had happened and, surprisingly, relaxed and seemed to forgive her quickly. Lya would even feel something like compassion and understanding from Elliot as though he knew exactly what she was talking about. It doesn't happen quickly, but Elliot relaxes and lowers his guard a bit as he decides to trust the No Moon's words... this time...

Elliot would've apologized also, but then he'd heard Lya's offer to join their pack and blinked, a look of utter shock and disbelief plastered on his face. He quickly scanned his memories and couldn't once remember a time where his cousins had invited him to do something with them without some kind of catch, so he was immediately skeptical again when he heard this offer. In fact, he found it kind of humorous that Lya would think he would fall for such a thing again, and couldn't help but laugh out loud at the thought of her being stupid enough to think he would.

"Me? Join YOUR pack? HA! Yeah, that's rich! So what's the prank this time? Gonna have me steal some cookies for you and not share them again? Or are you going to have me get caught getting something out of the girl's shower room for you again? Come to think of it, I can't believe how I fell for this stuff before! You know what, I'm gonna go before I end up in another dress!" As Elliot ends his rant, he begins to stand, still chuckling in disbelief as he seems ready to dismiss Lya's offer as a joke and leave.
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One of her brows arched as she watched the pup catalogue all the stupid things he'd been lured into doing. "Pup, you're gonna **** me off. Sit." There's a bit of bark to those words. Alpha female on the ball. "Now, I know I've never invited you into somethin' like this. So, how ya gonna think I'm lyin' about it? I might play with a lotta things, but pack ain't never gonna be one of 'em." Elyana got to her feet with an agile sort of grace.

She paced a little, more from excess energy than agitation, as a look at her face reveals. "Kiddo, there's a lot of bad things that have happened here for us shifters. You don't change, but you have our blood. And you might change later, who knows? Either way, they're killin' us. Five of ours are gone, one of them a subclan like you.

I know I've messed with ya in the past, but I've also pulled your butt out of the sling quite a few times. Kept a lot of the big dogs off your back when I could. Made sure they didn't treat the mutt like fodder. I'm still lookin' after you. You'll be safer with us. And you'll get stronger with us, more so than without. We know what you can do. And we know how to train you up. Just remember that before you spit my offer back in my face."
Her mys had become mahs. Dogs became dawgs. Yep, Lousiana bred and born. Those golden eyes had settled on Elliot's. No lie in them. Looked like Ely had grown up in the time he'd been gone.
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In spite of himself, Elliot immediately STFUed and sat down when Lya told him to. After all this time he STILL couldn't really stand up to her as was evident when he didn't make a snappy comeback like he usually would when she said "So, how ya gonna think I'm lyin' about it?"

Elliot blinks and tenses up as Lya stands up and begins pacing until he realizes that she wasn't angry, but energized. At that point, he relaxes again, but looks at her strangely as her accent drifts more and more towards her Louisiana roots. His concern about her accent however, was immediately eradicated as Lya explained the current situation and state of their clans and listened silently until she finished with a serious look on his face. Once she was finished, Elliot was looking down at her feet blushing in embarrassment at his own behavior. What she said was right; when he thought about it, his cousins had helped him MUCH more than they had hurt him. They weren't exactly best friends due to their positions in the clan, but they did look out for him and took care of him, as they were trying to do now, if he'd let them. After a few moments of him being unable to look at her due to shame, Elliot eventually looked up and caught her eye. Seeing no lies in them only helped him solidify his decision even more.

"I see... sorry for not believing you, and for everything else. I'd be happy to join the pack," he said smiling at her in earnest. Elliot didn't realize it at the time, but a single tear escaped his right eye and rolled down his cheek as the thought of being accepted and acknowledged after all this time made him feel happy from the core of his being. In fact, his happiness seemed to be strangely infectious as there was no other reason for Lya to feel the random warm, happy feeling that was now invading her body. The feeling was only there for a moment though before Elliot blinked in confusion as he remembered some of the other things Lya said to him.

"Wait... I might be able to change? And some of us have already been killed? Wait, that's more important! Who all is gone!?" The happy feeling Elliot was exuding was now gone as a look of worry replaced the smile on Elliot's face.
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Once again that brow arched, her mouth quirking slightly. "Ah, glad to see you decided to join the conversation with something useful. Yeah, kiddo. It's why I'm here. The Council convened. Sent me here to figure out why our people our dyin'. Your aunt, Gregor's mother, is dead. Same people, but that was back home." Ely's face went cold for just a second as she mentioned the death that had hit close to home for the both of them. She'd been close to Maria. More so even than her mother.

"Here, there have two clans that have lost people. Red Sunrise and White River. Red Sunrise lost the Alpha's daughter. I found Celie's trail up on the mountain, and it just disappeaared. Don't go up there alone. I'll beat the hell out of you myself if I find out you have. Something plucked her up like it was nothing." That fact still riled the hell out of Elyana. She shoved her hand thorugh her dark hair roughly out of sheer frustration. And then she registered something.

"Your clan didn't tell you you might shift? The hell were they thinkin'? Sonofa-" She swore, scrubbing a hand over her face. "Yeah, you might shift. You don't have strong rage, same way I don't. I changed early cuz I'm full blood. But you might not change 'til your twenties. Or when someone pisses you off royally. And then people can die, if you're not with us." She told him. The hell were his people thinking, not telling him this?
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Elliot's eyes widened as Lya explained the situation to him. He couldn't believe so many people of high status in the clan were killed so easily. Though he didn't exactly like the clans as a whole due to the mistreatment he'd seen the lower clans face, he still had pride for his clan and these offenses against it pissed him off to the point that he almost shook with rage. Especially when he thought about the death of Aunt Maria. "I'll kill them all!!!" He thought as he thought of his aunt. He didn't remember her well since his family eventually moved away from the main clans, but he DID remember that his aunt was a kind person and that his dad called his sister often to keep in touch with her. The fact that she was gone now grew to be too much as Elliot began to wipe away the tears streaming from his eyes. "...How is Gregor handling all this?" He started to ask, but was cut off as Lya went off about his clan not telling him he could change.

At that, Elliot blinked and tilted his head in confusion. "I always thought that my clan simply couldn't do it. Are you sure I chan shift Lya-chan?" Elliot asked her in confusion.
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Elyana shook her head slightly. "He's handling it as well as can be expected. He was close to his mother." She sat next to Elliot in a still graceful slump. Her hand automatically moved to his shoulder to offer a bit of comfort. This close, she sniffs him lightly, checking with her nose how far his healing progressed. Their claw and teeth damage tended to heal slow.

Ely's scent settled around them. Freshly rained over forest. "Yeah, pup. We've had it happen before. I'm so tired of this close mouthed thing that people have goin' on. It makes me crazy. You might shift, darlin'. I'm not sayin' it's for sure, but ya might."
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Elliot looked off to the side and nodded feeling sorry for his cousin and his family. Heck, the clan in general! He almost didn't notice as Lya sat down next to him and put her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. At first, his hand automatically began to move to take hers, but it immediately stopped itself looking like no more than a twitch. Elliot then blinked as he heard her sniff and turned his head towards her to shoot her a weird glance. He then opened his mouth to ask if she was alright, but the words didn't come out as he noticed Lya's scent in the air.

He had no way to prepare himself, the teen quickly turned away again to hide the small, but still noticeable blush that appeared on his face. "Y-yeah, sounds good. I hope I do--," he says, but then he frowns a bit and looks back at Lya, the blush already mostly gone as he noticed another thing she had said. "Wait, 'closed-mouth thing'?"
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((Oh! I forgot to mention this!))

As Lya sniffs him to check his condition, she catches a hint of dried blood through the thick smell of the gauze and bandages. Through this and various other scents, she'll be able to tell that the claw marks had scabbed over, but were mostly healed. If the bandages and scabs were peeled off right this instant, only small, skin level gashes would be seen before they vanished before the viewers eyes. As for his ribs, Elliot's they were still damaged enough to hurt him if they were pressed or he moved wrong, but overall, they too were healing faster than normal. But it didn't to seem to be only Elliot's body (which was already skilled at healing itself) alone that was causing this. There was a faint, very faint, otherworldly scent that seemed to linger around Elliot. The trailing scent of a spirit that was helping him heal as he called it in his sleep. If Lya was VERY observant, she would catch this light hint of spirit. Otherwise, she will be left wondering why Elliot was healing so fast.
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So many things to hoist an eyebrow over, it was hard to find just just one. She smelled the blush on the boy, but couldn't figure out the cause. Poor Ely had a history of being utterly oblivious to male reactions to her. She noticed his weird look, and had been about to retort when he asked his question.

"Darlin', our kind has an annoying habit of being strangely closed mouthed about everything. Especially to younger members, which is usually stupid and dangerous. All the clans and subclans do it. They've become so insular that they even do it within the clans, and between the clans. It's irritating at best." Her shoulders twitched as if the irritation was something to settle in between her shoulder blades.
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Elliot's eyes narrowed when he'd heard that as though he couldn't believe what she'd just said, "really? How can so many secrets be necessary," he asked. He then looked away from her shaking his head as he chuckled a bit. "Whatever, they have their reasons I suppose. I don't get it. Never have. Let's just get the training started now, okay?"

Elliot then stood up slightly irritated. It wasn't her fault, but Lya's speech about the secretiveness of the clans had struck a cord inside Elliot. Multiple memories of the numerous times other clansmen and women have ignored him, the ones that lied to him, even his mom and dad, who he thought was trustworthy had lied to him about his birth. He didn't know what was going on, but he wasn't stupid and had already seen through many of the numerous lies he'd been told. He'd even confronted his parents a few times, but to no avail; they always told the same lies. That's why he'd never told them anything about him. That's why he became a delinquent. That's why he lashed out. In truth, being teased only added fuel to his fire.

