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Title: Room 502
Post by: Tayboski on August 10, 2012, 08:49:11 pm
This is the room of Elliot Miyura. Walking from the entrance down a short hallway past the bedroom, one would enter the main room/bedroom. It's a smaller, cozy room with posters of strong men taped to the walls for inspiration and role models. There are a few dumbells in a corner of the room next to a punching bag that is propped up against the wall on top of a mat that seems as though it's meant to be used for workouts, yet the gear still seems new, minus the punching bag. Next to the corner of work out gear, there is a wooden desk with various books, papers, and magazines arranged in a messy, but organized fashion. On the left edge of the desk, there is an alarm clock which sits jusst out or reach form the bed, which was never made.

Besides 3 **** magazines hidden under the mattress ((Shhh! >.<)) and a strangly out-of-place stuffed animal ((a chocobo plushie about 10 inches tall kept in various places in the room depending on the day. Mostly on or around the bed though...)), there's nothing much to see in the room. It looks like it belongs to a typical, albeit overly-macho guy ((until one looks closer that is...)).

Other than that, there is a small bathroom to the left in the hallway immediately upon entering and a closet on the wall to the right of the workout gear where Elliot keeps a microwave and a mini-fridge next to a small, 2 drawer dresser full of snacks of various types. I may or may not draw a picture of all of this in the future if my description still seems wonky. <.<

Btw, the room has a hardwood floor and the whole theme is a sort of warm, gentle feel. lots of soft yellows and oranges. >.>
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Tayboski on August 10, 2012, 09:01:05 pm
Elliot awoke with a yawn feeling rested. After sitting up and stretching, the teen got out of bed with nothing more than a pair of boxer briefs on his slender, somewhat feminine frame as he got up and trudged lazily into the bathroom shutting the door behind him. After doing is usual morning routine (brushing his teeth, taking a shower, etc), Elliot left the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and another around his head carrying his boxer breifs in his right hand as he walked back into his room. The half-awake teen then lazily tossed his boxers into a laundry bin to his left at the foot of his bed, then turned to the double doors on his right leading to his closet to figure out what he was going to wear that day.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Yume on August 10, 2012, 09:03:38 pm
Yume open Elliot's window sliently as she stand on her giant ogre. She sneak in quietly, close the window quietly and sit on the bed, unaware of Elliot's appearances nor where he is as she await for Elliot's reactions as her ogre disappear into portal.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Tayboski on August 10, 2012, 09:13:04 pm
Due to being half asleep, Elliot doesn't notice Yume right away and opens his closet yawning and scratching his ass through the towel as he drowsily reached for a shirt. He freezes however as the thought of what he saw out of his peripherals sinks in and he soins around quickly to face Yume.

"WHAT THE ****!?!?!?" He screams loudly, his face entirely red as he almost falls back into the closet. At the same time, the towel around his waist falls off form Elliot's sudden motion, but he was too stunned by Yume's sudden appearance to notice yet...
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Yume on August 10, 2012, 09:16:20 pm
O_O... Yume's face went deep red as she stares at a certain parts of Elliot's body. she then quickly hold up a pillow to her face to hide it. "Eeek! Sorry!" She quickly duck on bed, burying her head in bed to block her vision.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Tayboski on August 10, 2012, 09:24:43 pm
Elliot blinks raising an eyebrow at Yume's reaction when he feels a breeze from her movements that he shouldn't have been able to feel through his towel. That's when Elliot looks down and his face gets even redder.

"GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Elliot screams and quickly plucks his towel off of the floor. Then, after tying it so tightly around his waist that it was threatening to cut off his blood circulation, he dashed over to Yume, picked her up around her waist with his right arm, dashed to his door, opened it with his left hand, then tossed her into the hallway before she could say a word. "WAIT HERE!!!" Elliot then slammed the door in Yume's face before she could speak disappearing back into his room.
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Post by: Yume on August 10, 2012, 09:26:27 pm
O_O... Yume stayed there, shocked and speechless as she waits.
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Post by: Tayboski on August 10, 2012, 09:31:06 pm
About 6 minutes later, Elliot swung his door open again fully dressed, panting, and still blushing. He stared at Yume for a few minutes in silence before his blush deepened and he looked to his right into the empty hall. "Was it big?" He mumbled so low it could barely be heard.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Yume on August 10, 2012, 09:33:34 pm
Yume spoke softly. "What?" She stood up, still blushing as she look at Elliot. "Umm... sorry for entering in your room like that."
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Post by: Tayboski on August 10, 2012, 09:45:31 pm
Elliot blinked. "Nothing! And don't worry about it, just... use the door next time, please?" Elliot said now getting annoyed as his embarrassment (mostly) faded and then he began to stomp down the hallway and down the stairs threatening to leave Yume behind if she didn't keep up.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Yume on August 10, 2012, 09:49:15 pm
Yume's blushes quickly faded away as she try to catch up to Elliot. "Hey wait Elliot! Wait for me!" As she try to catch up, a portal left of her side appear and very strange masked monster poke its head out. "Huh? Elliot-kun, come over here, look at this!" She said as she try to touch the mask, curiousity she notice this portal was hers, but she never saw this monster, unfortunately the many arms and hands burst out and grabbed Yume. "What the! HEY! LET ME GO! LET GO OF ME!!!" She scream as she slowly suck in the portal as her tattoo changed to black and glows a bit.
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Post by: Tayboski on August 10, 2012, 09:56:06 pm
Elliot sighs and glances back over his shoulder at Yume, "what is it this t-- !!!!" Elliot turns in shock as he sees Yume being grabbed by the monster and slowly sucked into the portal. "YU-CHAN!!!" Elliot yells and dashes back towards Yume.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Yume on August 10, 2012, 10:01:02 pm
Yume curses under her breaths and look at Elliots, she struggles a bit as she try to take something out of her bra, revealing a black strange key and then throw it at Elliot. "Here! Catch it! Go to my room and find the door to the right, you should able to open it with this key now! Hurry! Dammit bastards! LET GO OF ME OR I WILL SMASH YOU SO HARD! DAMMIT!!!" She scream as many frighten skeletons hands burst out and pushes her head in the portal, she scream more terrifying as she finally disappear into the portal. Soon the portal disapper as well, leaving a faded tatto symbol which soon disappear.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Tayboski on August 10, 2012, 10:13:55 pm
On instinct, Elliot blushes a little as Yume pulls the key from her bra and slows down a bit as he catches it on reflex when it's thrown to him. He then blinks snapping out of his semi-stupor as he reaches Yume in time to smash his hand into the wall as the portal closes. "Wh-- tch! ****!!!" Elliot swears loudly shaking the sting from his knuckles as he begins pacing back and forth, his mind buzzing with thoughts. Eventually, he looks at the key Yume tossed at him and stares at it for a few moments.

