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haro masamune story
« on: June 30, 2012, 07:54:54 pm »
day one- just another day to the lonely boy. or is it? his usual decompressing moment atop the school is first crashed by an interesting young woman, 4th year kaya mitsume. the young empath can see his troubles, and for once, haro shares abit of his soul with another. this, however, was short lived, as the peaceful moment was cut short by the arival of many others, who began to settle their buisness right there, disturbing his peace. later, kaya finds him by the ocean, and they talk once more

the carnival- haro went to the local carnival at the invitation of kaya. they, along with the young couple jizero and anihe,  have an intense compitition at the bumper cars, anding in a draw. soon after, haro and kaya share a ride on the ferris wheel, some cotton candy, a talk of emotion, and a kiss (or 2 ;) )

screaming souls- haro, kaya and miles decide to go together and explore the haunted ex- home of the principal. big mistake! through the assumed works of a sinners sillouet, haro and miles inner demons nearly took them at the thought of losing kaya, who lived her own fear by being cut from them.haro nearly slayed the boy, and lost his soul, till kaya reapeared to save them. durring this arc, haro also met in passing a member of the muramasa clan.

finish later :P
Name: haro masamune
Age: 17
Gender: male

Bio: keeps to himself, not cold but distant. has warmed up to afew people but even they know little
ability: summon familiar (fox), energy blade
Likes:pocky, honest people, people who mind their own buisness
Dislikes: overly friendly people, overly hyper people, lies, fish (as food)
Classes: melee wepon 2, swordsmanship 2, demonology 2, history 1
Class Rep:Yukimora Jinzo
Year: 2
Equipment: sword. bokken in school, katana after school.

Stats:2nd year-545
energy to use ability-50
martial arts skills-40
equipment skills-120

"the light in my world, had faded and died.
the absence was crushing. my very soul cryed.

just when id quit, submit to fate,
she came from the hevens, just as its to late.

through her sweet eyes, id forgotten my pain.
her warmth, her smile, it kept me saine.

now i can smile. my pains fade away.
without that new light, id have died that day."

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