Elliot's aura grows darker as flickers of his yellow Impact energy flicked upwards every now and again. Eventually, he looked back at Lya over his shoulder with the cold eyes he normally directed at his next victim. "So, when do we begin?" He asked surprisingly calmly clenching his right fist. Reading Elliot's emotions, Lya would be able to tell that Elliot didn't want to hurt her, but he really wanted something to punch at the moment. The reason that he brought up the training was more to kill 2 birds with one stone rather than to threaten her, which is likely what it sounded like.
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Elyana stood, brushing her legs off. She'd sparred with Full Moons twice their age. It might hurt for a little bit, but she'd be fine. "Fine, pup. We can start now. But I'm gonna warn you. This'll be the only time that I sign on to train you when you got that blood in your eye. 'Less I put it there, I ain't never takin' the blows for somethin' some other dumbass did. This'll be to teach your first lesson. When you let that rage control you, you might very well lose what gives ya power. Clear mind. You were never meant to be a rage filled beast. We're colder than that." She said, stripping off the pullover she wore.

It left her in a black tank, and black pants that stretched and clung. The only thing she did was lengthen her claws. "Just you know. Every pain you inflict on me, I'mma hand it back to you twofold. So choose your steps wisely."
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Elliot's eyes widened a bit in surprise as he didn't expect her to take him on so directly, but his eyes narrowed again as she explained why she was doing it and sighed. Luckily for him, he looked away just before she pulled off her pullover. Seeing her do so would've made him panic, bu he still blinked in surprise as he turned in time to see her drop it to the ground.

He stared at her for a minute and swallowed hard. Some of his anger seemed to have abated, but it was replaced with a deadly seriousness as he sunk into a basic martial arts stance. The eyes that seemed to be admiring Lya a moment ago were now coolly scanning her for possible openings and weak points. "Understood; that just means that I have to win in one blow..." Normally, that would've simply been a cocky one-liner. Something that he only half-meant. This time however, looking at his opponent, it was honestly what he felt he needed to do to overcome their immense speed difference.

After staring Lya down for a few moments, a plan came to Elliot's mind, and he slowly began to glow yellow as he pulled his right fist back and began to charge it with energy.
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Elyana slid into a very guarded and defensive stance. She was a woman in a world of men that outweighed and outmatched her at every turn in physical strength. She could take on women and leave them beaten. Men, they had a different sort of strategy. If having to face a male directly, the way she currently did, re-direction was her way. The stance reflected that.

She seemed absolutely at ease with letting him make his move first. He hadn't sparred with her in a bit of time. He didn't know her ways quite as well as he could have. It would be an advantage for her.
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Though Elliot was still relatively new to martial arts, he was able to get a rough, basic read on her fighting style form her stance. As he figured it out, his eyes narrowed a bit as he realized he'd chose the right plan of attack. Suddenly, Elliot started running forward towards Lya. He pulled his right hand back as if to prepare for a very obvious punch. "HAAAA!!!!"

((Just FYI, for Elliot's height and weight, think slightly taller than Edward Elric from FMA. He should be shorter than Lya, not taller if she's the average height for a woman. Again, just FYI. Lol! xD))
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The No Moon is far more clever. He fair to choreagraphed what he might be thinking of doing. She did a quick aerial, and simply ended up behind him, moving in avoidance. Seems misdirection might also be a ploy of the woman. As he moves, her movements match his. Always remaining a shadow.

((Lya is about 5'6. That'll give ya a height estimate. Her weight likely sits at about 130. She's leanly muscled, but healthily curved where a woman should be curved.))
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((Hmm... their about the same height. Elliot might be about an inch shorter and about 2 pounds heavier. I need to check how tall Ed is again though. >.>))

Elliot was a bit surprised by the aerial, but luckily, it didn't affect his plan too much. Since she decided to be his shadow, Elliot plants his right leg and aims a hi-back kick at her. It was something he didn't expect to hit her, but it was simply a diversion as he takes his energy-charged fist and punches the ground hard at the same time the kick was thrown ((x4)).

If Lya doesn't stop Elliot, then a loud crack will resound throughout the area as the ground beneath the 2 combatants explodes forming a mid-sized crater beneath them and sending debris flying around them as it takes away their footing. Elliot will be blown upwards a bit due to the recoil from the blow, but he will use the momentum to do a corkscrew-like flip and aim a kick at the left side of Lya's head while she is still stunned and recovering from the explosion.
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His kick connects with a hand, sweeping him upward and allowing that punch to end up into the rock that she'd leaned against at one point. Said No Moon shifts, and in the debris flying, is lost track of. Who knew where she might be. Or what for that matter. He gets the feeling that she's testing him, seeing precisely where his capabilities lie. Studying him quite thoroughly.
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Since the kick was directed upwards, Elliot tucks into a front flip and lands on a chunk of debris as it flies up towards him. he then grits his teeth as he realizes that his opponent had vanished and got the feeling that she was testing him. Elliot was slightly annoyed at the thought and considered trying out the gloves Gregor gave him a few days back, but he quickly shook the thought from his mind because he didn't know what the gloves could do yet and they could possibly be too dangerous for a sparring match. Instead, Elliot jumped from the boulder to a nearby tree branch, grabbed it, swung himself around it, and then landed on top of it to give himself slightly more stable footing as he began scanning the area for Lya.
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He'd be surprised to find nearly 300 pounds of lioness bearing him from the tree to the ground, the shifter pushing off from him as he fell so she didn't outright crush him. The fall is still not a pretty thing for his still healing ribs. He'd gather that she may have actually hidden somewhere on him. Perhaps as an insect?

The spirit within him, a water spirit, moaned slightly. Between the damage done to the forest around them, and all of this happening, it's not happy currently. Ely re-took her own form, and shook her head. "Kiddo, find a way to use that power of yours in methods that don't rip up the Earth. There are already too many things damaging her. The spirits will likely thank you for it." She said softly. "We were born of nature. She is our mother. Don't make her a wartorn surface if you can possibly help it." She's teaching him, possibly a bit of tough love, but for a purpose. She's telling him things his own people should have.

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"!!!!" Elliot is surprised by the lioness's sudden appearance on him and mentally kicked himself for ignoring the feeling of a bug on his neck when he'd jumped from the boulder. He was about to grab the lioness's forepaws and try to flip her off of him with his foot when she suddenly pushed off of him making him slam into the ground hard. Elliot gasped in pain from his ribs AND the air being knocked out of his lungs as he bounced off of the ground floating for a moment before landing on his back panting with one eye shut against the pain. He then blinked as he thought he'd heard something from inside of him and immediately began to check himself for a crushed bug for some reason before he looked up and saw Lya safe and sound.

With a sigh of relief, he smiled a bit at her, but it quickly faded as she lectured him about destroying the planet. By the time she was done, Elliot's eyes were serious again and he nodded to her accepting her teachings, though he was a bit confused when she'd mentioned "spirits". "I understand, I'll try to be more careful about collateral damage from now on...," he said with a frown. Since his powers required direct contact to work making hims useless at long range combat, causing collateral damage in order to use the earth to close in on an opponent was one of his main strategies. With that gone, he needed to think of something fast to close in on the New Moon again.

Elliot pondered this as he caught his breath, rolled onto his front, then pushed himself to his feet deciding to save his questions about the spirit thing for later. He then goes back into his stance and shoots a determined look at Lya. "Again!"
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That agility gets used as she springs at him, not unlike the cat she'd just taken the form of. She's a bit of a clawed whirlwind as she moves toward him, coming low. She darts in at him, and tumbles just as quickly away. He bears nothing more than a cat scratch over his chest, unless he blocks her. His shirt is shredded, though. She's not trying to bleed him or harm him heavily. But she wants to see his reaction to the full frontal.

She'd noted his curiosity and confusion over spirits.

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As he saw Lya come at him as a cat with a full frontal assault, he suddenly blushed again. Before Lya could get a read on why though, he simply stepped to his right to dodge her and lightly swatted the small thing towards the ground as she sailed by. He WOULD'VE punted her away, but the combination of Lya being Lya and Lya being an adorable little cat made him hesitate to do anything more besides step back to prepare for her counter.

For a second, he pondered the possibility of her taking advantage of his secret, almost girly weakness for small animals and other cute things of the like on purpose before her refocused on the fight, now a tad nervous.
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The swat sent the small cat tumbling. There's little that Lea can do, as she was already airborne. The landing looks a little rough. The short haired, small grey housecat tumbled head over heels, landing in a bit of heap. It ended on it's side, white tipped little paws outstretched. It gave a dazed shake of it's head as it climbed to it's feet. The tiny mew that came from it's mouth is barely heard. More as if it might have been at itself. It's a somewhat sad sound to hear, though as the kitten sat down. It looked a little unsteady on it's feet.
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Elliot froze in his fighting stance. His left eye twitched and he began to blush heavily as he desperately held back the urge to snatch up the kitten, love it, squeeze it, and call it George.

"It'sLyaIt'sLyaIt'sLyaIt'sLyaIt'sLyaIt'sLyaIt'sLyaIt'sLyaIt'sLyaIt'sLyaIt'sLyaIt'sLyaIt'sLyaIt'sLya," he repeated in his mind endlessly as he stared at the kitten. Though it didn't help much, he DID begin to slowly calm down as he thought of what both Lya AND Gregor would do to him is he snatched up the cat and cuddled it to make it feel better like he wanted to. Eventually, he let out a long sigh relaxing a bit as he finally got over it.

"At least she wasn't yellow. Then I might not've been able to resist," he thought as he raised his right hand to wipe his forehead.
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The kitten shook off, flopping back on her side to groom her little white paws, and her face. Her tail moved in a relaxed fashion. Paw over ears, patting kitten cheeks. Yep, this was the way you washed your face.
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"She's totally doing this on purpose. She has to be," Elliot thought as his eye twitched again. Before he could be overwhelmed by the cuteness again, Elliot covers his eyes with his right arm while he holds out his left as though to hold back the wave of cuteness coming from the kitten. "No fair Lya! How'm I supposed to fight you like that!? Shouldn't you be taking this a bit more seriously!?!?" He yells in desperation.
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In the time that he took to cover his eyes, and hide from the cuteness that Lea was currently embodying, he found himself pounced upon, this time by a leopard, though a snapshift, and a movement made sure that Elliot didn't hit the ground and disturb the broken ribs he currently had. Too many blows could very well hurt him seriously. She raised a brow. "Ya mean like that?"  She asked, drawl softening the edges of the words, so very Southern belle at that moment.
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"!!!" Elliot is pounced upon, but he had a feeling that she would do so. His original intention was to flip her off of him when they hit the ground, but it never happened. Instead, Elliot ended up blinking into Lya's eyes as she caught him before he hit the ground in a pose that made it seemed like they were dancing... and Elliot was the girl!

