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Re: Meadow
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He pointed his sword at the boy "Tch yeah right, out here, alone, no one else around. Just chatting, I see right through you brat, trying to get in good with my little goddess well too bad. Artemis Evan Dracon is here to put a stop to that!" he announced.

Obviously I have been busy catching up on my work, a lot of crap piles up while I'm on this island with you annoyances. I still have two more stacks to work through he answered Yukio.
Name: Artemis Evan Dracone
Age:  21
Gender: male
Bio: He's Freya's oldr brother, and oldest of the three siblings. He loves his baby sister and is over the top overprotective of her. He tries to keep boys away from because h thinks they're unworthy of bein near her. He's a healer by day and steals rare dangerous artifacts at night, giving them to an organization who knows how to protect them. He always needs chocolate bcause without he becomes extremely rude to people, he enjoys flirting with girls and watching over his sister. Now he's decided to stat at the school, to keep an eye on his sister and to teach.

ability: Power to travel through shadows, earth abilities and healing abilities
Likes: Protecting Freya, girls, candy, stealing things, talking to plants and being in nature

Dislikes: boys who try to hit on Freya or go near her, fire, not having chocolate, being yelled at by his sister
Classes: Thievery and Elemental Studies
Equipment: 3 knives, posion needles, one sword

Stats: total 1000
intelligence- 150
energy to use ability-200
martial arts skills-80
equipment skills-170