"....****!!!!" Elliot then shoves the key into his pocket and stomps down the stairs and out of the dorm, his eyes glowing yellow with rage.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Kurei Notai on October 23, 2012, 08:40:51 pm
Niha stands infront of the doorway to his room, he hold his hand up and plant a magic seal inside his dorm room, placed on his bed, once he enters and close the door, the magic seal will dissolve and 10 of cute small baby chocobos will fill the room, a note will be left on the bed where the magic circle were.

"Just a little gift for you, hope you like it, these 10 chocobos have different traits and personalities, you can pick ONE chocobo that you can choose to keep. You must take responsibilities in raising it though, so think it over. They will go back once you put the chcobo you wish to keep onto the magic circle locate on your bed, once you do that, all the other chocobos will go back to their home.
Think it over, you got 2 hours to choose.



After he place it, he left the door and went back to where ever he was doing.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Tayboski on October 25, 2012, 02:32:33 am
Elliot returned to his room for the first time in a few weeks after his relaxing trip to the beach with his friends. After closing the door, he tossed his keys onto a nearby desk then froze when he saw what was on his bed his eyes wide and blinking rapidly in shock. "......"
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Kurei Notai on October 25, 2012, 02:42:17 am
All 10 chocobos stares back at elliot, all are sitting on the bed. After staring for few seconds, one of them peep.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Tayboski on October 25, 2012, 02:54:05 am
(https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQYDg3IyCF8mnzwruatqYWdz9G6k9NdtznoN7UQrCfyDyEQIz9dSg)  "!!!!!!!!!!!"

And then, something snapped in Elliot's brain. His girly "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!" Could be heard several hallways over and 2 floors down as he pounced onto the bed glomping the poor birds. Streams of "OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGAWD!!!s" poured out of his door along with banging and crashing as he hug, squeezed, glomped, nuzzled, cuddled, and loved all of the little birds. Finally, he was linning them up and naming them George's 1-10 when he blinked finally noticing the letter on his bed. Picking it up, he scanned it, blinked, read it, blinked again, then read it slowly before letting out a groan that could be heard several doors down.

"Geez, looks like I have to pick one of you...," Elliot said with a sigh scratching his head. He then sat down in front of the line of dizzy birds and crossed his arms staring them all down. "Hmm...."
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Kurei Notai on October 25, 2012, 03:00:38 am
"Like your present, Elliot-kun?" a voice is heard follow by a laughs.

Niha laughs so hard he clutch his sides with tears hidden in his eyes, standing behide him the whole time. "You forgot to lock the door, don't worry I put sound-proof barriers around this dorm incase you... act like this, don't worry i won't tell anyone." He said it while still giggling as he walks over to the bed and sat down next to the chocobos where 5 of them hopped over to his laps while the rest peeps each other and Niha smiles at them, petting them.

"You could say this is a gift from me. For the touring and for coming here. The price would be the responsibilities of course, for now you may get to know them, once 2 hours end, you must choose, I will be here, holding the barrier up incase you..." He tries to hold his laugh in. "get excited." He took deep breathes and await his reactions.
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Post by: Tayboski on October 25, 2012, 03:54:55 am
And Elliot's face turned 3 shades of red that day! "Gh.... eh..... ah..... wh.....," Elliot tried his hardest, but couldn't bring himself to speak. After a while, the teen simply gave up and decided to focus on holding back the urge to kill the unruly mage.

"Noooo, calm doooown, just hurry up and pick one of these little cuties! <3," Elliot thought, but then shook his head when he thought "cuties! <3". For the next 2 hours, the teen tried his hardest to choose a chocobo, but every time he narrowed down the field, he'd "get excited" and start to have another freak out before remembering that Niha was there and containing himself. As the clock wound down, the teen got desperate and snatched up one of the birds that his eye wandered to the most during the selection process.

"Here!!! This one!!! 'George #3'!!!" He said holding up his new pet. Of course, he would change it's name now that he hand only 1 though.
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Post by: Kurei Notai on October 25, 2012, 04:08:34 am
Niha simply smiles and stand up, he then move all the other 9 chocobos into the ciricle that was still there. "Then you will take the responsibilities and raise it well. That is your price." He said as the 9 chocobos disappear into the circle along with the circle.

Once it done, he pets the chocobo in Elliot's hand. "Takes care of each other, and Elliot-kun, he can eat regular foods, waters of course though, so don't worry if you can't find the exact foods. Oh and a bonus present, if you raise him well, he can speak too, though that will take times."

The Mage walked over to the wooden desk and sat on it. "So... before you say something, you should realize that if I didn't have the barrier up, the whole dorm would think there a girl living here, you rather have me find you like this, or the WHOLE Dorm boys come and find you instead?" He pause, letting it sinks down in his mind

"This was my gift to you in the first place, and I must make sure it goes along, any unnecessary changes, and bad fortunate will fall on you. Luckily it went smoothly so your safe."

He pulls out a cup of water and drinks some. "Is there anything you like to say before I pull down the barrier?" He ask, looking at Elliot.
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Post by: Tayboski on October 25, 2012, 04:17:08 am
Elliot just sits there with his chocobo for a moment. Then he gets up, places it gently on the bed, and walks over to Niha. At first, it looks like Elliot might hit him, but instead, in his last "girly' moment for the evening, he glomps Niha hugging him tightly. While blushing a bit. "Yeah... 'thank you, Niha.' "

After a few moments, Elliot lets the mage go and walks back to the bed with the chocobo. He sits on the bed with the bird and cuddles it for a moment before he snaps back to Niha before he leaves. "Oh! And 'don't tell anyone I acted this way!' That's the important one!!!" But that was mostly his tsundere talking. Niha would be able to tell that Elliot truly was grateful. And he continued to nuzzle his pet until they both fell asleep.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Kurei Notai on October 25, 2012, 04:23:52 am
Niha blush slightly, wasn't really sure what to do after getting hugged for the first time in such a long times. "Um... yeah no problem." He said quietly as he listens.

After they fell asleep, he felt it was safe to lower the barrier and walk out. "Hmm, very interesting..." he mutters himself. Halfway out of doorway, he look back and mutters something before finally going out and lock door for him. "I will go see if he do something interesting tomorrow..."
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Post by: Tayboski on October 26, 2012, 01:19:38 am
"Mmh," Elliot squeezed his eyes shut before slowly craking them open the next morning. Blurry eyes beginning to focus at the sight of his pet chocobo sleeping next to him. Smiling, the teen propped himself up on one arm and gently nudged the little creature awake, "time to get up George #3. We have a long day ahead of us today!"

