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Re: Room 502
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R-rated images immediately flooded Elliot's mind from Lya's words, but he quickly shook the thoughts from his mind smiling at the No Moon knowing that she didn't meant it... or so he thought...

Elliot handed the drink to Lya. "Well at least things won't be awk--," the teen's words caught in his throat and he froze when he caught a glimpse of Lya's chest through the gap in Lya's sweater. His heart skipped a beat and he swallowed hard blinking rapidly as he slowly started to turn red as his head tilted slightly to try and get a better view. Finally, the teen managed to pry his eyes away turning his head as he gave Lya the drink. "Er... either is fine... whatever you wanna do Lya-chan...," Elliot said tensely as he tried to shuffle the image of Lya's chest into the back of his mind.
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