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Re: Open Challenge (Totally open)
« on: October 10, 2012, 05:32:15 pm »
Elliot is tripped, but he grits his teeth at the oncoming kick. "Not yet!!!" He focuses his yellow aura into his hand and redirects it at her oncoming kick ((Strength x3 = 60)). Another loud crack fills the air as a shockwave spreads out from the clash of blows and Elliot goes flying back, but not as far as he would've if he took the full force of the blow. Elliot lands and stumbles back glowing yellow as Ankoki's leg snaps back from the clash.

As SOON as the teen catches his footing, another crack fills the air along with another shockwave ((speed x4 = 120)) as he suddenly appears in Ankoki's face. "Yeah, sad that I've never SEEN HIM!!!" Instead of going for a high-powered, obvious blow; Elliot goes for his own, violent trip kicking Ankoki's legs out from under her as he blows by her. Then, while she was falling, he planted his foot  to stop himself and jumped into a backflip glowing yellow one more time. His eyes narrow.

"I can't afford to hold back on you. Your like my cousins; too dangerous to toy with..." His left leg began to glow brightly as though he was powering up a finishing move.
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