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Re: Room 502
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Elliot smiled as Lya got up and went to the bathroom thinking about how cute she was as she left. Once she was gone, the teen sighed thinking he should also start getting ready for bed untying his ponytail and shaking his hair out before debating on whether or not he should wait for Lya to leave the bathroom and change there.

As he was debating, the woman in question returned causing him to blink, frowning a bit at her appearance as she came out. Did she really intend to sleep in her clothing? The teen shrugged sighing as she climbed back into bed figuring maybe she was just too tired to care when he blinked at the sound of the zipper and blinked again as the jeans flopped off of the bed a short time later.

"," Elliot said before he was yanked into the kiss. At first, he blushed, blinking in surprise, but his eyes slowly closed and he savored the kiss. Even after the kiss was broken, he stayed where he was, eyes closed and lips still puckered for a few more moments. Then, the teen relaxed covering his mouth as he licked his lips, a small smile spreading behind his hand as he looked upon Lya with a mischievous gaze. After a few more moments, Elliot went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth, used the bathroom, and changed into his boxers, a plain white tank top, and a pair of yellow stripped pj bottoms before coming out of the bathroom casually tossing the clothes he'd worn that day into a dirty clothes hamper in the closet.

Elliot then pulled out some extra sheets and a blanket before looking back at the sleeping woman on his bed smiling, "Good night Lya-chan." The teen then laid out the sheets on the floor to protect him from the cold wood before laying down under the blanket to try to get some sleep.
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