Author Topic: Mixed Emotions and Lashing Out ((Elliot, Sayi, Semi-open; permission needed))  (Read 2424 times)


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Quickly following him, he silently watched him from the entrance, knowing that he couldn't notice him since he was so confused and angry. Seeing him push that little creature to its limits just it could catch up with him, he believed that something serious had happen. "Hmm, this might be tough. Right now, talking to him wouldn't work." His worried face slowly turned into a smirk, then a wide smile. "I guess we'll have to communicate with the warrior's way!" Quickly regaining his composure, he walked in right as Elliot destroyed the mannequin.

He acted nonchalant and like nothing happened. "Hey Elliot fancy meeting you here! Apparently teachers don't attend classes now and I really need a good partner to train myself. You seem fired up. Wanna spar a little?" He didn't wanted to push him too far and make him go berserk but he had to taunt him into attacking. He decided to see what's gonna happen first. He stood far away from him, at least half the length of the training area, ready to dodge or get ready in case Elliot lost himself.
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