The little bird puffed up as it stretched and shook it's head before looking up at the teen with a questioning chirp. Elliot then repressed the urge to glomp the tiny thing before he got up and stretched. "I wonder what today will bring? Hopefully a new name for you right George-y? Welp, let's see what we've got!" The teen then went to the bathroom and took a shower before changing his clothes, putting his little pet on his head, and then heading out for the day. 
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Post by: Kurei Notai on October 26, 2012, 01:29:11 am
Niha was in the hallway when he saw Elliot coming out of his dorm, he walk up to him. "Hey Elliot-kun, come over to my dorm and let hang out there, maybe talks about something over teas and maybe thinks about where to go today, mk?" He ask calmly, awaiting his answer.
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Post by: Tayboski on October 26, 2012, 01:36:32 am
Both Elliot and the chocobo blink at him. "Why so many 'maybes'? Let's do it bro," the teen said and waited to be lead to Niha's room. Elliot didn't mind hanging out with the mage anymore since he gave him George #3.
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Post by: Tayboski on October 31, 2012, 02:59:24 am
Elliot returned to his room in a sort of sneaky manner glancing around as he opened the door before turning on the lights. Normally, the teen would be WAY more inconspicuous than he was, but he couldn't help it since he was nervous from holding Lya's hand the entire time so he wouldn't lose track of her once she'd turned invisible about 20 minutes ago to infiltrate the building with him.

Once they were inside, he let the already unseen Aqua glance up and down the hall for him just to be safe before closing the door, locking it, letting go of Lya's hand, and nearly collapsing against the door, sliding down it in relief. "Phew! That was tense. I can't believe we actually made it," the teen said panting a bit. At first glance, it may seem like Elliot was an amateur at such things, but in reality, it was because his heart was beating a thousand miles a minute due to the overall situation; this was the first time that he had a girl that genuinely liked him in his room, which made the poor guy tense because he had no idea what he should do next.
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Post by: Elyana Romanov on October 31, 2012, 03:14:17 am
Lya, on the other hand, had a megawatt grin on her face. She gave a genuine laugh at it all, her sparkling eyes alight in mischief and pure joy. "I dunno what you're talking about, cher. That was a blast! That's the sort of thing I like doing just to prove I can." She fell back onto his bed, arms out as if she'd make a snow angel. And then laughed some more.

Finally, she propped herself up on her elbows, and with a feline grin announced, "I'd give Selina Kyle a run for her money. Cat burgler, my ass." She snickered, looking at Elliot. Once they'd come inside the building her shoes had come off. Her feet were bare as she propped one foot on the bed.

"So, what's the plan, sugar? You tired?" She'd been about to deny she was when a yawn snuck up on her to be hidden behind her hand.
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Post by: Tayboski on October 31, 2012, 03:50:23 am
Unfortunately/fortunately, the room layout prevented Elliot from seeing Lya's provocative pose on his bed since she was hidden by the walls of the somewhat narrow hallway leading into Elliot's room. Due to this, Elliot wasn't slack-jawed like he might've been, and instead smirked at Lya's words hearing her yawn.

"No, but I think someone else might be," he said cheekily as he quickly got up and walked into his actual room heading towards his mini fridge and pulled out 2 sodas. And turned towards Lya, eyes widening and freezing when he saw her. "...made yourself comfortable fast now haven't you. Soda?" Elliot said holding out one of them out towards Lya while looking away blushing slightly. He may have seemed composed, but inside, his heart skipped a beat when he saw her like that. "Yup, this is gonna be a looooong night," he thought.
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Post by: Elyana Romanov on October 31, 2012, 04:04:50 am
She stuck her tongue out at Elliot in reply to his cheeky remark. Though it may have been true. She was a little tired. She stretched not unlike the cat she'd just referred to, moving further onto the bed. "Uh huh, why not?" She asked, just as cheekily. "Besides, it's not like I can't move over and make room." The comment was entirely innocent, and it went over Ely's head the implications of it.

She reached out for the soda, getting to her hands and knees and coming to better reach the beverage. The oversized fleece had a zip collar. That collar had been zipped halfway. Absolutely modest normally, though completely not so when the No Moon bent over. There is no possible way that Ely knows precisely the view she's currently offering. Oblivious she is as she asks innocently, "Movie or mindless television, cher?"
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Post by: Kurei Notai on October 31, 2012, 08:01:22 am
Niha was in his room when he felt Elliot's presence. He pokes his head out after Aqua go back in. "Wonder what he up to, brought a girl?" He though to himself after feeling the 2nd presence, presumably to be a female, but unsure. Despite his curiosity, he decided to leave it alone and went back in the dorm to resume moving stuffs to his new house from dorm. "Better make sure i bring it over there, maybe I should lend this room to Elliot since I won't be using it... and he DID seem curious about it..." He mutters softly.
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Post by: Tayboski on October 31, 2012, 08:22:58 pm
R-rated images immediately flooded Elliot's mind from Lya's words, but he quickly shook the thoughts from his mind smiling at the No Moon knowing that she didn't meant it... or so he thought...

Elliot handed the drink to Lya. "Well at least things won't be awk--," the teen's words caught in his throat and he froze when he caught a glimpse of Lya's chest through the gap in Lya's sweater. His heart skipped a beat and he swallowed hard blinking rapidly as he slowly started to turn red as his head tilted slightly to try and get a better view. Finally, the teen managed to pry his eyes away turning his head as he gave Lya the drink. "Er... either is fine... whatever you wanna do Lya-chan...," Elliot said tensely as he tried to shuffle the image of Lya's chest into the back of his mind.
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Post by: Elyana Romanov on October 31, 2012, 09:06:37 pm
The tilt of his head gave him a mind blanking view. At least blank for all but that image seered into his mind. Innocently unaware of the current happenings, Ely took the soft drink from Elliot's hand. She shifted slightly, the view changing and becoming a bit more modest as she kneeled on the bed. One of her fingernails tapped on the top of the can softly while she considered.

"I think movie is my vote, sugar. Comedy or action are my preference." She looked at him, finally noticing the red in his face. She set the can of soda aside, and crawled back to him again. Her head tilted as she looked at him, before she came up higher on her knees, reaching out her hand to brush against his cheek.

"Hey, cher. You all right?" Her hand fell from his cheek to settle at his shoulder, where her nails made light tracks meant to be soothing. 
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Post by: Tayboski on October 31, 2012, 10:20:36 pm
The poor teen didn't know what to do. Blushing heavily and totally blanked from the view he'd just gotten, Elliot jumped slightly gasping at Lya's touch before relaxing a bit and exhaling slowly when she began tracing her tracks. They didn't particularly feel good against his slender shoulders, but they were  distracting enough to snap him out of his daze.

"Uh... yeah, I'm fine. And sure, hold on," the teen said and set his soda on his desk and pulled open one of his lower drawers where she stored his laptop that he rarely used. Pulling it out, the teen opened it and booted it up typing in the password to his account before setting it on the bed next to Lya open to a folder simply labeled "movies" where he had a small library of digital copies of movies stored.