"Err... um... I," Elliot could only mumble gibberish for a second due to being unprepared for being so close to her so soon after the whole kitten ordeal before he shut up entirely. Just as it seemed like Elliot had frozen up again and was at Lya's mercy, he grabbed her arm with his right hand and ducked sliding underneath it. He the grabbed it with his left hand too and quickly darted behind her pinning her arm behind her lower back as he blushed again. "...Sorry, yeah, that's what I meant... but... exactly how much are you holding back?" He asked while frowning at the back of her head. He knew she was holding back a lot, but she seemed to be holding back a bit TOO much. He felt that if this kept up, it'd be fun, but he wouldn't learn anything.
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She let him catch her arm, and pin her this way. Had she been willing to damage him, or kill him, that could have been a very bad move. "Pup, I'm not the one that's going to teach you these uber awesome combat skills. I'm teaching you other lessons. Lessons that have nothing to do with damaging your opponent, and everything to do with reading them, and not underestimating them." She made her point as she broke the lock, likely causing her own elbow to snap if it was locked in correctly.

She then very neatly turned their places around, his arm pulled to the point of discomfort, and her own hand at his throat. Those deadly claws sat against his skin, but there is no pressure on them. They're there to illustrate a point. Her bones had mended easily, scarily easy. That forest scent had settled over him from the time he stepped close to her. She spoke now, in his ear.

"One lesson you learn. I don't typically spar anymore. I don't fight unless I plan to kill. No Moons don't do squaring off. We do assassination. Finding every single weakness, every single flaw, and exploiting it. Keeping our opponent off balance. Doing the unexpected. I've learned how to kill what I want dead. I'm not a vicitim anymore. So, unless ya wanna learn how to kill, pup, I'm not the one you want training you to fight. Protection? Gregor is the one to talk to. Defense, again, Gregor. Murder? That's me." She said softly. She let up on him.

"Now, the **** I can teach you, that's the stuff Gregor and Jess don't know jack on. Spirits, information finding, solving riddles and puzzles? That's my stuff. You want to know that, I'll be glad to teach. But I don't know that that is the sorta thing you're lookin' for. Strength isn't just physical. And weakness doesn't only happen in the body." She entirely stepped back from him, kissing him on the forehead lightly.
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Elliot's eyes widened and he grunted as he got caught in the reversal, but it ONLY happened because he made 1 fatal mistake; he underestimated her.

He was surprised when Lya sacrificed her arm to escape the hold even though she could have overpowered him and he knew it. The 1-2 combo of surprise and worry over Lya's counter made him hesitate for a moment. That moment was then all the No Moon needed to quickly lock in the reversal and get the claws to Elliot's neck. By the time Elliot realized his mistake, Lya was already beginning to speak to him.

Elliot grit his teeth grunting in discomfort. Internally, he would've started kicking the crap out of himself as he wallowed in regret, but he realized that Lya was, again, trying to teach him something, so he kept quiet, set aside all thoughts of possible counter attacks, and simply listened to her speak. As Lya explained her fighting style, Elliot slowly swallowed as he realized what he'd gotten himself into. Thinking back, she could've killed him at least 3 times over since the fight had started! And realizing that was a scary thought.When Lya had let him go and kissed his forehead, he was so lost in his thoughts that he only noticed her do it on a subconscious level as his hand automatically moved up to his forehead as he blushed, but he didn't bother to hide it this time cuz he was too busy thinking to notice that he did.

"...Spirits...," Elliot said after a long silence, " ...you mentioned them before... what are they?" Elliot looked at Lya with eyes that showed that he really wanted to learn. Not just from her, but from ALL of them. He felt that he could learn something from all of them, though this was about as close as he'd get to admitting it. And he felt that these "spirits" that Lya kept mentioning were particularly important. He didn't know why he felt that way, it was just something deep inside of him that told him so...
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She watched him catalogue the scary things, the interesting things and the puzzling things. At least the kid was quick. Something she had to thank the Goddess for. "The spirits are literally the force that exists in everything. Tree, the wind, water, you or I, there's a spirit within us. It's ki, chi, energy, spark, whatever you'd like to call it. You've got two around you right now, helping you. Your water spirit, that thing you heard moan earlier inside you? It's helping you heal faster. The wind spirit? Helps you understand things you normally might not. Gives you insight. Carries messages. How else do you understand me in any of my forms?" She posed him the question, stretching out flat on her back and looking up at the sky.

Her gold eyes looked at him, watching him ashe absorbed the things she'd just told him. And determined that she'd make sure that he learned everything she knew.
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Elliot blinked as he listened to her explanation. What she said made sense in a way, but he couldn't quite wrap his mind around it. How could he have spirits inside of hi--

Elliot blinks again. "Wait... my dreams...," he thinks as he rubs his chin. "No way... it can't be... Ventus! Aqua!" ((Lol! xD))

As Elliot calls out their names, the teen's aura appears and glows a light blue. The glow slowly intensifies for a moment before it suddenly shatters and in it's wake, appear 2 small, glowing spirits floating in front of Elliot. One of whom, which appeared to be made of water and bubbles, held her arm and appeared hurt. Meanwhile, the other one, which was made of wind, kinda floated lazily on it's back as though in a hammock. He looked at the water spirit (Aqua), glanced over at Elliot, and then looked away from them both pouting as though angry with Elliot for Aqua's condition. Meanwhile, Elliot blinked at the spirits with blue eyes now stunned. "Wait, you guys were REAL!?!?!?"
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((I forgot that he already has blue eyes in his picture. Epic fail! >.<))
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Aqua paled out in color, seeming to almost give the spirit version of a sniff. "I try not to curse. But...**** duh." She said, the bubbles popping around her, more appearing. Ventus appeared to breeze over to the water, nudging her slightly. "Meh." She said. She looked back at Elliot. "Really?" The only thing the spirit could say.

Ely, grinned slightly, watched the interactions of the spirit and the boy. "Kiddo, that's pretty much how they appear, until people fill you in. Now? You're gonna spot 'em everywhere. And hear, just like you are now." She looked at the spirits, bowing slightly in a respectful greeting. There's a very ritualistic feel to Ely's behavior, the spirits returning the greeting. "No matter what, have respect for them. They are the thing that keeps you most connected to our people, and to the Great Mother."

((Lulz to both of these things, both thefail and the names. <3 ))
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Elliot blinked taken aback by the spirits. Normally, he might've snapped back at them, but Lya's words and mannerisms about and towards the spirits told him that that would be a very, VERY, bad idea. Instead, the teen tried to mimic Lya's bow. Since he wasn't used to being so humble, his bow came out awkward as he bowed to the spirits first, then to Lya.

"I see. I'll keep that in mind Lya-chan. And it's good to see you ladies!" He turned to the spirits grinning as though they were already close friends, but then his smile faded a bit as he took note of Aqua's condition. "Oh, sorry Aqua. I should've been more careful. I allowed you to be hurt..." He looked away genuinely feeling guilty for what had happened to Aqua.
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Both spirits bowed in return. Ventus waved slightly, still relaxed entirely. It was her day off, apparently. Aqua gave a movement, almost as if she shook her head. "Thus, my crabbiness. It hurts a bit. Don't do that, anymore. Next time, just let me know you need to heal up faster, and I'll try. Don't train with broken ribs again." She shook her head again. She very obviously hates having a gimp wing.

As another means of lesson teaching, Ely stepped forward. "Watch close, pup. You'll learn this as you get stronger and older." One of her nails became a claw, looking like a sharpened razor for a moment. She took the claw over her palm, allowing the blood to well and puddle. She offered it to Aqua, the spirit coming forward and the blood disappearing.

"You can learn to offer a bit of yourself, sacrifice a part of your strength, to heal a spirit. There's a simpler way to offer this as well in easy interactions. But that's a payment or a reward. This is simple goodwill." She told him quietly. He looked on as Aqua's arm healed up perfectly.
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Elliot smiles at Aqua. She really was the same as in his dreams, "I'll try Aqua. I need to get strong fast though, so I can't guarantee that I won't do something stupid, sorry..." He scratched the back of his head and laughed nervously knowing that she wouldn't like that reply, but it was the truth; he always pushed himself when there was something that he needed to do.

When Lya stepped forward extending her claw, Elliot tensed up on reflex as he thought she might attack him. Again, he was surprised as she used it to cut herself and give the blood to the water spirit. Elliot watched Lya do this and remembered something else from his dreams. As he remembered it, he began looking around as though he expected someone else to appear.
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The water spirit gave a very put upon sigh, floating to the offering and taking it, stretching as she healed completely. "Yeah, learn to do that if you're gonna do stupid sh*t. Then, maybe I won't get p*ssy with you when you do it." Ventus piped up with her low, whispery chuckle and Aqua made a face. "Shuddup, ya lazy fart. You don't have to heal him, and take the licks." Yeah, she might still be a little crabby. Ventus simply kicked back, a chill spirit all the way around.

Ely stifled her laughter behind her hand, her golden eyes dancing merrily. The spirits bickered like sisters. "Girls, girls. I think you both can go and rest up now for the day. Take a load off. I'll make sure he doesn't train anymore. Not in ways that you need to help with, at least, Aqua. Get some R&R." Ely waited until both spirits had gone, before she took a seat, laying back and looking up at the clouds.

"Ask your questions, kiddo. I rarely just offer up info." She told him quietly, her arms stretched above her head.

