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Re: Drakes Room
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The lights were off in drakes room but suddenly they begin to flicker on & off (Even around the castle). It Would Giving you a bizarre feeling but not to evil. more like a good spirit & soul. An Big Lighting Bolt Landed Straight In The Middle Of The Floor & Ichigo Appeared "..Hmmm.. This room is so plain! Where is the Color?.."Ichigo didnt know who he was or where he is suppose to be so he doesnt really know any better yet.. He looked over to see Akios dresser & started going threw his things. He say a sweater that was black & dark blue, with stripes. "Awesome!" he took of his shirt, threw it out the window & it floated away. he put on the sweater & then jumped out the window also. leaving Akios room a mess..
Name: Ichigo Hozuki
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Bio: The Son of The Powerful Galexy & Evil Yuji. He A New Born But Because Of Hes Powers, He Body Time Skipped Into His Teen Stage . He More Like His Mother Than Anything. He was born in the light (literally). He was sent from the God to do good. Where Galexy Old Planet Had A Prophecy Too One Day, The Son Of The White Fox Will Return To Stop Evil From Happening. He Is The Symbol/Definition Of Power & Greatness.
ability: Water, Ice, Speed,Dark&White Magic,Telekinesis.
Likes: The Moon & Stars, Flash lights, Tv, Music & The Ocean. Some Dark Places
Dislikes: Disrespectful, Bossy & Unclean People
Classes: N/a
Clubs/activities: N/A
Class Rep: Yami
Year: 1 year
Equipment: Hands & Dagger


Stats: 200
strength- 75
speed- 50
intelligence- 25
energy to use ability- 10
stamina- 10
martial arts skills- 10
equipment skills- 10