Author Topic: Control of Body and Mind....Or Not (Open)  (Read 881 times)


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Re: Control of Body and Mind....Or Not (Open)
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Yme winces in pain as she smash into the wall, she dissolved into waters. This time rains began to drop in the dojo. Then some of the drops began to shoot at Yami like bullets while Yume rematerialist herself on a different beam, few feets away above yuki and anihe, she uses wind slashes at yuki behide anihe with her dragon tail, which was out, attempting to get the hand off.

'Just a little bruise on my back. I'm okay. You?' she answered Anihe through mind after seeing the shock on her shoulder.
"The Souls' Memories...
Dreaming of Lands... the Soul will dances through the Garden of Memory...
Watching the fireflies dances along... let the musics tunes you into the maze...
Follows the illusionary hums to the mysteries... there you shall find the answers to the unknown..."
- Me

Name: Yume Kasai
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Human Form ~The girl on the left with blue eyes~

Dragon form

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