"Take your pick," he said with a smile and went back to the drawer to grab the laptop's charger.
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Post by: Elyana Romanov on October 31, 2012, 11:41:59 pm
The No Moon grinned, scooting over on the bed and making room very obviously for him. She stretched out on her stomach in front of the laptop, her movements bespeaking a familiarity with the device's general workings. Her feet kicked behind her, toes flashing the same shade of midnight blue that her nails are. Her finger moved over the the small pad as she scanned the selection.

"Good taste. You are so missing some staples." She looked up at him, grinning. And then she made a soft little noise of delighted surprise. "You've got Dogma!" She wiggled her body, and bobbed her head. Ely clicked on the movie, right clicking to select the program. Once it's set to go, she pushes the lap top away from her.

She moved to capture her soda from the table. The No Moon reached out and tugged at Elliot's pants. "Get down here, sugar. Movie time." She scooted back over to her side, and looked at him expectantly.
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Elliot scratched the back of his head at the critique of his movie library. "Yeah, I just started building it. Due to all the training I've been doing, I haven't been able to really work on it. But I DID manage to get Dogma at least. I haven't really watched it yet, but it seemed like a good movie and ity was cheap so..." The teen trailed off as he felt his pants getting pulled and turned around smiling with the charger in his hands.

"Alright, I'm coming! Just let me plug this in first," Elliot said and hurriedly plugged the cord into the wall near the head of the bed. The teen then climbed onto the bed next to Lya and paused before plugging the cord into the computer. "Um... you might want to prepare yourself; this computer tends to 'yell' when I plug this cord in..."

Elliot waited for a moment after his warning and then plugged the charger into the computer. A loud "BEEEEP!!!" rang out from the computer and Elliot winced from the sound. Thankfully, it was short, and the Crescent Moon settled down on the bed next to the No Moon also laying on his stomach smiling at her. "Okay, ready," he said.
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Post by: Elyana Romanov on November 01, 2012, 01:06:46 am
The No Moon covered her ears. Being yelled at by technology was no good. Her sharp ears still heard the noise, and she made a face. Still, she settled back down, and hit the play button, having the movie start with it's silly disclosure about the state of the platypus. The Trickster giggles at it.

Her head laid on her hands, her feet still kicking. It didn't take long for her to grab the pillow that Elliot himself normally used, and tuck it under her chin, after gathering the dark mass of her hair back in a messy bun. But she only makes it through an hour of the movie.

At one point, likely as the traveling party meets Serendipity, an amusing part happens, and there is no laughter from the No Moon. A glance reveals that the woman is sound asleep, her face relaxed, smooth. Her long lashes lay against her cheek, and her Cupid's bow mouth pouted slightly. Not sleeping well had finally caught up with her.
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Post by: Tayboski on November 01, 2012, 01:42:54 am
Since Elliot had never seen the movie before, he was drawn in. Taking in every detail and laughing at nearly every joke all the way up to the end. As the credits began to roll, the teen smiled sighing in content at the film, "that was a really interesting film! And it brought up some interesting poi--"

The teen trailed off when he looked over and saw Lya's face. So peaceful, so serene, a good thing too; it seemed like the woman hadn't slept in days. Elliot smiled softly reaching over and gently stroking the woman's cheek. "Lya...," the teen said softly, but soon blinked shaking his head and moving away; whatever he was thinking of doing, it wasn't right; Lya needed to rest.

The teen carefully climbed off of the bed picking up the laptop and closing it before setting it on the desk and looking back at the woman with a frown. "Will she really be comfortable sleeping like that?" he thought to himself. After considering the options for a moment, the teen figured it'd be best if Lya slept soundly and comfortably instead of possibly waking up due to discomfort through the night.

"Hey, Lya...," he said softly reaching over and shaking her awake, "c'mon, if your gonna sleep you should at least change into your PJs right?"
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Post by: Elyana Romanov on November 01, 2012, 02:14:40 am
She made a quiet purr of sound as he stroked her cheek initially, but didn't awaken. As he shook her, that purr turned into a soft mutter from the No Moon. Her amber eyes fluttered open, remaining mostly closed. She wandered almost blindly into his bathroom, her delving into her tote yielding her toothbrush and toothpaste. It's cinnamon flavored.

She didn't bother closing the door, and it didn't take very long. She meandered back out, still looking mostly asleep, and dropped the objects into her bag. She climbed back into the bed, under the blanket. Her head hit the pillow, and as an afterthought, she wiggled, reaching beneath the blanket. The noise of the zipper was muffled, but still distinct.

With a lithe movement, she stripped the jeans from her legs, and shoved the pants out from under the covers before she began to snuggle down again. Her hand reached out silently, catching ahold of the man that had awoken her. She tugged him to her, kissing him lightly goodnight. She muttered softly, "Goodnight, cher. Sleep well." It wasn't long before she was back to sleep.
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Post by: Tayboski on November 01, 2012, 03:07:11 am
Elliot smiled as Lya got up and went to the bathroom thinking about how cute she was as she left. Once she was gone, the teen sighed thinking he should also start getting ready for bed untying his ponytail and shaking his hair out before debating on whether or not he should wait for Lya to leave the bathroom and change there.

As he was debating, the woman in question returned causing him to blink, frowning a bit at her appearance as she came out. Did she really intend to sleep in her clothing? The teen shrugged sighing as she climbed back into bed figuring maybe she was just too tired to care when he blinked at the sound of the zipper and blinked again as the jeans flopped off of the bed a short time later.

"...eh--," Elliot said before he was yanked into the kiss. At first, he blushed, blinking in surprise, but his eyes slowly closed and he savored the kiss. Even after the kiss was broken, he stayed where he was, eyes closed and lips still puckered for a few more moments. Then, the teen relaxed covering his mouth as he licked his lips, a small smile spreading behind his hand as he looked upon Lya with a mischievous gaze. After a few more moments, Elliot went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth, used the bathroom, and changed into his boxers, a plain white tank top, and a pair of yellow stripped pj bottoms before coming out of the bathroom casually tossing the clothes he'd worn that day into a dirty clothes hamper in the closet.