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"I'll keep that in mind...," Elliot said as he kept looking around. He was so preoccupied with his search, that he barely waved goodbye to the spirits as they floated off! Eventually though, the boy sighed and walked towards Lya while scratching his head. "Hmm... he didn't show up. That's strange, I thought he loved blood," he thought aloud as he approached her. He then blinked when Lya said to ask his questions now while she was still being so forthcoming about everything and paused for a second. After that second was done however, her crossed his arms and his face slowly shifted into a calm look that made him look a bit handsome-er than usual as he carefully combed his brain for any questions he wanted answered while he had the chance.

"....," as he thinks, Lya would be able to see that he is completely zoned out to the world around him. One would probably be able to get away with some amazing pranks right now if they wanted to, though there'd obviously be a price for it later...
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His comment about something that liked blood raised her brow slightly. That was distinctly odd. She only shook her head as he slid into a thoughtful mindset, looking for things to ask. She watched him in that perceptive way of hers.

The kid was starting to grow into his looks, slowly but surely. When he wasn't trying too hard, he managed to look handsome instead of pretty. A young man, but still a man, not a boy. She internally catalogued it, and snorted slightly at herself. Really? Her brain seemed to say to her. She scoffed at herself, rolling her eyes.

And then the No Moon spirit kicked in. Ever the trickster. Ely went into her bag silently, pulling out a well loved whip. And a bottle of water. The bottle is opened silently. She fades from view with her items, and moves to his opposite side. The bottle is tossed, carefully over Elliot's head, the whip used in quick succession to snatch the bottle from above him, raining it's contents on the pup's head, yet not allowing the bottle to continue it's descent, and smack him on his noggin.

The bottle, minus the cap, falls next to him, making a sound. The whip is not around it anymore. When he looks back, Ely is in the same spot she had been, in the same exact pose, her attention on the sky.
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Elliot's eyes narrowed. It wasn't that he had no questions, it was that he had too many to be able to choose which one he wanted answered first! "Why can he communicate with these spirits if he's only a branch clan member? Why hasn't he seen them before? Who else could use them? What kinds of powers do the spirits have?" All these questions and more whirled furiously around his head like a raging tornado, even if he COULD choose, he couldn't catch on to just one idea. Eventually, the teen signed as he decided to forgo his questions for now and continue his train--

"GUWAAAAAAH!!!!!" Elliot shrieked as he was splashed with the water. He grit his teeth and tensed up looking like an electrocuted zombie as he felt the cold water running down his back. His eyes darted back and forth as he searched for the culprit. Could it have been Lya? No, she was still sitting there waiting for him to ask her for something. Maybe Aqua? No, not onlt was she not the type to prank him like this, she was also already gone. In that case, who did it?

Almost as if on cue, a joyous laughter filled their little area of the forest. Elliot's eyes narrowed with anger as he recognized yet another voice from his dreams. "IGNIS!!! GET OUT HERE!!!" He called out to the fire spirit enraged.
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Ely flipped onto her stomach and noticed the flame spirit being his lurky, voyeur self. "Def˛me, eske ou te renmen sa?" She asked him casually, the language she spoke rhythmic, musical, and quite beautiful. Moreso than her Russian, which sounded a little angry, and perhaps a little sexy at the same time. She looked at Elliot, trying hard to keep the smile from her lips.

"You're lookin' a bit soggy round the edges there, kiddo. Have a seat before you get doused again. Now's the time for behaving." Ely sat up straight her hands in her lap. Her hand also reached into her bag, pulling out a small ultra absorbent towel. She plopped it on his head and gave it a ruffling scrub for a moment. "Get your thoughts straight, and align your questions in most important and least. Start from the top."
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Elliot blinked at Lya when she spoke to Ignis in a language he didn't understand, but he didn't dwell on it for long because she gave Ignis' position away. He was just about to say something to him when Lya commented on his appearance. Elliot then looked at her aghast like he wanted to say something. Eventually however, he sighed and sat down pouting like the angry teenager that he was for the moment.

Elliot slowly calmed down as Lya helped him dry his head. Once she was done, he took the towel and continued drying himself off as he shot a quick glare at Ignis. After thinking about his questions again, this was the first and best one that came to mind; "How did you know about the spirits... does the whole clan know about them? Can everyone talk to them?"
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His pouty teenager schtick made her grin slightly, but she very carefully kept it hidden away, just to not bruise his teenaged boy ego. Surrounded by men, Ely understood the value and need for ego maintenance and care. Men got grumpy when their egos hurt. And a lot less agreeable.

She sat back, relaxed again, the fire spirit out in the open now that his hiding spot had been revealed, but keeping his distance. The wing blew around him. One might almost think that Ventus played with him lightly. Aqua is nowhere to be found. Grumpy as she was, this might be a good thing, since Ignis is present.

"I know about the spirits, because I wanted the knowledge and I sought it out from the Shamans. That's another word for you Crescent Moon born. I learned at their side, because they agreed to teach me. They didn't have to. But I helped them out, so they did me a solid." She told him. She's being very vague in a rather purposeful manner. There are things surrounding it she does not care to go into, at least not with him, right now.

"The clans, all the clans, know about the spirits. But, not all can speak with them as you can. You'll notice that the spirits tend to shy from Jess or Gregor. It's harder, but not impossible, for the Full Moons and the Gibbous Moons to deal with them. Their Rage is palpable to the spirits. It makes them afraid." She told him carefully. She still hadn't figured how he'd done it. He was one of the least controlled and worst tempered of the group.
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Elliot listened to Lya in silence. He was a bit curious about what had happened between Lya and the shamans, but he figured if she wanted to tell him, then she would've since she was in such a forthcoming mood at the moment. Plus, a small part of him could tell that she didn't want to talk about it, so he left it alone. Instead, Elliot raised an eyebrow at the end of her speech. Something didn't sit right with him.

"Anger scares them? But that doesn't make sense...," he said crossing his arms, "I've gotten mad a lot in my dreams and they never got scared. In fact, they've calmed me down quite a few times and I'd wake up happy! Of course, before I used to think that it was just a dream, but since I know these guys are real now, I know that they've helped me a lot!"

Elliot smiles as he finishes genuinely happy that his dream friends were real. In the back of his mind, he was attempting to recall his dreams to figure out how many spirits he'd already met. So far, his count was at 26 and still climbing...
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Ely shook her head to the negative even as he asked the question. "Getting angry, and the moon rage are two very different things. The moon rage makes the Full and Gibbous moons very dangerous. Do you remember when I told you that it's possible you'll shift because someone pisses you off royally? And then I said that people can die in that situation." She let that fully sink in, as she didn't think it had the first time.

"That sort of rage is blinding. You berserk. You tear through everything and everyone around you. The only safe ones are us. But if one of those defenseless norms out in that city gets in your way? They're dead. It's happened before. That's the thing that spirits fear. Not our normal temper. You already know I've got my own temper, but not a lot of that blood boiling rage, so I get pissy, but not homicidal. See the difference?" She offered to him
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"Oooh, now I see...," Elliot said as realization dawned on him. He then frowned looking down a bit. "I didn't know we had a 'rage' like that... I know I've never been that mad before, but have the others lost control like that often?"
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A serious look came over her face. "Yes. It's happened before. One of the worst rows Jess and I ever had was because she lost her sh*t. One of these days, ask Gregor about it. He's had his own fights with the anger that drives the Gibbous Moon and the Full Moon. I'm hoping that, if you do shift, that maybe I can lead you to do it without all that rage overtaking you. It's better that way." She told him, her serious face on.
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Elliot's face slowly grew more serious as all of this was explained to him. "I see...," he said, and looked down wondering if Gregor and Jess even WOULD tell him the stories since they sounded so awful. Eventually, the teen realized that all of that was things that would be addressed later and shook the thoughts of them from his mind as he decided to ask his next question.

"When and how can you teach me to shift? Can we do it now?" He asked.
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Ely looked him over, her head tilting. "You are not ready yet, pup. You already have enough to learn, to understand. You must do these things from the opposite direction." She said softly. She took a moment to gather her thoughts for further explanation.

"Most in our clans shift first. We learn how to be wolf and man. To use the gifts given by our new forms. And then our own birth moon capabilities come forward.

For you, it would be the opposite. You have your natural abilities. You also have your birth moon responsilbilities. And you must understand our most sacred of duties. The earth around you. We come from it, born of it and will die of it. We're human, yes. But our wolf will always wish to run in the forests, the mountains. So, we protect them."
Her hands opened, as if offering something. The knowledge, perhaps.
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Elliot sighed, but he didn't look too disappointed; part of him had already known that it wouldn't be that easy for him to learn how to shift.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               His eyes then widened a bit as Lya spread her arms before him. After a monent, the teen slowly smiles and sits down (if he wasn't already sitting down). "Okay, let's begin with that then; what do I need to learn first about my birth moon abilities?"

Elliot then blinked and tilted his head a bit. "As a matter of fact, what are my moon abilities," he asked. He was curious now as the way she described his moon abilities made them seem a bit special somehow.
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Somehow, that he finally asked those questions, brought a smile of approval from the No Moon. "Concentration and control will be the utmost of your abilities. Control yourself, control your abilities. At this point, most shifters would be learning that in a very real fashion, because without their control, they shift erratically, and hurt others. You will learn it to control the spirits around you.

Ventus, Aqua, they are good companions, but always having them do for you or be around can be distracting, inconvenient and even unsafe. More and more control can let you veil yourself from their world. Too much time there can make a spirit speaker and seer go mad. Have you ever foreseen events that have or will come to pass? Have you found your spirit traveling from your body and you don't understand how?"
She asked, her eyes trained on the boy. She's able to hide the amount of meaning behind her questions, keeping the intent light. No Moon subterfuge at work.
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Elliot frowned at the woman's questions, "how should I kno--"

The teen stops abruptly as his eyes widen in shock. Now that it was mentioned, the teen has had plenty of moments of deja vu  that he'd just written off as fluke at the time. Plenty of times he'd known something would happen when there was no way he could know, and even some dreams that he was so sure were real, that he would be confused about whether or not he was truly awake for hours after the dream had ended.

