Author Topic: Visiting Uzumaki's Home[open-11/4-Dawn/Kenro]  (Read 550 times)


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Re: Visiting Uzumaki's Home[open-11/4-Dawn/Kenro]
« on: November 05, 2012, 04:49:10 pm »
As the Big Amount Of Aura Pushes Dawn Forcusly Almost Pushing her Off The Building, She started on her feet & refused to fall. she have nothing else to leave for. her funture was blank without Akio in it.. even with her mother, brothers , Family & Friends still alive, she saw no enjoyment of what lise on the other side.. so she had no other choice she thought"... Then Watch Me Be A Fool & Take My Own Life ... Beat Yet Feel It!" A part of Dawn shadow slivered over like a snake toward Kenro Shadow and connected to his. Now Kenro could feel anything that happen to dawn. Only phiscally not emotionally. She walked over to her dagger & stabbed it right into her arm. "...This is how i feel right now!.." She took the dagger & stabbed it into her shoulder "..How does it feel Uncle Kenro .. if It's Even Possible To Call you that!.. how Does it feel..." She penetrated her thigh , her leg, foot & stomach "...I give up without him!!!" As she bleed with the deep dagger stabs around her body, she puts the knife to her throat make her move, her last
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