Elliot then pulled out some extra sheets and a blanket before looking back at the sleeping woman on his bed smiling, "Good night Lya-chan." The teen then laid out the sheets on the floor to protect him from the cold wood before laying down under the blanket to try to get some sleep.
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The No Moon slept on her left side, curled facing the wall, and closer to it, really. She's also a burrower, curling herself beneath the covers, the comforter pulled up to her ears, and leaving only her eyes exposed. She doesn't snore, and in fact seemes to be sleeping like the dead.
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Elliot blinked noticing that he'd forgotten to turn off the lights and got off going into the short hallway and turning them off before walking back into the main room and looking at the bed. Ocean blue eyes narrowed at the No Moon in slight confusion at how she slept. He couldn't hear a thing, making him wonder if the woman was sleeping at all! Out of curiosity and a sort of paranoid worrying, the teen crept over to the bed and peered down at the No Moon leaning closer... really close... to her to check her breathing. Once he was sure that she was breathing, the teen shrugged calling himself stupid in his mind before he laid down on his makeshift bet on the floor, curled up in a similar fashion to Lya, and went to sleep.
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Lya never stirred as Elliot checked her. Her quiet breaths are audible to him, at the very least. She looks not a little bit like an angel, despite how very devilish the No Moon could be. Her hair had started to come loose from it's messy bun.

At some point, Ely grew overly warm. She didn't usually sleep in more than a light tank and her panties. The fleece was thick and near to suffocating for the woman. Mostly asleep, she pulled the sweater over her head and dropped it over the side of the bed. She laid back down on her back, and was back to sleep in seconds.
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Elliot was fast asleep when the woman had slipped off her sweater and seemed like he'd remain so throughout the night. Normally, sleeping on the floor might've bothered others, but for the teen who often slept in his little campsite at his favorite training spot, the floor was almost as comfortable a bed allowing him to sleep calmly... until he go cold.

A sneeze awoke the teen and he curled into a tighter ball. He tried to go back to sleep, but sneezed again and quickly began to get uncomfortable. Half asleep and annoyed, the Crescent Moon sat up, eyebrow twitching, and got up climbing into the bed without a second thought. Feeling Lya's warmth against his back, the teen smiled a bit and quickly drifted back to sleep.
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Ely appeared to be a cuddler, as it didn't take long for her to move toward Elliot as he got into the bed. She moved into his body, her face in between his shoulder blades. Her hand flattened to his back, and slid over his side to rest against his abdomen.. Back to sleep was easy like this. She exudes heat this way.
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Elliot inhaled deeply scooting towards Lya's warmth on instinct until his back was pressed against her chest. Sighing softly, the teen turned over in his sleep and pulled Lya into a hug resting his chin on her head and breathing deeply inhaling her scent. "Lya-chan...," he muttered softly in his sleep.
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Her legs twined and tangled with his, proving that most of her height was in those limbs. Lya pressed closer to him in her sleep, her nose near his neck, taking in his scent. There was little chance she'd ever confuse the two men in her life. Both smelled completely opposite from one another. Her hand slipped beneath his shirt to flatten against his skin.

There was a lot of tactile sensation for the No Moon, being nearly bare. She didn't wake up, but she sought skin to skin contact in her sleep. She's content to be where she is, as the soft sigh and slight purr for a moment indicates.
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Elliot sighed softly pulling Lya's body even closer to his, lightly scratching the back of her neck before slipping into REM sleep and no longer moving. The teen then slept soundly through the night in Lya's arms as she was in his.
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At some point during the night, Lya turns back over onto her left side, but seats herself deep into his body. She took an arm with her, like it was a blanket of sorts, and brought it securely around herself. After that, she didn't move, sleeping sound until morning. She, apparently, had no problem sharing the pillow. It was unlikely for her to be the first one awake.
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Elliot inhaled deeply the next morning breathing in... Lya's scent!? The teen's eyes fluttered awake and stared into the tangled bun of hair before him blinking a few times before registering where he was. "....Oro?"

The teen tried to move, but found that he couldn't; his arm was still captured by the No Moon wrapped around her waist and resting against the smooth, soft skin of her stomach. Part of him relished the moment; the feel of her skin, the intoxication of her scent, the warmth of her body. He might've stayed there forever, if it weren't for the fact that he was embarrassed about his "morning wood" pressing up against Lya's backside.

"!!!!" Not wanting Lya to wake up and discover him in such a state and being unable to calm down, the Crescent Moon slowly sat up and gently pried Lya's hand off of his arm, nearly choking when he found out that the woman's torso was now completely bare, which didn't help his situation at all. Once he was free, the teen hopped out of bed and darted into the bathroom as Georgie woke up from his perch on top of a nearby table watching him run into the bathroom in confusion slamming the door behind him. A few moments later, the shower could be heard through the door followed by a loud yelp echoing from the bathroom as Elliot entered it; nothing like a cold shower to calm the nerves and cool the blood...
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He freed his arm, earning a slight moan from Lya, the woman rolling to her back, and throwing her arms over her head haphazardly. She still slept deeply, the scrunchie left behind when she rolled onto her back. Her dark hair was a disorganized, loosely spiraled mass.

She twitched not at all as that shower started, and the complaint came from Elliot. She's still in much the same position, on her back, when he gets out of the shower. The comforter is barely clinging to the curves of her breasts, and not really keeping them very well covered. She resembles a very R rated Sleeping Beauty.

She does seem to smell him as he gets out of the shower, and mutters in a mostly asleep fashion. "El, come back to bed. Please?" She rolled to face where her nose told her he was, disturbing the comforter further, and dragging it down to her hips. Hair a bed rumpled mess, skin warm and flushed, honey eyes barely open, Cupid's bow mouth pouting, and a good amount of her curves on display. If it weren't for being mostly asleep, one might almost supect feminine wiles to get her wish.
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Elliot walks out of the bathroom back in his pjs huddled over, shivering, and almost in tears. When he heard Lya, there was nothing the teen wanted to do more than to comply. Once he'd seen the woman's body however, he hesitated. Eyes growing wide and almost cursing as the blood began to rush to his face and his loins again, though this time it wasn't from morning wood.

Before the issue became noticeable, the teen quickly spun away from Lya placing one hand on the wall to stop himself as he began thinking about a long list of unpleasant things to reverse his growing lust as he cleared his throat. "err... I don't think that would be a good idea right now... for many reasons,"the teen stammered out glancing back over his shoulder at her before quickly looking away. "ah... you uhh... might wanna cover up Lya-chan...," he said flatly hoping that she'd comply. Then, maybe he'd crawl back into bed with her, if he could trust himself to hold back...
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The rustle of the sheets came, as did footfalls behind him. She pulls one of her white tank tops over her head. It covered the basics, at the very least. She crawled back under the covers, yawning softly. "There, all covered. You're cold, cher. I can see you shivering. Come back to bed. Please?" There's more of pleading note in her voice now.

