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Re: Tartarus
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Zagreus had just stormed out of his father's palace in one of the forms he more passably got away with here in the Underworld. An infernal looking creature, reptilian in body but with the wings of a blue macaw and razor sharp teeth. Talons allowed it to grip onto rocky surfaces, trees, most anything but not without leaving a mark. Zagreus prided himself in his ability to alter his form so freely but this was not suitable to his needs as he traveled to where he thought it most likely he would come across Thanatos: the great prison of the Underworld, Tartarus.

As he neared the entrance to the dreadful place, he let his wings ease up and began his descent. As he landed down on firm ground, he brought his body to shift into a much smaller and less noticeable form. His grayish green scales began to blacken and his wings shrunk back into his skin. The reptilian tail curled up over his back while all of his skin covered in scales hardened shrank. Within mere moments, he was a pure black scorpion the size of a normal man's fist. And down here, he was hardly threatening. What little lived on in the Underworld tended to remain undisturbed.

He scurried along the ground for a while before getting more comfortable going along the walls, navigating the way as he knew it. As the son of the ruler of this domain, he knew it well. Still searching for any sign of Thanatos, he ran along the path while contemplating the argument he had just had with his father and what he'd be willing to do to prove to Hades once and for all exactly how much he was worth.
Name: Zagreus aka Timaeus Zag
Age: Appears to be in his mid teens, real age is undeterminable
Gender: Male
Bio: Zagreus is the son of Hades and Persephone, current rulers of the Underworld. Yes, that Hades and Persephone. He takes more after his mother in personality but has his father's looks and hot temper. Growing up under his father's rule was challenging. The more expectations placed upon Zagreus, the more the boy wanted to act out against his father's wishes. In response, Hades banned him from leaving the Underworld. Well ****...
ability: Shape Changing & Fire/Heat Manipulation
Likes: Music, mortal society, clothes, travel, pranks
Dislikes: The outdoors, sweets, frozen foods, strict situations
Classes: N/A
Clubs/activities: N/A
Class Rep: N/A
Year: 3rd
Equipment: A black handled knife with a long blade that has dozens of odd symbols etched into it, a pocket mirror, one zippo lighter, and a pewter ring set with an obsidian stone that bears the insignia of Hades, a black leather satchel with silver skull buckles, three journals bound in some unfamiliar flesh, keys to his motorcycle "Lil' Cerberus", an ebony bow with a matching quiver of arrows, and a pet scorpion named Scorpius.

Stats: total 600
strength- 35
speed- 120
intelligence- 85
energy to use ability- 200
stamina- 100
martial arts skills- 40
equipment skills- 20