Author Topic: Mixed Emotions and Lashing Out ((Elliot, Sayi, Semi-open; permission needed))  (Read 2424 times)


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A few moments after the the boy exited the ship, a girl with long blue hair stumbled out holding her head.  She had a slightly dazed look in her eyes.  She had a black cat cradled in her arms, she appeared to be checking the feline for injuries and talking to it quietly before her midnight blue eyes settled on the boy who had emerged from the ship, as she strolled up beside him.  "You really need to learn to fly that thing better, I like not crashing."  A gun sat on her hip, as she scanned where they landed.  Seeing the battle stances she had her gun in her hand in one swift motion.  Although a small smile crossed her lips when she saw the little bird.
Name: Kumiko

Age: 16

Gender: Female


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