A look behind him shows the half awake Lya, true to her word, covered. But employing big amber eyes, hopeful and pleading at once, as well as a her lower lip. She realized what the issue likely was, but didn't particularly mind. Men would be men, and their bodies reflected that saying often enough. Perhaps it was the slightly more animal part of her, but she didn't find as much embarrassment to be had.
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Elliot swallowed hard, he knew he was cornered; he couldn't resist Lya's pleading voice, at least not yet. With a consenting sigh, the teen turned around blinking. Drawn in even more by Lya's appearance, the teen could no longer stop himself from walking back over to the bed with a shy, flustered look on his face as he climbed back under the covers with the woman and laid down next to her.
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He may have laid facing her, but he wasn't looking at her. Her foot slid forward, her toes padding at his calf. Her slender legs twined with his, if he let them, and she slid closer, pressing against his form. Her hand rested against his hip, as the No Moon looked up into Elliot's face. Her face near his, Lya whispered to him. "You don't have to be shy or ashamed, cher. I won't faint because you're a male." The No Moon smiled sweetly at him, the humor of the situation in her eyes, though she's certainly not laughing at him.

Her arm bent beneath her head as a pillow, she laid her head on it, still looking up at him. Her eyes were still heavy with sleep, her form pliant with it. Her hand flattened slightly, moving in small strokes. Like the sensory creature she was, she sought his skin to play her palms and fingertips over. She watched him, blinking slowly.
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"But what if I faint because your you?" The teen thought looking away for a moment more before sighing and giving in, looking Lya in the eye.

Elliot flinched but didn't resist cuddling with Lya. In fact, he was completely compliant with it, moving his body as needed to become even more entwined with hers. Ocean blue eyes became half-lidded as he relaxed, slowly giving in to his feelings. His blush deepened as he gave up resisting the atmosphere, the bulge in his pants becoming more and more defined with each soft stroke from the No Moon, finally, a slender, yet strong hand reached up gently stroking her cheek as he looked her in the eye, his own becoming clouded with lust.

"Lya-chan... I...," he said, but frowned. Externally, he was ready to make a move on the woman, yet, internally, it felt wrong. Lya had come to him in a moment of weakness. To make a move now would be taking advantage of her... right? Not to mention that she was still with... Gregor...

The teen sighed, all lust drained from him in an instant as he looked away from her again. His mind and his body tugged at his heart as he laid there, hand still on her cheek, unsure of what he should do next.
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Her face tilted itself to lay in his hand, her honey colored eyes on his. She watched them cloud, watched his color rise. And then watched him debate with himself. And saw the moment when his doubts washed over him, and that haze faded from him.

Had she known that he still thought her behavior from weakness, she might have balled up her fist and knocked sense into him. As it was, she knew the reasons for his hesitation to a point. And most of them had to do with Gregor. And that, she couldn't blame him for. Not with knowing how Elliot felt about her.

She knew that, sooner or later, she'd need to tell Elliot some of what had come clear in her mind. Not right at this moment. Right then, she didn't want to talk about it, even if it would ease him or make him happy. She wasn't ready. And after last night, she refused to do anything she wasn't ready for anymore. But she wasn't a cruel woman. And she wouldn't just leave the man unsure and wracking his conscience.

"When I was packing, I left a message for Gregor. If he cares to, he'll find it. Otherwise, it's only more proof in a pile growing higher and higher. I told him I'm not his. That I'd stopped being his when I found out that he'd never had any plans to come back to me. In order to have me, he's got a lot to overcome and prove. And from his behavior, he'd rather simply hide." She hadn't originally planned to say all fo this, but instinct said he had to know.

She looked up at him, lower lip nibbled between her teeth. And hoped that she hadn't made the wrong choice in telling him. Her hand had stilled, but lay flat against his skin. She moved closer, as close as she could, and let her face find the crook of his neck and the turn of his jaw. Here she nuzzled, and gave an audible inhalation of his scent. It was the most speaking silent gesture she could make. He wouldn't ever be anyone to her than who he was.
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Elliot's eyes widened in shock. He stayed that way for a while as Lya cuddled closer to him and his mind slowly blanked out. She's single now... then that means...

Free from most of his guilt, Elliot wrapped his arms around Lya squeezing her tightly as he nuzzled her head and kissed it. He pressed his body into hers allowing himself to fully enjoy the warmth of her body and the softness of her skin as he did the same as her, deeply and audiably inhaling her scent. But it wasn't enough; he wanted more, he wanted her lips.

"Lya-chan...," he said softly releasing his embrace enough that he could gently nudge her chin up so he could look into her beautiful amber eyes before closing his own and softly, gently, planting a kiss on her cupid's bow lips.
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Ely gave a soft sigh, her hand moving again on his skin. Her palm slid over his sides, his back, one of her nails sliding light and gentle down his spine every so often, just to send that quiver up his spine. She hid her face against his chest for a moment. Until she felt him seeking her chin.

She lifted her head slowly, looking into his eyes. She nibbled playfully at his fingers, tilting her head, and letting her lips meet his. Those amber eyes fell closed, and she made just the slightest of sounds. And fell warm and pliant in his arms. After she'd all but plastered herself to him.
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Elliot moaned softly against her lips, his passion building to unbearable levels now that it could finally be released. Elliot's kiss slowly became more passionate... more intense... until finally it was a make out session, and a bit of a messy one at that as the teen began to spiral out of control.

"Lya-chan... Lya-chan!!!" Elliot gasped between kisses until he eventually broke the kiss for air. With a surprising amount of dominance and agility, Elliot flipped the pair over so that he was on top of Lya, both of his legs between her own as he looked down at her hungrily, panting, like a starved wolf that had finally captured her prey. "Lya-chan...," he said again in nearly a whisper. If she had any reservations, and doubts, now would be the time to say it. If she waited any longer to stop him, it would be too late as he slowly dips his head and begins to kiss her neck, his knee shuffling forward beneath the blankets to nudge an area that probably didn't get such attention before now.
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Things between both became so intimate as to be entirely private. Clothes strewn over the ground, the room now in a disarray. Both now appear to be freshly showered, golden and raven locks still damp. The bed is rumpled, sheets and pillows chaotic. The room still rang with the echoes of the young lovers, if the ear but listened closely enough.

The combined scents of both linger on the air, and now they faced off with one another, closet destroyed, desk a mess, and spirits glancing worriedly between them both. The No Moon stood dressed, while the Crescent Moon gained his feet. It's a standoff.
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Elliot blinked as the woman got off of him and immediately moved off of the object that was tormenting him before looking at the woman beginning to get dressed. The small hope within him that had hoped that she would continue out of sheer lust once he'd calmed down died and he looked down with a sigh as he rolled over onto his knees on the mess and shook out his hair sending water droplets flying about. Slapping himself twice to get himself to focus, the teen started digging through his clothes careful not to look at anyone for fear of embarrassment as he got dressed.

Blue and white striped boxers that nearly matched his eyes were the first to go on, followed closely by a pair of dark blue jeans that faded a bit down the center of the thighs with a small distressed area underneath the left pocket where the stitching frayed enough to show the strands that wove together to form the pants. next was a simple, yellow graphic t-shirt. The words hugging the underside of an angry smiling reading "F*ck Everything!!!" could be seen for a moment before he slipped on a lighter blue-striped, short sleeved button down on over it.

