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She's still vaguely confused. "Well, yes. Both of you do. I don't understand why you found the situation ironic, as you told him. You were both yelling a lot of things at one another. It was difficult to completely understand." Kaya has a feeling that she doesn't want to know what he saw, bu that she needs to anyway.

She asks him quietly, and seriously, "Will you tell me what you saw? Or show me?" Haro seemed to snap from his daze, looking at her so earnestly. It was her turn to search for words. And for once, the eloquent young woman was out of them.

She looked at neither of the men, instead focusing on a spot on the carpet feet away from where she sat. "I uh-" She stuttered gracelessly. She took a breath, as if trying to shore her will. "I was still in the room with you both. But, no one could hear or see me. Neither of you could even sense me. It's like...I just disappeared. And I felt so head blind. I couldn't feel either one of you, even though I was standing inches from one or both of you most of that time." She gave a quietly exhaled breath. She's actively controlling her breath.

This doesn't stop the quiver of her lip, or the waver in her voice. "I was alone in all the ways that count, but not so alone that I didn't have to watch you two ripping into one another. No matter what, I couldn't do a damn thing to stop it. And then when you both started fighting in earnest, suddenly I could feel you.

All that hate and malice, so dark. I just kept seeing the room covered in blood, until finally I couldn't take it, and I snapped. My defenses kicked in, and I just lit up with that light."
The girl is still befuddled at how she did that.
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