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Re: Puzzle Complete [closed, early December]
« on: November 03, 2012, 02:57:08 am »
The woman entered an ancient stone throne room, though notably smaller and more modest than an average one in it's prime, the once proud chamber now stood in shambles. The once great paintings and tapestries that hung from its walls were all but ripped from their hangings. Many where shredded revealing deep gashed in the thick, cold stone behind it, a tell tale sign of the powerful blows that ruined the once great works of art.

Craters of varying size and shape dotted the walls and floor which was littered with once fine candle stands, splintered furniture, and the corpses of small rodents in varying states of decay, most of them skeletons, the implements of their demise still lodged deep within their forms. The air was stale as though entering a long forgotten tomb and all was silent, deathly so making the woman's normally unnoticeable footsteps all the more audible as she walked along the tattered, ragged red carpet towards the only thing still decent in the room; the throne.

The fine, black marble chair still sat proud and tall on top of a small set of steps in the center of the room. Polished to a high sheen that reflected any light that managed to hit it making it sparkle beautifully like the night sky, despite the horrifying faces twisted in anguish artfully carved into it's design that made it look all more terrifying and intimidating than beautiful. The ornate, silver rapier propped against the left side of the throne only adding to the image.

Finally, there, on the throne, sat what appeared to be the corpse of a man at first glance. His dusty yet regal clothing implied that he was the master of this throne room, and he sat in a position that implied as much, as though even in death, he kept his dignity. It was an imposing posture that betrayed impatience as he sat, hunched forward, head propped up on his right arm as long, black hair hid his face from view. His legs were crossed and angled away from the rest of his body, yet he was completely still, skin pale and seemingly lifeless making it seem even more like Aska had entered a tomb rather than a castle.

Just then, when it seemed like Aska might've visited the wrong place, the veins of the corpse on the throne darkened to a deep black through his skin and he inhaled deeply as his skin regained a bit of color. The man slowly raised his head, holding the breath for a few moments before he exhaled slowly, his dark, hip length hair still covering most of his features. "I thank thee for the tribute," he said slowly. His voice low echoing power and authority despite his disgraceful appearance. "Many a moon since mine eye spotted thee. What is thy purpose here?"
- Kazuma Edilos & Daemos

Name: Kazuma Edilos / Daemos

Age: Unknown / Unknown
Gender: Male / Unknown




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- Elliot Miyura

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