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Re: Room 502
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Since Elliot had never seen the movie before, he was drawn in. Taking in every detail and laughing at nearly every joke all the way up to the end. As the credits began to roll, the teen smiled sighing in content at the film, "that was a really interesting film! And it brought up some interesting poi--"

The teen trailed off when he looked over and saw Lya's face. So peaceful, so serene, a good thing too; it seemed like the woman hadn't slept in days. Elliot smiled softly reaching over and gently stroking the woman's cheek. "Lya...," the teen said softly, but soon blinked shaking his head and moving away; whatever he was thinking of doing, it wasn't right; Lya needed to rest.

The teen carefully climbed off of the bed picking up the laptop and closing it before setting it on the desk and looking back at the woman with a frown. "Will she really be comfortable sleeping like that?" he thought to himself. After considering the options for a moment, the teen figured it'd be best if Lya slept soundly and comfortably instead of possibly waking up due to discomfort through the night.

"Hey, Lya...," he said softly reaching over and shaking her awake, "c'mon, if your gonna sleep you should at least change into your PJs right?"
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