"...wait, I think I have had things like that happen before...," Elliot said, but he said it oddly. As though he weren't really paying attention to what he was saying. In his mind, a particular incident had caught his eye. One that he'd thought he'd forgotten. One concerning Lya. Could it be possible? When the Crescent Moon finally returned to the present, his eyes shifted and rested upon Lya as Elliot frowned tossing the No Moon an odd look.

Once Elliot realized what he was doing, he blinked and quickly looked away. "Err... I see, so when do we start training," the teen asked trying to change the subject, but with the No Moon's skills at observation and analysis, she'd have probably seen enough to realize something was up.
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She met his eyes, a dark brow arching, before he looked away. He tried for his diversionary tactic, and then the No Moon had to weigh with herself. Was she ready to actually discuss the topic that she knew, full and well, had come into his mind. The thing he was likely to be remembering.

Her topaz eyes shuttered, lashes falling to cover them slightly as she mulled the decision in her mind. If she decided she wanted out of the conversation, it wouldn't be hard to distract and veer him away from it. And she had to know what he remembered of that. What he might have thought of it. Even if it might hurt.

She lifted her lashes, eyes moving up, and the emotion from seconds before cleared. Now, it's the curiosity that one might expect in the situation. The thing that was there in those eyes that might surprise someone was the caution. "Tell me what just crossed your mind, sugar. It was no little thing, or nothing, so don't try those ones. What put that look on your face, just now?"
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Elliot refused to meet his friend and teacher's gaze as he began to blush. No matter how much he thought about it, the memory in his mind simply didn't seem to be possible. Even though the possibility of the event being true both worried and excited him, too many things about the memory were just way too outlandish to be even remotely possible. It was most likely to be a simple dream.

The teen's shock slowly gave way to regret and embarrassment as he reached this conclusion and he simply could not bring himself to meet Lya's gaze due to a sense of shame. However, even without meeting her eyes, he knew he would have to give her a better answer than, "it was nothing." After thinking for a few moments while building up the courage to say what needed to be said, Elliot swallowed hard and began to speak.

"Y... you look pretty good in black... not as good as white, but black is still good...," Elliot said still not meeting the woman's eye as his blush deepened. What he was referring to was another memory he'd had where Ignis had pranked him into walking in on Lya trying out some... questionable underwear... Though the boy was a spirit in the dream, Lya seemed to realize that something was there, so the boy quickly darted out of there, though not before taking special note of what she was trying out somewhere in his subconscious.

This memory, like the one before it, had it's roots in an extremely vivid dream. Though, it was also unbelievable, it was slightly more believable than the other one and one that he truly had, thus, it should make a convincing enough substitute to overcome the No Moon's lie detecting capabilities. Though the teen knew that he probably couldn't fool the No Moon completely, he was hoping that the embarrassment associated with such an event would carry him through, thus, he covered his nose to try and contain his nosebleed as he continued to speak.

"...the green ones you had were really nice; they matched your eyes and the lace was a nice touch... I almost couldn't handle it... but I recovered when you tried on the red ones. I know they looked sexy but that shade of red really was a bad choice; it didn't suit you at all. Oh! And then the stringy ones..."

The boy knew he was risking his life here, but this sort of talk would continue until Lya stopped him in order for him to really throw her off. Though speaking of such things was pretty embarrassing (and life threatening) for him, it was still less embarrassing than speaking of that one incident that he knew had to be totally impossible, yet, still lingered in the back of his mind. If he'd met Lya's gaze and seen the emotions in them, he might've told her the real meaning behind his look. Seeing as that wasn't the case however, he simply rambled on telling more and more detail of this memory hoping that the No Moon would stop him before his nose exploded.
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One speechless No Moon lounged back. She was still too shocked to move quite yet, her golden eyes wide and utterly shocked. Her mouth opened and closed, and in a reaction not often seen from the shameless No Moon, she blushed a deep pink to the roots of her dark hair. She sat up straight, her hands coming to cover her face.

Her voice muffled by her hands over her face, the tone is still identifiable. She's pleading. "Stop. Good Goddess, Elliot, stop." It's her turn to not be able to look at him. "I thought I felt someone there, but I thought it might be nosy spirits. Not you. Dammit." He did an excellent job babbling enough to drag her attention from the previous topic.

The color in her face had deepened. He'd paid so much attention to the choices of undergarments. Mortifying attention. God, he'd stayed there for awhile to watch her trying on the various ensembles. He liked her in white? White was a very good color for her, but he'd picked a color he liked best. Something about that made her speechless again.
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By the time Lya had said something, Elliot's face was completely red as he rambled on unable to hear her as he moved on into an analysis. "Now that I think about it, considering your hair and changing eye colors, you should be able to pull off just about anything, though there are certain colors you should simply avoid altogether. Like pinks, or light purples, or... well... most lighter and brighter colors. I'm not sure how those would work for you but I can't see it... Even still though, your amazing! Simply stunning! Gregor is a lucky man to have you..."

Elliot feels a small pang in his chest as he says the last bit and he blinks and trails off looking off to the side, brows furrowing in confusion. "Huh? What was that about," the teen thinks scratching his head. After a few moments of trying to figure out where the pang came from and why, Elliot eventually shrugs it off and sighs now calm again, but still unable to look at Lya. "Well, I digress. it was vivid, but it had to be some kind of weird dream right? I'm sure you don't own any of those things! Anyway, we should forget this and get back to training, neh," he asked, this time hoping to change the subject from his change of subject.
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Mortification didn't cover this level of wanting to hide. He kept denying that something like it had happened, insisting it was a dream. This then led Lya to wonder why it seemed more believeable that something so vivid was a dream. As if it happened often to him, and he thought it just happened to return and play with his mind again.

She rubbed at her forehead and temples, her hands still mostly shielding her face. The words from his mouth, Gregor is a lucky man, sank into her mind in all the whirling it was doing. She looked back up at him, noticing the look on his face and puzzling over it. He thought Gre was lucky? She didn't give much thought to it as she told him, "That wasn't a dream, El. That actually happened. I still have the green ones, And the white ones. Not a dream." She told him quietly.

One delicate finger rubbed the area between her brows lightly. She looked at him, at a loss for words. How the hell had this one happened? With visible effort, she tried to search for something to say on their training. And came away with nothing.
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A casual wind blew by as Elliot froze. "That... was real?" Elliot said. A few more moments pass as Elliot's face slowly starts to turn a deep red as the blood builds up until, finally, it comically exploded out of his nose like a bloody fountain. The teen never stood a chance; he lost consciousness before he could even hit the ground.
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The thump of Elliot's body as he passed out galvanized one No Moon into action. "Sonofa-!" Came her only exclamation. The blood is messy. It gets everywhere. And it's a smell that Ely has never been able to quite stomach after awhile. She makes sure that Elliot is okay, stuffing a handkerchief against his nose, and setting Era to watching over him, and should he come to, to tell him her location.

Woman became wolf, and she trotted away to the Lake, where she became entirely determined to get the scent of blood from her, and the clothing as best as she could.
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Elliot blinks as he watches Lya phase through him as she makes sure that his body is okay. He then slowly floats up into the air over head and sits cross-legged overhead watching the proceedings blinking a few times in the process. "Well this is a strange turn of events...," he thought and smiled and waved at Era when ((he? she?)) appears.

"Well, what to do now...," he thinks as he kicks back as though he were in a hammock. Since he didn't yet know how to control this state, Elliot had no sense of worry or urgency as he floated. Just a simple sense of blissful freedom as he smiled up as the sun peeking through the leaves of the forest trees.
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Era appeared entirely androgynous. It was very difficult to tell male or female with the air spirit in front of him. It waved, perhaps saluted a bit. As much of a smartass as the woman that kept it.

Ignis made a hissing, crackling noise that serviced as laughter. The flame hovered just out of reach. It seemed to be beckoning to the boy. 'Betcha can't catch me, betcha can't catch me...' it murmured.
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The teen shot a glare at the little fireball followed shortly with a grin, "Oh so it's tag today is it? Challenge Accepted!" Suddenly, the teen flipped out of his invisible hammock and crouched in midair. He knew Ignis well enough that simply reaching out and grabbing the spirit wouldn't work so he decided to go all out from the start this time and start pressuring the little imp right from the get go!

"Ready, set--" The "go!!" came in the form of Elliot pushing off of the air hard shooting at the fire spirit as he attempted to grab him.
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A plume of hot air that smelled strongly of sulphur met Elliot's face as the fire imp shot off in his own sort of rocket fart. He danced ahead, through the trees, never getting so far out of reach as to make one lose hope. In fact, he seemed to be taunting his pursuer. A very audible and noticeable raspberry is sent his way.
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The spirit's eyes widened and he coughed uncontrollably as he tumbled out of the sky. How he could still smell as a spirit, he would never know, but he DID know that the rocket fart was disgusting! After recovering from the gas attack, Elliot glared at Ignis and took off again now highly irritated at his taunts. "I swear when I catch you I'm gonna seal you in a iceberg and set you adrift at the north pole!!!!"

Elliot then takes off again after the spirit leaving his body and Era behind.
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The little fire spirit zoomed before him, crackle cackling the entire way. It led him through the trees at fast pace, and he shot into a clearing. The fire spirit is floating just a meter or two away. And making faces at Elliot all the while.
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((Shouldn't we have moved to a lake area by now? o .o))

Elliot darted about through the trees like the ghost of a ninja actually managing to keep up move for move since he was no longer limited by his body, which might have failed him by now. The teen smirked as he appeared right in the spirit's face grabbing him with both hands in a diving catch. "Gotcha!!!" He then crossed his legs and floated where he caught the spirit chuckling at him while poking his forehead repeatedly. "Yeah! How do you like that you little bastard?" He chortled squeezing the spirit a bit as he poked it.
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((...We have. Just watch :P I'm not actually moving said scene from here.))

As he stepped forward to grasp aholdof the snarky fire spirit, he felt himself tumble into a spirit world lake, the reflection of the actual lake in the realm. His nerves still register the cool, the wet. And he's "floating" in the water, the fire spirit carefully remaining out of his hands. There was a difference between a good joke and suicide.

