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Re: Meadow
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Kurei flinch when she sense something wrong in him, he sigh and sat down, opening his eyes once more. "Do you... really care enough to ask someone like me? A living weapon?" He ask softly, he never receive such kindness or good emotions from anyone, mainly humans, all he experiences was hatres, ignorant, dark feelings, torturous.

Five jolts hit him as whatever it happening leaks over, a strange glow appear in his red pupil-less eye once, but it disappear soon after, while trying to hide the pain. He wasn't sure what going on in himself, but he thinks it that his souls was slowly splitting as the seal is breaking after Kurei's mind shatterred, while the weapon phase/emotionless doll try to take over too... is Kurei trying to hold it back together and fight the phases? Why did he block me out... Rei wonders.
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