Author Topic: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]  (Read 2482 times)


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Re: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]
« on: December 19, 2012, 07:40:17 pm »
The geisha priestess' voice rose in a haunting and melodic chant. There was little mistaking this song for what it was. She chanted a dirge, calling the dead through the quick to witness the happenings of this ritual. They would stand in a silent and cold curtain, encircling the stone Aska stood on. The waves of entropy, of void, of nothingness, emanated from that noose of decay. They faded from sight, but that blood curdling chill still swept out from the little priestess. Her skin, already pale in the moonlight, had taken an almost icy look to it. Her eyes were nearly electrified in the moonlight, moving between a glowing violet, to a black, then a mercury silver. Living, moving shadow seemed to pass and writhe beneath the skin of the petite woman, the darkness blowing as free as the raven hair that the winter wind picked at.

Her chant changed, no longer the dirge it had been, but far more entrancing, sorcerous in it's ability to call out to someone. The winds rose, blowing strands of that midnight silk hair about her placid face, and they traveled out from her, finding the person she wished to hear them. Hear them and find her and this place. Led there, and oblivious of the fact that they had been summoned. Only knowing that they followed an angel's voice in the winds, making ephemeral promises and offering unrealized dreams.
Name: Aska
Age: appears to be in her very early 20's
Gender: Female


"I wished on the seven sisters. Bring to me wisdom of age. All that's locked within the book of secrets. I longed for the knowledge of the sage...So the sisters smiled to themselves, and they whispered as they shown. And it was from that very instant, I knew I would never be alone."

"It's true. We're all a little insane. But it's so clear, now that I am unchained. Fear is only in our minds, taking over all the time...You poor, sweet, innocent thing, dry your eyes, and testify. You know you live to break me. Don't deny, sweet sacrifice."

"You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be. Oh, so many ways for me to show you how your savior has abandoned you...Still you pray, never stray, never taste of the fruit, and you never thought to question why. It's not like you killed someone. Not like you drove a hateful spear into his side. Praise the one who left you broken down and paralyzed. He did it all for you."

"When you scream, it sounds like a lullaby. When you beg, I get all gooey inside. Tonight, I take your eyes, mind and tongue to spread the word and watch your kingdom come... Once upon a time, I ripped the wings from my spine. But when I hide inside your eyes, I still pretend that I can fly. Tell me every secret, so you can fall in love, then fall to pieces. I need new voices in my head..I need new lovers in my bed to feed my secret appetites. I need your scent all over me. I need to taste this tragedy. I need to know with certainty that the nectar was worth the squeeze. It's just the way that we're deceived. It's the blame that stains us. This, this sweetest disease is so contagious."