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Cyborg Foot Soldier
« on: September 24, 2012, 02:28:22 am »
Name: Cyborg Foot Soldier
place(s) of origin: Silver City

Level: 5
Bio: Foot Soldiers were built specifically for battle. they have tough exterior armor and range from heavy duty to skill
Strengths: up close fighting using melee weapons and martial arts
Weaknesses: none
« Last Edit: September 24, 2012, 02:41:20 am by kenro »
Name: Kenro Mizireal
Age: 27
Gender: male
Bio: Kenro has come here following the orders of his best friend and leader Yuji Uzumaki. although kenro's clan is known for there strength and power kenro uses his brains too, creating a multitude of things living and non living.
ability: when in contact with a mineral(jewels, rocks etc.) he can turn it into armor, weapons, and other things
Likes: science, funny stuff, women(he's kinda perverted)
Dislikes: jerks, sour stuff
Equipment: assortment of tablets, Pocket Lab,

Stats: total ?
strength- ?
speed- ?
intelligence- ?
energy to use ability- ?
stamina- ?
martial arts skills- ?
equipment skills- ?

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