Still, Ignis snickered. A splash came from Elliot's left, not very large. A flash of pale gold came out of the corner of his eye. The lake rippled out from where the splash had come. And thenit became quiet, peaceful.
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The teen spit out a stream of water when he surfaced and glared at the fire spirit. "I'm gonna kill you," he said flatly as he began to tread water to stay afloat and blinked when he heard the splash turning towards it's source. By the time he completed his turn, the source had already disappeared beneath the surface causing Elliot to frown. "Oh no you don't!" The teen said, and took a deep breath before sinking beneath the waves to get a clear view of whatever it was that dove in a second ago.
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Sleek, long muscled limbs stroked swiftly and smoothly through the water. The pale gold of the skin is highlighted by sunlight shining through the water. A cloud of dark, raven hair billowed around the form. That form is very female, very curvy and very naked. A tattoo sits at her hip and on the back of her left shoulder. Her face still isn't clear, but she plays in the lake like a mermaid.
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"!!!!" If Elliot were in his body, he would've drowned himself in a silenced scream. However, since he was a spirit at the moment, he was able to turn and try to swim away in a panic... or at least he tried to.

The apparition's movements stopped dead in the water (Ha.) as his eyes widened in awe. Though he didn't know who it was, the woman displayed such poise and elegance in the water that he almost instantly became mesmerized. He let his spirit body slowly sink deeper beneath the waves as he watched, scared to blink lest the spell be broken and the woman disappeared. It was then, standing on the lake's bottom, that Elliot's brows furrowed and he frowned a bit as he watched the fin-less mermaid dance about above him. "Why does she seem familiar...," he thought.
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Like a dolphin playing in the ocean, the lithe movements continued from the apparition of a female. She twisted in smooth pirouettes and seemless flips and backflips. She is at once one with the waters of the Lake, but also performing her own sort of battle sequence against them.

She let herself float to the surface above Elliot, lazily kicking on her back. In an abrupt and mercurial change of speed, she moved back to frolicking, this time like an otter. She doesn't see Elliot, even though he's thought that perhaps through the shadows of her raven hair, she looked directly at him. There's something ethereal about this woman, and yes, a bit familiar.
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Elliot's heart... or spiritual equivalent to it... leaps into his throat with every close call. Yet his body still wouldn't move as he began to smile at the spectacle above. All sexual connotations lost, he merely enjoyed watching the woman perform her elaborate dance with the waves and floated into a more relaxed position on his back that, once again, resembled him laying in an invisible hammock.

"She looks like she's having so much fun," he thought chuckling to himself, "just like Lya used to when she was younger............ WAIT A SECOND!!!" The spirit suddenly snapped up with a jolt eyes wide as he tried to take a better look at the woman. It was an off-chance thought that made him consider the possibility and considering the tattoos that he'd seen earlier, it was probably bullshit. Yet, the fact that he'd thought of Lya at all made him have to check again. If for no other reason, then to confirm that the woman swiming in front of him was NOT the woman that was trying to teach him about spirits earlier.
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His curiosity took him closer, bit by cautious bit. Once the woman finished her balletic movements in the water, she stilled, hair floating out in it's midnight cloud from her face and form. Her delicate chin tilted, her eyes closed.

The raven strands finally clear from his sight, no longer impeding the view of her face. That stubborn chin, Cupid's bow mouth and those ice pick cheekbones are more than recognized. Her eyes opened, seeming to look right at him, but Ely doesn't acknowledge him. She doesn't even see him. Their honey depths disappeared behind the veil of lashes again, and the No Moon arched her back slightly, as she stretched indolently.
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Again, if he was in a physical form, Elliot would've drowned. Hypnotic spell now broken by the threat of impending death and dismemberment, Elliot immediately turned and darted away from the woman like a torpedo as he searched for a place to hide. "Ohmigodohmigodomigod That was Lya!!! She's gonna kill me!!! Though she does still have a nice body...," If he was in his body, he'd have gotten a nosebleed at the thought as he zoned out for a moment, but only a moment as he remembered this wasn't the time nor place as he created some distance between him and his potential killer and prepared to make his escape.

Sticking to the shadows, the spirit darted to the lake's surface quickly and burst out of the water near where he'd left the fire spirit before swimming for cover amongst a smallish boulder near the water's edge. Sitting behind it, the spirit gasped for air as he cluched his chest to still his beating heart, all habits carried over from his physical body, before he remembered the moment he discovered it was Lya and clenched his teeth knowing that this memory would be burned into his mind. "What the hell!? What is SHE doing here!?!?"
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The fire imp gave a soft cackle, and once more drifted off. Once he was far enough away, Ignis pointed at Elliot and definitively laughed at him. Into the forest he floated, his crackling laughter floating maddeningly back to Elliot.

Not long after Elliot disappeared into the forest to chase the trickster Ignis, Ely rose, and floated again on the surface. She hadn't even been aware that he was there.
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"I'LL KILL YOU!!!" Elliot screamed before Ely surfaced and took off after the spirit. Some jokes the spirit didn't mind, but after going so far to be so annoying you could bet that Elliot wouldn't let Ignis get away with this. Meanwhile, as Elliot's spirit chased off after the fire spirit, his body was in another predicament altogether...

A new spirit had arrived and was sitting on Elliot's chest enjoying a nice Elliot-blood sandwich while looking towards the chaos Ignis was putting Elliot through, though they were nowhere near each other. "Hm, what a pain! I'll take care of him later," the spirit thought and took another bite of his meal before turning his attention towards something else that couldn't possibly be seen from where he was. "For now however, I have bigger things to attend to..."

With those cryptic words, the spirit smirked and sunk into Elliot's empty body. The body glowed red for a moment before his eyes shot open, also shinning red before fading back to their natural blue color and the teen sat up stretching and cracking his neck in the process. "I'll never understand how 'living' things cope with these heavy shells they call 'bodies'..." The possessed teen then rose to his feet before waving towards Era as if to say "I'll take it from here" and put his hands in his pockets as he began to walk towards the lake. "Welp El, it seems your about to owe old Sangre another one doesn't it?" The spirit thought smirking in satisfaction.
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Era didn't quite know what to do with the current circumstances. She hadn't really been prepared for something like it. Deciding that she'd wait for her mistress to return, the sweet natured spirit settled to the ground. She waved as the other spirit moved off within Elliot's body.

Ely floated on her back, looking up at the sky and the clouds. She may have easily been semi dozing, or at the very least letting her mind wander. The blood had been washed away, and her clothing now dried in the sun.
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Sangre used the time it took to travel to the lake wisely by practicing random motions to get used to being in a body. It was something he'd done before on occasion when he felt Elliot needed and extra nudge at something, but it wasn't something he did often enough to be used to. He practiced moving his arms, fingers and toes, he practiced gestures and expressions, and he even stopped a few times to scan the body's memories and practice moves to get used to Elliot's fighting abilities (though he didn't use any impact skills because it was too complicated to practice on the fly like this). Once he was satisfied, the spirit nodded and finished his journey speed walking the rest of the way to the lake to make up for lost time.

As the spirit entered the clearing the lake was located in, he flipped a switch in his mind. "What would 'Elliot' do?" He thought to himself. After thinking for a moment, "Elliot" began to look around as though searching for someone. "Lya-chaaaan!!! Lya-chan where are yoooou?" the teen called out as he searched. Sangre already knew exactly where the woman was, but "Elliot" didn't. Or at least he shouldn't. Thus he acted like he didn't know.
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The splash of the startled Ely is very audible. Had Sangre really been Elliot, it would have given her position away in an instant. The semi panicked Ely backed into deeper water, until it was up to her neck. Last thing she needed was the poor kid spouting another nosebleed.

Internally, she cussed and swore, yet the only giveaway of her turmoil was the light tinge of a deeper accent than usual. "Whatcha need, sugar? Uh, you might think about keepin' your distance. I'm in the water and not quite decent." Better than having the pup stumble over her and near to kill himself.
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"Elliot" heard the splashing and turned towards it's source presumably to try and figure out what it was. After hearing and seeing that it was Lya though, the teen jumped and turned away immediately so as not to be rude. "S-sorry!!!" the boy said. Since Sangre was acting and wasn't used to having a body, it took him a few moments to figure out how to make the body blush. Thankfully, the situation allowed him to hide the fact while his back was turned to the No Moon until Elliot's face was thoroughly red from the blushing and he began to speak again.

"Err... when I woke up, you were gone and a spirit told me that you'd be here. It also told me what had happened so I came here to apologize so... sorry about that...," Sangre scratched Elliot's cheek and lowered his head a bit to imply nervousness and guilt before having him blink and raise his head a bit as a new thought entered his head. "Say, I never knew there was a lake out here! It looks nice and relaxing. Mind if I join you?"
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You could have knocked Ely over with a feather. Her mouth opened and closed, much like a fish snatched from the water might. There's little that bothers her, and her modesty could be termed lacking. "Ah suppose, sugar. Long as ya think you'll be able to keep it t'gether." The No Moon dipped her head back, slicking her hair from her face once more. This day kept getting stranger and stranger.

"No worries on earlier, darlin'. No apologies necessary. I'm not very much on holding a grudge ova somethin' quite so silly." She said, head tilted curiously. Odd, but she wouldn't complain.
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Sangre/Elliot blinked. She didn't really just say "yes" that easily did she? He'd expected that she'd need at least a little convincing. However, not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Sangre/Elliot turned towards the woman in the lake flashing her a sweet smile.

"Sweet! Give me a sec and I'll be right there," the teen said and immediately undid his ponytail. With his hair down, Elliot's normally restrained beauty came to the fore almost immediately as the surprisingly well groomed golden strands danced in the breeze. One could tell just by looking at the hair when it's down, that the normally rough teen actually had a softer side that actually cared about his looks. Sangre/Elliot shook the hair out so that it wouldn't bunch together where it was previously tied before letting it fall down to his mid-back and smiled again at Lya before stripping off his clothing.

