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Re: Room 502
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The poor teen didn't know what to do. Blushing heavily and totally blanked from the view he'd just gotten, Elliot jumped slightly gasping at Lya's touch before relaxing a bit and exhaling slowly when she began tracing her tracks. They didn't particularly feel good against his slender shoulders, but they were  distracting enough to snap him out of his daze.

"Uh... yeah, I'm fine. And sure, hold on," the teen said and set his soda on his desk and pulled open one of his lower drawers where she stored his laptop that he rarely used. Pulling it out, the teen opened it and booted it up typing in the password to his account before setting it on the bed next to Lya open to a folder simply labeled "movies" where he had a small library of digital copies of movies stored.

"Take your pick," he said with a smile and went back to the drawer to grab the laptop's charger.
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