Author Topic: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]  (Read 2595 times)


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Re: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]
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Having not been treated as a lord for such a long time after such a humbling experience, Kazuma had mixed feelings at how the women were treating him. However, he welcomed the humility and respect showed by the two women and smiled slightly as the young girl finally stopped a respectful distance away from him. "Thou hast learned VERY well," the lord noted and closed the rest of the distance between them until he was close enough to touch Homura, which he soon did as he reached down and gently lifted the girl's chin so that his stormy grey eyes could meet her own, "do not avert thy gaze..."

For one long, possibly awkward moment. He would simply gaze into the girl's eyes, frowning as he searched for something within them. However, the awkwardness would soon begin to fade as something small sparked within Homura, entrancing her and forcing her to gaze ever deeper into the thunderstorm within Kazuma's eyes. Soon, she would be able to neither move nor look away as the lord smiled and turned his head slightly to address Aska, though his eyes would not leave Homura's. "thou hast prepared her well my dear; the change will not destroy her, though she may still suffer as the darkness takes hold. Art thou sure thou wishes to go through with this?"

Kazuma's voice would sound muffled and far away to Homura as a new voice would speak within her mind. A voice very similar to those of the darkness that she had heard before whispering things that she could not yet understand.
- Kazuma Edilos & Daemos

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