Once he was naked, the teen took his clothing and tossed it aside on the ground far enough from the waves that they wouldn't get soaked and then began to walk towards the water. "Last chance to change your mind," he joked as he walked into the water not hiding anything. If Lya was watching him, she'd see his body was surprisingly pale and delicate looking like a woman's, yet still exuded the power and masculinity of a male's. Most of the faint scars he had would remain unseen for now due to the distance between them, yet there were a few noticeable ones from the teen's more recent battles that marred his body's overall perfection, yet still added some charm in their own way.

 Once he was in deep enough water, the teen smirked for an instant and dove beneath the waves leaving the No Moon to ponder whether or not she really made the right decision.
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The hell? One No Moon left thoroughly confused by the actions of the typically modest and shy Crescent Moon. She'd expected the pup to leave his boxers on, at the very least. He was always careful. She'd turned away once she realized he wasn't keeping those boxers on. Still, it struck her exactly how much of a resemblance there was between Gregor and Elliot.

She heard the water, and his call. Thinking he'd at least made it in to his waist, Lya looked over her shoulder, only to be proven dangerously and mind blankingly wrong. Her pale gold skin flushed deeply red as she hurriedly turned her back. She lifted her hand to cover her eyes, but heard the splash of him diving beneath the water. The implications didn't dawn on the flustered No Moon.

A shake of her head, and Lya threw up her hands in a gesture of surrender. She wouldn't be getting that visual out of her head. She backed further into the water, letting it soak her raven hair as she set to braiding the strands. Who knew where the pup had gone? Probably swimming along and enjoying the water.
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That may have been true if it was the real Elliot. As things stood however, the teen resurfaced about halfway between the shore and where Lya was flailing and thrashing about in the water. "LYA-CHAN!!! HEEEELP!!!"

"Well this is embarrassing. I can't believe I forgot something so basic!!" Sangre thought face/palming himself internally. Even though the teen's mind and body showed that he could swim, Sangre did not take the time to get used to the motions required to do so, thus, after a short time of floundering and flailing underwater, the spirit barely managed to direct the body to the surface to ask Lya to save it before it could drown. Inside of Elliot's body, the spirit sighed at how uncool this was, but then he had an idea. "Wait, perhaps I could use even this to my advantage...," he thought and chuckled a bit waiting for the woman to come and save "Elliot."
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Lya's eyes shot wide as she heard him call her name. Her eyes found him, caught the floundering. It didn't dawn on her that Elliot could swim. She  only knew that he apparently couldn't as he was nearly drowning himself.

She struck out for him with a strong stroke. Just before she reached him, he'd started going under again, but she pulled him up effortlessly, kicking for the shore. At this point, she's forgotten that she's ****, and so is he. Once her feet caught purchase, she bore him to the shore, laying him down on the grass and sand.

Amber eyes concerned and her focus on making sure he's all right, she peered down at him. "Hey. Hey, sugar. Talk to me. Lemme know you're okay."
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Though it was tempting for Sangre/Elliot to pretend to be unconscious to make Lya perform CPR on him, it was too unlike the real Elliot to do such a thing and the spirit's goal was more than scoring some cheap kiss off of the No Moon. The teen coughed violently spitting out water as he was pulled onto land.

"You... saved me...," Sangre/Elliot said once he was able to speak. He then threw his arms around her pulling her into a naked hug in gratitude. "You saved me! Thanks Lya-chan! I thought I was a goner!!!" He said cheerfully as he squeezed her tight. The scent of a refreshing mountain breeze with the hint of pine needles washing over Lya now that she was so close to Elliot. The warmth of his body warming her own. Yet, there was also something else there. Something a tad... off...
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The perched No Moon tumbled against the 'saved' victim. She hadn't been expecting such a reaction, though why she wouldn't, she couldn't figure. It was just like the pup to forget details and go with his gut reaction. Thus, the very reason they ended up in a very naked hug.

Pretend this didn't make you jumpy. You'll embarrass the kid if you point out obvious factors. Not to mention embrarrassing yourself. She lifted her hand, and in a very automatic gesture, she filtered her nails through the golden hair and scritched his scalp lightly with those long fingernails. Returning the hug, and keeping things casual wasn't as easy as it looked for Ely, but the No Moon had always been a good liar.

The wolf that she was had already accustomed itself to Elliot's scent. It was pure instinct. He was pack. The odd undertone is noted, but part of her chalks it up to the blood that had been on his body, and having been in the lake. The forest smell of Ely settled around them. She waited for the boy to disengage the hug. No need to make him feel awkward about anything.
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"Ah," the small moan escaped the teen before he could stop it when the No Moon scratched his head and he twitched in more places than one before breaking the hug and leaning back in embarrassment. "D-don't touch my head like that. It's sensitive.." he said looking away and blushing.

Normally, this might've been the time where the real Elliot might've stopped zoning out and panicked spitting a whole bunch of babble in order to defuse the situation, but for Sangre, this was one of the openings he was looking for...

"It's one of my weak spots," Sangre/Elliot declared covering his head with both hands and scooting back from Lya. Using Elliot's natural looks to full effect, he pouted cutely as he blushed in an attempt to be more irresistible as he continued speaking. "No! You can't! I forbid you from doing it!" He looked at Lya with eyes that said "go for it! I dare you!" While the rest of his demeanor said "No!" In order to appeal to the No Moon's trickster side to override her reason.

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Ely jerked slightly. F***! Sonofa- So went the internal barometer of curse words. It had been so automatic. It was what she did to...Gregor. That logic was so entirely faulty. She felt the twitch of other parts of his body, and nearly turned crimson to her hairline.

Even if he hadn't moved away from her, she was still in the middle of movement herself. She came to a stop, her eyebrow raising at the taunt given her by the silly pup. That imperious arch seemed to say, 'You sure you really wanna be doing this?' And then he said the words that sealed his fate. I forbid it.

Ely stood from where she kneeled, the movement elegant and graceful and the look on her face one of familiar disinterest. Almost a look of friendly contempt. She turned her back, and then for a surprise, pounced at the one she thought to be Elliot.

She pinned him, much like the feline she so often took the form of, and tugged playfully on his hair. Lightly, so as not to sting. Then like the trickster tease she was, she flexed her fingers and moved her fingers over his scalp again. She laughed lightly, and made a face at him. But didn't stop the movement.
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At first, Sangre/Elliot looked a bit disappointed as she turned away, but expertly disguised the look as relief before he was surprised by her pounce.

"KYAAH!!!" Sangre/Elliot cried out when they were pounced upon followed by a gasp at the hair pull and finally, soft moans as she attacked his head. "Ahn... No! Lya, stop," the teen cried insincerely as he reached up and grabbed at her arms attempting, weakly, to move them away. He kicked and flailed for dramatic effect, but it was all to make her try harder as his eyes and subtle smirk seemed to say "is this all you've got!?" Though she was still having fun, that very subtle "off" feeling slowly began to grow the more the No Moon looked into his eyes.
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The off feeling is noticed more and more. She's able to disguise her searching gaze behind bright laughter and still moving hands. But the utter feeling of wrongness sends her to her feet before long. The teasing stops, Ely's face closing down. Those eyes, once warm and honey toned, cooled to the glittering gold.

She moved to her clothing, picking up the pullover she'd worn. It covered the important parts, but left the expanse of her legs bare. As she pulled the zippered fleece over her head, she didn't bother much with the closure. She crossed her arms over her chest, her tone imperious and demanding. "The hell is this? I don't know what's off, but somethin' ain't right. The f*** is going on, here?"
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Sangre/Elliot blinks in surprise as Lya gets up and gets dressed. At first, he sits there in confusion about what to do next until the No Moon confronts him. Then, the tempting look in Elliot's eyes fade.

"Tch! She's on to me, but I should be okay. I should still have a bit of time...," Sangre/Elliot thought and looked appalled shying away from the woman with a hurt look in his eyes. "What do you mean Lya? There's nothing going on. Well, nothing but the 'issue' you just started..." The teen looked away from her blushing as his legs fidgeted. He then glanced back at Lya with a look that should make it easy for her to figure out what he meant.
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For just a moment, the No Moon almost relented at the hurt look on the teen's face. And then he said the second part, and she hardened her eyes again. "See, you're tryin' to play a part. Elliot would never say something like that to me. Or have quite so little modesty." Her eyes scraped over his body, to angry to feel shy, at all. The issue was well viewable, as he'd so kindly pointed out.

She stood hipshot, eyes turning a wicked storm yellow. "Tell me what the hell you're tryin' to accomplish with these shenanigans, and maybe I won't hurt you too bad to try and get his body back. I thought I smelled somethin' foul." She sneered, a subtle little snarl in her voice.
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For a second, Sangre/Elliot's face froze as he debated on whether of not to continue with his farce, but he soon decided Elliot's body came first and dropped the act relaxing Elliot's body as his head dropped.

"So the jig is up," he said. With a sigh, his voice now a lot darker than before. "Well, I suppose that's fine. Enough has happened that I think I can get my point across." He raised his head smirking at Lya with glowing blood red eyes. "Hello Elyana, my name is Sangre. I'm here to correct a mistake you made years ago and grant you and Elliot's deepest desires!"
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One of her shapely brows arched as she eyed the newly revealed spirit. A hand propped on each of her hips, she exuded attitude. "The hell are you babbling about, ya thief? You're makin' no sense, and I'm quick runnin' out of any sort of patience. So, spit it out and quit playin' stupid games." She snapped, gold eyes flaring. Even the spirit knew Ely's temper was nothing to trifle with.
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"This is going nowhere fast...," Sangre thought clenching his teeth. I better do something quick before things turnreally sour..."

"Hold on there little lady," Sangre/Elliot began holding out a hand towards Lya, "are you sure you want to try something stupid? Now he may not be in it right now but this is Elliot's body you know, and he was pretty traumatized from when you hurt him last time. Are you sure you want to put him through that again? And even worse this time because he wouldn't know why it happened?"

