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Re: Meadow
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He woobles a bit as he listen to the woman, nodding slowly and smiling at her. "I think that what he trying to do then... freeing the blocks and getting his very own emotions back... thanks you for your knowledge, I will uses this greatly and rewoven our lost minds.  I do not know who this man is and we are... afraid to find him... we already met a man who dangerously hated us and will not hesitate to kill us, mostly because of me as vampire, threatened us infront of Mika even. Let me try something... Kurei I hope you been listening, so you better let me in and help you..." he said as he hold his head, his eyes glow a bit, 9 blades appear out, hovering around him, his wings close around him, covering him also, like it hugging him.

"...I heard... I'm sorry about blocking you out, Rei. If what she said is true, then let do this first then..." Kurei finally respond through his mouth, his red eyes' pupil came back again. Rei shook his head in his mind and the blades split, becoming 18 blades now, hovering around him more again, seemingly protecting him, he pulls his legs up as his eyes glow more again, two different colors, red in red eye, yellow in vampire eye, mixing together, the blades spins around him faster, almost like he in a sphere of blades, soon a scythe appear above, and it stab his back, though no reactions from him as dark liquids pours out. It look like dark bloods but with dangerous substances, coating the scythe which absorbing them. "Since the scythe is different, we making a new seal for our weapon phase by using this scythe, the one they created, once we do that, it will be safer to rewoven our soul a bit more as the seal is breaking rapidly. This way we can somehow reunite it in a much less dangerous way. I will try to find that man since we need more times to break more blocks, I be glad if you tell him about me if you do find him, there so many that it will take times." Kurei explains in his real voice, finally able to relax as the phase is slowly fading into the scythe and the battle ended.

"Thanks, Kaya. If you ever see our father, I hope you will murder him, we can't get rid of the program that implant in us easily. So be careful." He warned Kaya, not wanting to hurt anyone ever again in case Deji control him unexpectedly. He stood up, stretching his fours wings out a bit as his 18 blades return back to 9 and disappear. He smiles a bit.
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