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Re: Drakes Room
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AOi sighed at the fact that she had to tell this story, and the rest why she had yet to kill Chieko "I was only 6 when I was taken away for Im mother. These people came out of nowhere, bombed my house & everything... they killed my mother to get to me. i feel guilty but my mother never really loved me anyways so it wanted like i care that much... I was taken to another planet, so there way no way i could run... not like i ahd a place to go . i was told that i would be Chieko slave forever. i have to protect her with my life forever & do whatever she wants. if i disobey, she showed Drake the scratches & wounds all over her body i get this done to me.... There is nothing i can do ... Plus she is smart than me. i know know what Chieko teaches me .... she started to shake raidly "Im also....her sex slave.... she only uses me when she get bored or can have what she wants so she kinda pretends that its them... "
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