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Re: Meadow
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Her hand squeezed her husband's, her head turning to silently nuzzle his shoulder in comfort for him. She addressed the other male seriously. "It's possible too, that putting an immortal's soul into a mortal's body makes him unstable, as well. It sounds as if he needs help breaking free of his training, and all that has happened. I know that Mika has tried strenuously to free herself of Deji's old experiments upon her, his cues. She did very well with a teacher here, Artemis. Perhaps if you can find him, he can help break so many of these blocks. I don't think his emotions are entirely gone from him, simply shut away. Once freed, you and he might begin to heal. Souls such as yours will always try and reunite. It is unstable what has been done. You must free the blocks, and you will find your way. Strands have been severed, but they can also be rewoven." Said the tiny death goddess, rubbing her palm over the swell of her stomach.
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