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Re: Meadow
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"If you and my sister are really close, then I am glad to trust you then." he said, his true smiles slowly appear more on his face for the first time in his life. "I'm Deji's son, not sure which son or whatever since I got more siblings from what Jizero told me... anyway... I wasn't sure what Deji's purpose was for creating Kurei, but it likely to be a living weapon, since he destroyed many cities and towns, killed many peoples, even killed lab subjects back at the lab for tests. Originally, due to them breaking Kurei's mind too many times and other stuffs, he was a emotional puppet, a true living weapon. I not sure what happen but Kurei's soul was split, so he added a new half of soul, that contains the pure-blood vampire soul, that me, Rei. Right now you are talking to the vampire soul. I not sure myself but Deji said he put a seal on our souls to keep it together, if it break, which is happening right now, "If we haven't put our mind back together, our souls will escape through it's cracks and we'll become a useless flesh puppet..." That what he said." He pause and take a breathe.

He resume again. "After 10 years in lab, after our escape and his attacks of cities, I manage to give him the emotions of mine, since he was emotionless back then. It took me awhile, and it put me to sleep after exhausted. I sealed his memories of what happen in lab and when he destroy the towns so he wouldn't know what happens. Thanks to our father who met us again on this island, his mind is shattered, and right now Kurei trying to get our souls and mind back together, and in process, block me out, the weapon and puppet phases are fighting him I think. I get jolts of pains when the battle is leaks, since I watching over our body. I worry about Kurei though." he explains after alot, mostly about his situations and what happening now.
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