Author Topic: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]  (Read 2609 times)


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Re: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]
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Having listened to the words spoken, and felt the changes in the atmosphere, Homura knew it was the approach of the one Onee-san called her lord.  The young dragon stayed knelt down as taught and instructed by her older sister; careful to follow the practices she had been taught.  With the utmost of respect she kept her head down, being very sure not to raise her eyes to his.  Her hands sat folded delicately in her lap. She spoke softly, though not as quiet to need any strain to hear her, her voice filled with respect and gratitude for the meeting. "It is an honor to be in your prescience sir."
Name: Homura Ikeda
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Human Form

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