Author Topic: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]  (Read 2705 times)


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Re: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]
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The lord nods slightly in recognition of Aska's words even though his eyes stormy eyes never left Homura's own fiery red. "As you wish," the lord said, his voice still muffled by the whispers within Homura's head as he turned back to her and began to... lean closer!? Inch by inch, the lord's face slowly approached Homura's moving much closer than should ever be allowed. Despite the circumstances, Homura's natural reactions would be able to show through here, though she would be unable to do anything about it as the lord's face slowly brushed past her own, his lips moving closer to her left ear.

Finally, the lord stopped just next to Homura's ear, his body now close enough to smell the subtle hint of stale age clinging to his ancient clothing as he whispered into her ear. A small command that rang loud and clear throughout her to her very core; "Fi consumat de către păcatul tău (be consumed by thy sin)."

Homura's whole body will tense up and she will gasp involuntarily. The breath will catch in her throat as her own darkness bubbles up from it and spills out of her mouth. The fire in her eyes will be snuffed out along with her vision as those red orbs go black as though her pupils had swallowed them up like black holes and she'll shed black tears as 2 more trails of black spill from her nostrils and ears. Eventually, Homura's body will go into violent convulsions, but never fall as though her feet are rooted to the ground as darkness literally spills from every opening in her body and clings to her, wrapping her in darkness until she is completely cocooned by it. And even though the process is painful to her body, Homura likely wouldn't feel a thing as she is drawn deep within her own subconscious in order to have a discussion with the darkness in her own soul.

The lord will stand up straight again and move to Aska's side long before Homura's body starts flailing uncontrollably. If Aska tries to help the doomed dragon, then he will hold out his arm barring her way as he watches the transformation play out. "Fret not, be she worthy then thy beloved sister will merely awaken to her true self. If not, then she will perish. However, I doubt we shall have to worry about that second outcome; Thou hast pruned her darkness well. She is ready."

Once her transformation is complete, the darkness will crack and peel away from her body, dissolving and scattering in the air like ash as Homura is finally able to finish her gasp. Then, a rush of power will course through her body as she is born anew, awakened to her own inner darkness.
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