Author Topic: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]  (Read 2609 times)


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Re: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]
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"No," the lord called out, raising his hand to stop his priestess as she started to sweep away the blood and the bodies, "the aroma of thy work has awakened the hunger of the shadows. Let them feast. Tis been many a moon since they have had the chance to enjoy aught but rodents." Even as the lord spoke, the hushed whispers of the darkness filled the air as the black mist about their feet began to home in on the carcasses littering the area. Before long, the blood and corpses were completely swallowed up by the shadows and a series of sickening crunches like a large beast tearing into a fresh kill filled the air.

Despite the horror of the moment, the lord paid it no mind at all as he turned his attention to the one that his priestess had called her "sister," his eyes narrowing slightly as they looked over the small girl as though looking for something the eye could not see. "Thou hast taken well to the lessons of thy sibling," the lord observed, a hint of amusement in his voice as his corners of his lips curled into a small smirk.

As fast as the amusement arose however, it vanished leaving a cold scowl as his eyes continued to search the young woman. "Arise young one," the lord said, his tone implying that his words were more of a command than a request, "come to me, that I might look upon thee properly."
- Kazuma Edilos & Daemos

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