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Her nerves vibrated off her. This prompted a rather motherly or big sister repsonse from Kaya. "You don't have to be nervous about anything, Mika. I'm definitely not here to judge. 'Sides, I'm not worth you feeling nervous about. It's just me.

For my course load, I've got Elemental, Demonology, Tracking, Survival and Melle/PE. I've pretty much stuck with those all four years. I've had a smattering of other things, but those have been my preferred.

I'm making friends, as I haven't had a good chance in the past to do this, and apparently, my love life is up for much debate, as it's been insinuated that at least three individuals have a crush on me."
Kaya laughed softly, gesturing helplessly. "What can a girl do? How long have you been with your other half?"