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Title: The Angel's retribution [morning/open]
Post by: Magnus Modelle on February 08, 2013, 12:09:08 am
After wandering about O'raion for a day in search of Wel, Magnus finds his way to this abandoned town. He struggles with his composure as his negative energy grows with every second without Wel, the only person keeping him in a positive spirit.

Magnus: Love.... that's what it was called. That's what Wel said to me. He said he loved me.

DISCLAIMER: Magnus is in no way a yaoi rp character. Enota can reproduce using energy and with either gender therefore not caring with whom they do it with. Wel is not Enota. They are both guys though.
Title: Re: The Angel's retribution [morning/open]
Post by: Kaya Mitsume on February 08, 2013, 08:34:48 pm
The town held an aura of decay. Of a slow infestation of filth and rot. Many of the buildings lay in rubble, the base of the destroyed structures obscured by a low laying fog. And yet, that very fog is thicker than it should be, settling cloyingly about one's ankles, the weight as if it sought skin. Attempting to reach some warmth that it no longer called it's own.

Shadows stretched long despite the morning hours, and even the sunlight here seemed tainted. For all the negative energy he feels swelling inside him, as quickly as it begins to rise, it remains leveled. As if something siphoned the blackness from inside him. Fed from it, desired it, stole it.
Title: Re: The Angel's retribution [morning/open]
Post by: Magnus Modelle on February 09, 2013, 01:54:12 pm
Magnus: I feel so empty. Why was I lead here? Is this where Wel had gone? Why would the Phenoma World separate us? Does it know that I need him?

Magnus can feel an uneasy presence in the air

Magnus: I'm not alone here...

Magnus turns around


nobody's there

Magnus: There's no one there.
Title: Re: The Angel's retribution [morning/open]
Post by: Kaya Mitsume on February 09, 2013, 02:56:44 pm
A woman, dressed very staid and librarian-ish, steps from the rubble. Her hands are folded in front of her, and her steps are measured, dainty and well placed. They disturb none of the rubble that she crosses through. "There are some here. Just no one you'd look for. Why are you here, stranger?" Said that very prim voice, one eyebrow raised in an imperious fashion. Something isn't quite human about this woman.
Title: Re: The Angel's retribution [morning/open]
Post by: Magnus Modelle on February 09, 2013, 03:04:06 pm
Magnus: I do not belong here. I am merely searching for what I have lost. Nothing more. Nothing less. The sooner, the better. This isn't an imaginable place for one of your image either.

Magnus began to wonder if this woman may have been the presence he felt.
Title: Re: The Angel's retribution [morning/open]
Post by: Kaya Mitsume on February 10, 2013, 10:45:37 am
She seemed to find that immensely humorous, as she stood chuckling to herself over the statement. "You do not belong here, and yet you do. Searching for what was lost in a place full of those unfound. You may capture what you seek, or it may slip through your fingers. Like sand, like time, elusive things. Some things were never meant to be free. And you'll not understand what I am or am not." She told him enigmatically.
Title: Re: The Angel's retribution [morning/open]
Post by: Magnus Modelle on February 11, 2013, 01:33:22 am
Magnus began thinking to himself, "Could this place possibly be a product of the Phenoma World?" He began to observe his sorroundings.

Magnus:(It would take at least a hundred Enota to alter a space into this Island. The Phenoma World usually only creates places based on memory or emotion. I can't feel any presence pertaining to the Phenoma world either. This place is real.) I do not know who you are, but fate has bestowed our meeting. I am in search of one I lost.....a loved one...

Magnus was reluctant on telling the mysterious woman anymore

Magnus: I was brought here from a different dimension; one that transcends normality. I was not alone...

He bagan to think of Wel, the one who had kept him safe all this time from the horrors the Phenoma World had shown him and bestowed upon his body. It was a dark place filled with neagtive spaces containing memories of misery within its walls. The twisted clocks that covered its skies held the time which light and prosperity had forgotten. The essence of fear whispered in the winds, its inhabitants filled with hate, and misery grew within everything the Phenoma world touched. Its creatures evolved accordingly and the world grew with every negative influence. The end to Magnus nightmare had been Wel all along


The boy who had stuck to Magnus like glue since the day they layed eyes on each other and had proved to be Magnus' Savior. Their connection began to lead to something Magnus could not understand, but he liked it. Magnus being an Enota, he longed for a positive energy to make him feel loved, wanted like none other before it, and Wel, a Black Heart trying to escape his fate of becoming something he was not seemed to be perfect for each other. Magnus at this time would give anything to go back.

Magnus:(I'm coming Wel. Just hold on a little longer and I promise everything will be alright.) I will return to what is civilization here. This variation of normality has proven no different from mine. Maybe there I can find some answers.