Finally, the Crescent Moon put on a pair of socks and dug a detangling brush, some baby oil, and a few combs out of the mess bringing the items to the bed and dropping them between he and Lya before sitting down and combing his fingers though his hair to assess just how tangled it had become during the chaos that had just ensued. After assessing the damage, the teen grabbed the detangling brush and began carefully brushing out the knots as he glanced back and forth at Lya through the corner of his eye as he became more and more nervous.

"Err... sorry...," he said again once he finally began to speak, "I don't know came over me... ever since yelling at Niha yesterday it seems like my emotions have been on edge... heightened somehow... as if something else has awakened inside of me..." The teen turned away from Lya, but continued to brush his hair. Knowing fingers would thread through the golden locks, loosening any tangles they found as the brush came close behind eradicating them. A faint counting barely heard beneath his breath as though he were keeping track of the strokes. Just from watching him, one could tell that Elliot cared a great deal about his hair, and when his hair was down, the result of his treatments showed amazing results.

"I don't know what it is. It's like a well of emotion... sometimes good, sometimes bad... and I seem to get stronger when it comes out... to the point where I can't focus my strength...," he winced looking at the dresser that was lodged deep into the wall and floor at this point. The sound of cracking wood audible every now and then as the dresser continued to slowly sink deeper into the weakened wood through it's own weight. "What if this gets worse Lya-chan? What if I lose it completely one day and went on a rampage or something? Like Gregor when he gets mad. I wouldn't want that..."

By the time he had finished speaking, the teen's brush lied still, mid-stroke as he shuddered slightly. The fear of the unknown beginning to overcome him.
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She looked at the boy, the tension in her face and body lessening by degrees as he told her the timing of this new development. She scooted closer, moving the items between them out of her way. She took the detangling brush from him, tilting his head back. She worked the tangles gently from his hair.

"Cher, I'm glad you told me this. It's going to keep getting worse until you shift fully. By then, you really will do what Gregor does. What this means is that we need to lead you to shift without outside interference. In a positive manner, rather from a roused temper and being angry. And then, we need to help you get that temper of yours under control." Ely's hands moved slowly, but with surety, detangling his mane.

"Ask your questions. And still your worry, cher." She said, massaging his head.
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Elliot blinked. He might've heard her wrong, but he thought she said "shift." As Lya explained what was going on, the teen felt a mix of excitement and dismay; excitement because he would finally be able to shift like the rest of his clan, and dismay because when it happened, it would be the same as when Gregor shifts out of rage.

Blonde brows furrowed teeth bit down on his lower lip as the Crescent Moon considered what Lya said. Her words and her brushing provided comfort for him as his right hand moved back to grab the bottle of baby oil and offered it to her as his eyes slowly closed. No matter how much the teen thought, he could only think of one question. "How soon can we start?" He asked Lya. The spirits in the room gradually beginning to relax as they heard Lya had a plan, yet not leaving until they heard more details. As usual, Ignis was the odd man out in this sentiment though, as he began sniping Georgie from across the room with small sparks of flame.

Eventually getting fed up, Georgie hopped off of the desk and dashed at the fire spirit in a manner similar to something Elliot might do. Caught by surprise, the fire spirit ducks through the floor as Georgie attacks pecking at the spot where the imp vanished. Then a sort of "whack-a-mole" game ensued as Ignis popped his head out of the floor and taunted the bird only to duck back in and pop up somewhere else as the chick tried to attack him. Ventus snickered at this little display as Aqua fumed on the verge of attacking the imp herself. Meanwhile, Yggdrasil's proxy sat on the floor still staring at the shifters, merely watching and listening as Sangre continued to float outside doing the same.
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As the fire imp popped back out of his hole to taunt the bird, Lya snapped her fingers. For just a moment, the fire imp found himself stuck and unable to disappear as he had been. He received a peck, then two, then three from Georgie before Lya's fingers snapped again. She leaned down to the little chick, beckoning to him. "Come here, ma chou." She shook her head slightly at the inappropriate imp.

She glanced at each of the spirits, smiling slightly at Aqua. If Georgie came to her hand, he gets set in her lap, She takes the baby oil, using that, as well. "Well, cher. First, if we can get you to shift when you aren't angry, you won't be violent or harm someone. Your shift won't be a bad one.

To your question, I'd like to get started right away. But you're going to help me. Tell me what you think would stir the positive side of that spectrum. When you're angry, you reach the wolf. Tell me what makes that light glow in your eyes for the better."
She told him softly. Her eyes flicked to the blood spirit outside the window, her brow raising. There's a cautious welcome there in those amber eyes. For this, the No Moon didn't hold a grudge.
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Ignis wailed as Georgie pecked him multiple times then kicked him across the room. How the hell the bird was able to touch the spirit may never be known, but he chirped thankfully and trotted over to Lya's hand nuzzling her stomach once he was in her lap. This time, Aqua giggled a bit at the imp as his eyes rolled dizzly in the pile of clothes and junk on the floor before returning Lya's smile and waving at the while Ventus yawned and kicked back to sleep, casually beginning to float around the room as a gentle breeze blew Ignis onto his side (he was upside-down before).

Meanwhile, Yggdrasil yawned, but continued to sit there, glowing faintly as he subtly released a calming aura into the room to keep things peaceful and Sangre did not see the welcoming look in Lya's eyes since he was turned away, but felt that she'd noticed him and held no grudge. For a moment, the spirit continued to float outside of the window, but he eventually floated in backwards and closed the window behind him. Looking over at the new couple on the bed, the barest hint of a smile, easily missed, seemed to cross his face before he nodded at them and took a seat on the floor in a corner similarly to how Yggdrasil was, except with his head down and his arms crossed as though he were about to go to sleep sitting up.

As all of this was happening, Elliot was thinking. He had just recently begun to shift so he didn't know of anything positive that would make him shift at the time. His eyes had glowed a golden yellow multiple times in the past hour, but since he could not look into his own eyes, he had no way of knowing that. And even then, a simple change of eye color probably wasn't the type of result Lya was looking for. After wracking his brain for a few minutes as Lya continued to brush his hair, the teen sighed, shifting his sitting position (turning his back to her so that she could reach his left side more easily) and began to speak.

"I don't know, not much comes to mind honestly...," the teen began, "besides being with you, I don't think there's much to make my heart soar enough that it might cause me to change... are you sure there isn't an easier way to do this? How do you shift Lya?"