The spirit then pauses a moment in order to let the words sink in, and if they do, he continues while lowering his hand and shifting into a cross-legged sitting postion. He still doesn't make a move for clothing though, "he may be an imbecile, but Elliot is still my charge, and I don't intend to hurt him, or you for that matter. I just wanted to prove a point, and then I'll be on my way. Deal?" He raises eyebrow as he looks at Lya. He wasn't lying. At this point, those were his only options for proving his point before Elliot decided to return from his "lovely" jaunt through the woods with the imp.
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Ely tsked audibly, shaking her head at the spirit and looking disappointed. "Do you really think I'd hurt him? You must be dense. I'm teaching him how to do the job that he's born to do. Don't you think I have ways to deal with spirits? I know plenty of methods to deal with spirits that are being a pain in my ass, a nuisance or a threat. Stop blackmailing me." She growled quietly, arms crossing and nails tapping on her arm.

She blew out an agitated breath. The impatience with the situation was beginning to show in the tapping of her bare foot. "All right. I'm curious. Spit out what you're wanting to tell me, already. You said you had a purpose, and I'm choosing to believe you. Don't make me think that was a the wrong choice." She said quietly, her eyes no less angry. Now might be the ideal time. The No Moon was getting antsy. Bad things happened when she got that way.
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Sangre/Elliot sighs realizing that his plans have once again backfired and decides to simply get to the point. "You and the head are a total mismatch. It'll never work. You and Elliot should mate instead," he said flatly and shifted slightly preparing himself for any other hostilities she had to throw at him.
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Romantic advice from a spirit? What in the...? Her nose crinkled slightly. "So, what? Are you the spirit version of Ann Landers or something? Come to give me advice on my love life? The hell could you know about me in order to think that you can give me directions?" An immediately defensive and biting remark should have been expected.

"Look, I think Elliot likely has a schoolboy crush on me. I highly doubt it goes beyond that. And had I known my love life was such a subject in the spirit realm, I'd have put up wards long before now. I've been makin' my own decisions for a long damn time. And it's gonna stay that way. Y'all are worse than a sewing circle made up of fan fiction readers." She said, her eyes rolling. Somehow, in some fashion, hearing the reason for this entire farce had made Lya less angry. Possibly because she found it humorous.

"By the way, that act was just weird. I'm just going to point that out. You have a long way to go before you can do Elliot justice. And for Goddess' sake, put some pants on!" After umpteenth time of finding her eyes where they shouldn't be, Ely finally gave in and turned around.
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Sangre/Elliot simply sits there and continues to watch her completely stone-faced. He does nothing and says nothing as Lya rants completely unaffected. As though he knew things that she didn't, and he did. Once she'd finished and turned away, he sighed and stood up calmly walking over to the pile of Elliot's clothes to her right, just at the edge of the No Moon's peripheral vision.

"I'll go in order." the spirit said picking up Elliot's boxers and slipping them on. The teen then leaned over again to pick up and shake out Elliot's pants before he cleared his throat and continued. "Who or what the hell is an 'Ann Landers'!? Call it what you will. Quite a bit from the things Elliot has told me and shown me; whether he knows it or not, he actually pays quite a bit of attention to you..."

As he says the last part he looks at Lya and taps the side of Elliot's head to imply that he can access his memories at the moment, thus, he knows everything Elliot knows. Though perhaps, since Sangre's mindset and perspective are different, he is even seeing some old news in new light revealing details that couldn't have been known before.

Once he felt his point was made, the spirit put on Elliot's pants with a bit of difficulty before he picked up his t-shirt and continued, "Are you 100% certain? Elliot has done things for you that go far beyond the boundaries of a... 'schoolboy crush' as you call it. And don't flatter yourself; to us spirits, your nothing more than a hot-head that cooled down enough to learn about us. True, it has earned you respect, trust, and adoration from some of us, but as a whole, that's how it is. Nothing more. And I'm not here to make the decision for you, that would make it meaningless. I'm just here to show you that there is a choice. And as for that last one..."

He pauses again slipping the t-shirt on backwards. Noticing his mistake, he takes it off again and turns it around before he puts it back on and brushes it off. Finally, the spirit raises his eyebrows as though amused as he plucks the teen's button down off of the ground along with his socks and shoes and put the shirt on while making his way towards a downed log. "'weird' acting or not, I didn't see you complaining while you were attacking my 'weak point'. And that "long way to go before you do Elliot justice" shtick? Yeah, it just proves my point even more. I noticed that you've been mostly been talking about 'Elliot's feelings' and 'gossip' and other things, but you haven't mentioned the thing that matters; you have feelings for Elliot don't you?"

The spirit sat there and Looked at Lya as though he already knew the answer and was willing to prove it if she wasn't honest with him.
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The No Moon's face shut down. Entirely. Ice cold and unemotional. He might have pushed just a bit too hard. But, he'd get his answer. "He saved my goddamn life. Of course I do! At the same time, nearly everything isn't as f***ing simple as you're making it out to be. This isn't a goddamn fairytale, and I'm not a princess. And I'm damn tired of anything and everything believing they know more about me than I do." She said, quietly, voice carefully modulated.

"That boy doesn't remember most of the things that have shaped the dynamic between us. And the sh*t you pulled today isn't helping that. All I know is that I'm confused, terrified and damn tired of being pressured. You wanna corner me? You wanna push. I'll f***ing push back." Her nails sharpened into the very dangerous talons, but once again, she cut her own hand and let the red blood pool.

She hissed words in some strange language. The spirit can identify exactly what she's doing. Spirit warding hurt a spirit, weakened it. Her eyes settled on the red ones that weren't Elliot's. "This hothead calmed down enough to control these things, because I had this power turned against me. Next time you want to talk, or you think you've got some all important message to impart, come correct. Don't ever again think to back me into admissions you don't f***ing deserve. Elliot's memories of me are his. Not yours." Her mouth twisted into a snarl. Yes, she's definitely p***ed.

The blood had pooled and she flicked her hand, leaving a streak of it across the ground, Elliot and the shrubbery beside them. The effects felt much like acid to the spirit, but very obviously don't harm Elliot in any way. Ely bared her teeth at the spirit, hissing much like the leopard she preferred. It seemed to finish the meaning behind the ward. It felt more and more uncomfortable for Sangre to be in the area.

"Goodbye, Sangre. Next time, send Aqua or Ventus. They're smart enough not to **** me off." She pulled a necklace from beneath the pullover. And then turned her back. She pulled her panties on and her pants, so long as the spirit makes no movement toward her aggressively.
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Sangre/Elliot blinked. It didn't take long for the spirit to realize that he'd gone too far and he'd experienced enough "wards" and "seals" due to his "evil nature" to be able to figure out what the woman was doing. Instead of getting frightened or trying to flee, the spirit merely leaned Elliot's body forward into a stable, hunched position so that it could stay upright once he was gone, and merely watched the woman as she cast her ward. He didn't even try to fight back.

Just before Sangre was cast from Elliot's body, his lips moved as if he had something more to say. Something that Lya couldn't hear because his connection to Elliot's body was too weak for him to use it's voice, and couldn't make out due to her rage. Then, Elliot's head dropped and his body went limp, but held itself up as though it were just taking a break from a long run. A red mist blowing from it and into the woods. Sangre watched as Lya turned away seeing her start to slip on her panties before she disappeared behind a tree before he could see the good parts.

"Hmph, I don't even get a consolation prize eh?" He chuckled with a bittersweet look on his face, "well that's fine; I'm the 'bad guy' here, right?" The spirit closed his eyes and soon faded away as he allowed himself to be cast out of the forest entirely.

Shortly after Sangre was banished and Lya was dressed, Ignis came bursting through the trees diving through the empty shell's chest before streaking skyward with Elliot following close behind. When Elliot dove into his body however, it suddenly lurched from it's perch leaping after the spirit before taking a face plant instead of flying. The teen then sat up spitting out dirt before yelling up after the imp.

"IGNIIIIS!!!! I SWEAR WHEN I CATCH YOU I'M GONNA BIND YOU AND GIVE YOU TO AQUA FOR A DRAIN STOPPER!!!" He then blinked and then looked around. "Wait, where am I? Why am I yelling at Ignis?" It appeared once the teen returned to his body, his memories of what happened out of it become blurred and don't become clear until his body re-acclimates to his soul. This process takes an especially long time when someone, or something, else uses his body while he's gone. Because of this, he didn't remember anything after he left his body and he likely wouldn't remember for a long time. The teen then looked up at Lya, then looked away blushing, but didn't know why. Then he looked at the blood on his face and shirt and kinda guessed at what had happened; he caught a nosebleed.

"Ah, hey Lya-chan. Err... I guess I should apologize about before huh... sorry about that," Elliot said sheepishly sounding almost exactly like Sangre did when he first appeared. Of course, the teen had no clue what his apology would do to Lya at the moment.
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Lya had leaned against a tree once she'd finally finished dressing, hand rubbing absently over the general vicinity of her heart. Her head lowered slightly, mind too much in a whirl to be noting things like the appearance of a new spirit.

The yelling being done makes her startle and jolt, still sharpened claws digging heedlessly into the tree behind her. Her head jerked up, amber eyes wide. She's not ready to be confronted by Elliot. Let alone, an Elliot that remembered nothing. Again. The only thing she can do is let her face relax, hiding the effects of the past hour or so.

Or that had been the plan before he spoke. Echoed words said entirely meaninglessly just a little while ago. Instead, her lips compressed, and she moved so that her face can't be seen. She could lie with her voice, but not with her face. Odd, but it was always the opposite with Gregor. With him, her voice gave her up.

"No need to apologize, El. I'm not much on modesty, and it was entirely accidental." Her hands moved, gathering her hair and twisting it, catching it back with a chopstick. "I'm gonna head home now. I'm fairly exhausted. Keep everything I've been teaching you in mind." Once it felt like her face was smoothed out, she turned back to him.

She underestimated just how much of the day's events had written themselves in her eyes. The honey eyes looked doelike, darker. Bruised and slightly wilted. She stepped forward, bumping her head lightly against his shoulder in easy affection, like the wolf she was. "Take care of yourself, kiddo." She told him, before she became a hawk, and took flight. She didn't wait for any of his reactions. It scared her a bit too much.