Author Topic: Mixed Emotions and Lashing Out ((Elliot, Sayi, Semi-open; permission needed))  (Read 2424 times)


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"Hey!!! I'm talking to you dipshit!!! You nearly ran me over!!! Tch, fine. Be that way!!!" The teen caught Sayi's glance and half nodded in agreement as he dug into his pockets and pulled out the gloves his cousin had gave him. Teaming up with Sayi for now was fine by him; he had a bone to pick with the mute in front of him anyway. He blinked at the girl when she came out and was about to disregard her until she pulled out a gun. That made the teen tsk and forced him to focus a bit more than usual.

"These guys are playing for keeps! I can't slip up here!" he thought. The teen then slipped on his gloves and sunk into a tight boxing-like stance making himself as small as possible. And then, the old-fashion mexican standoff began. Meanwhile, Georgie sat silent blinking at everyone. He gulped loudly as Ventus and Aqua floated up to him. "Umm... what's going on here," Aqua asked in hushed tones. Ventus merely shook her head as all 3 watched the proceedings.
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