There were various reactions to Elliot's unintentionally sappy line. Aqua went "Awww!!!" and looked as though she wanted to pinch his cheeks. Sangre chuckled silently and approvingly. Ignis blinked and started to gag as Ventus nearly fell out of the air, and Yggdrasil remained stoic and focused on the matter at hand missing the line entirely as Georgie continued to nuzzle Lya. Yet, Elliot ignored them all as he was still trying to figure out something that could make him happy enough to shift. Even he didn't seem to notice the sappiness of what he had said.
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Lya blushed slightly, though the rush of blood in her face remained hidden from Elliot with his back to her. She looked down at the hair in her hands, averting her eyes from the spirits, as well. The No Moon swallowed hard, her heart pattering in uneven tempo for a moment.

She spoke hesitantly because of it, softly, but easily heard. "Well, how I change now won't necessarily work for you. But how I changed the first time? Something was placed in front of me that I couldn't have unless I did so. I shifted easily to get to it. I became a wolf for the chase. And then a bird." She told him softly. None really knew how she'd shifted or why. Her father did, because he'd asked and she'd told him.

"Tell me what would make you want so badly as to chase, cher. If you had no other choice, and had to shift to get it, what would make you desire so deeply?" She said softly, one of her hands ruffling the chick slightly.
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Elliot thought about Lya's words carefully considering what she said. A slow grin beginning to spread across his face as he thought he had an idea. Suddenly, the teen turned around grinning at Lya as his eyes shone as though he had figured something out.

"Want to play a game of tag?" The teen said, a hint of the wolf gleaming in his eye.
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Her shapely brow rose over one of those amber eyes as she looked at him. He didn't know what he was asking. He couldn't know what that meant. There would have been no way. She flushed, her eyes huge and somehow vulnerable. The wolf inside him tuned into the pulse of her blood and the beat of her heart as it sped. She blinked and tried to speak, but failed.

Her lips parted, her tongue licking at them anxiously. "Cher, do you know...what that means to a wolf, to one of us? It's all right if you don't, and I'll explain, but I can't really let you do that blind." She said, stumbling slightly over her first words.
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Elliot blinked, swallowing hard as he thought he felt a change within Lya. "...umm," he said awkwardly. Glancing around the room, he saw all the spirits staring at him as if what he said was a much bigger deal than he realized and Lya's words only added to the fact. Eventually, Elliot looked at the woman again before looking down blushing as he scratched the back of his neck. "Err... I'm sorry. Could you please explain it for me?" He said softly.
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Courageous Ely might be, even she could have her chicken out moments. The No Moon stood from the bed, placing the chick on her shoulder in an automatic movement. She paced to the window, opening it once again to feel the breeze outside, cold as it was, and hopefully clear her mind and brace herself to answer.

Back to the room, she placed her hands on the windowsill, watching out the portal. "Cher, chasing in our wolf forms is how you establish a bond, and sooner or later, how we mate to seal the bond. We do as our wild born cousins would." Ely spoke softly, fogging the window with her breath, just to watch the steam cloud it, then fade.

"Female wolves usually go into estrus at the same time of the year. All of them together. Mates get picked and weeded from the selection, until it's one male and one female. She plays coy, running off into the woods, and making the male chase her. Thus starts the courtship process.

Now, we're humans so the courtship process is longer for us, but wolves, until one of the pair perishes, only ever perform that particular dance once."
She said quietly, looking at the patch of fogged glass that she currently drew in with her fingernail. She couldn't look at him right at that moment.
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The Crescent Moon listened, his blush deepening as he heard and understood her explanation. His mouth opened and closed as he tried to speak a few times, changing his mind at the last moment so as not to say something insulting. Eventually, Elliot lowered his head, carefully considering what to say. Both his feelings and his inner wolf urging him on as he figured out what he wanted to say.

"I... wouldn't mind that...," he said slowly raising his head with a smile. The teen then raised his hand towards the woman almost seeming to glow a bit in assurance, "considering the events of the last.. (He checks a clock on the wall next to the closet door and blinks in pleasant surprise at what he found) ...hour, it'd just be killing 2 birds with one stone for us right? Come, let's go play a game of tag!"

Then the teen blinked, his hand starting to draw away as he looked at Lya with apprehension, "unless, of course... you don't want to... I won't push you of course. We could find another way..." Elliot's words were broken, more forced than released, but his eyes showed that he meant it, though he hoped that it wouldn't come to that.

Again, various reactions came from the spirits filling the room ranging from stunned surprise (Aqua) to an expectant grin (Sangre). Even Yggdrasil's eyes widened a bit in response to Elliot's words. In the end, all of the spirits looked to Lya for her reply on impulse before realizing that they could be pressuring her and scattered, phasing through the walls, floor, and ceiling to give the couple their privacy. In the end, only Lya, Elliot, and the oblivious, twittering Georgie remained as Elliot awaited her reply.
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Her eyes widened, and from sheer surprise, Ely turned to face Elliot. Every spirit had disappeared, which surprised the No Moon to no end. Typically, the nosy things liked sticking around for the juicy parts. She swallowed, her eyes wide as they met his. She searched for something, and didn't find it. Relaxing, she leaned slightly against the window sill.

"You're sure, cher? I know that step doesn't always equal the meaning behind that. Don't feel that it's required of you. I'd never want that." Her hand lifted, sliding over his lightly. The slender fingers tangled with his slightly.

"Otherwise, I...would love to play tag with you." She came closer wrapping her arms around him in a hug. She really did want that hug, and she let it go for a few seconds. With little to no warning, Ely had pushed Elliot down gently onto the bed, and darted away.

Her form melted into that of a raven, and she flapped to the sill. "I'll meet you at the forest, mon loup." Came her voice from the air. It winged off.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Tayboski on November 07, 2012, 09:47:52 am
Elliot smiled and nodded in response to Lya's question. For him, it was yet another dream come true for him, so of course he didn't mind. In fact, part of him even wondered if it was a trick before he squashed it down. " 'Don't look the gift horse in the mouth', El...," he thought to himself as he hugged Lya back, then blinked in surprise as he found himself pushed down onto the bed.

The Crescent Moon blinked, unsure what to think for a moment until Lya said she'd meet him in the forest. Once again, his eyes shined golden yellow for a moment as he smirked at the windowsill that Lya was on moments before. "Alright, seeya there love," he called after her. Then, the teen scooped up a comb, his hairband, and Georgie. The last of which he dropped him into his shirt pocket where the chick would be safe as he darted out the door, grinning big and eyes almost glowing golden yellow as he darted out of the dorms towards the forest.
Title: Re: Room 502
Post by: Kurei Notai on November 30, 2012, 11:19:17 pm
A note placed on the door,

To Elliot Miyura
"I decided to leave the island for awhile and go on a trip, seeya.
Sorry I couldn't say bye but I don't know where you were, so Good bye here?
Sorry about everything since I came to island, about yume and for angering you. Hope you have forgiveness for me.
I had fun at least though, may you find joys too.

From Niha Ichihara.[/right]