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Kauhi and Chein's background.
« on: February 04, 2013, 05:35:12 am »
"This Nostalgic feeling... what does it mean...?"

Kauhi is the son of his parents, the younger brother of Celia, and adopted brother of Yume. Ever since he was born, his parents felt uneasy about him, as if there was something strange, or that he wasn't their child. Nevertheless, they still loved him as much as they loved their two daughters, decided to push away the uneasy feelings.

When he was only five year old, he began to explores the nearby woods, no one why or what he does there exactly, even Celia attempted to follow him and she lost him midway, as if he disappear into thin air. But when she came back, she saw him, coming back as if nothing happens to him. Even then, he still goes to the woods.

At age 7, an unknown force attacked his village, destroying few houses and killing many villagers, including his parents. Even though it was very traumatized to everyone, including his sisters, Kauhi was able to adapt his new change of life easily and continues to smiles. No one know why he was able to adapt it, but it was hinted that it because he was using his happy personality to hide his sadness and his other feelings.

Three years later, it was reveal little bit that he was actually seeing a certain ancient tree, he wasn't sure why but it felt nostalgic to him. But on a certain day when he was 10 year old... it changed. On that day, he touch the tree and enter into it, there kauhi saw a strange rabbit beast, chained inside a mysterious space sealed with the ancient tree as a way to enter it...

"Cheindousagi... that not my real name... my name, it's..."

Unknown times, chein doesn't know what she is exactly. All she knew is she was some sort of a demon, a chain it was called, but something tell her that there something else about her that make her different... she knew she needed to form a strange contract with someone to be free... why was she chained here... why is she here in this 'prison'... someone... please help...

Mostly unknown about chein, as she was chained inside a mysterious space which she called a 'prison'. She doesn't know what she is, why she was chained, how long she been here... and why she felt nostalgic when she met Kauhi for the first time...

When Kauhi, 10 year old at that time, finally enter the prison. She was surprise to see the first person to enter this space other than herself. She didn't know who he was, but she felt nostalgic suddenly. The two began to talk for a bit, she learn the boy's name, and how he been coming to the woods and that he doesn't know how he enter here. She told him few things, that she was called Cheindousagi, but hated the name and decided to shorten it to Chein, since she knew it wasn't her real name. She was called Chained Rabbit as that what she was called in other form.

She was, however, surprise how the boy was still optimistic, despite him being in this 'prison' also... where it very dangerous and strange... yet he still smiling... she decided to ask him about the contract, hoping he would formed the contract with her, so they both would get out. She knew he was a bit reluctant, but he accepted it. She explains how it goes, that he will need to say the chained rabbit's name, 'Cheindousagi', then say he want to form a contract with.

After he done so, the chains broke off of Chein and she was transform into her human form. She walked up to Kauhi and kissed him, saying it was necessary for the final steps of contract. The contract clock sign appear on kauhi's chest and soon Chein regains her abilities, getting the two out of a strange 'prison'.

"These chains... what are they holding together...?"

Ever since they gotten out of there, Chein and Kauhi return to the village, with kauhi trying to make up an excuse. Celia was relunacted, seeing that there was something odd from not only Chein, but form kauhi. She pestered him with questions, but came no answers, deciding to give up, she let chein stayed. Because Yume has already left the village to another village, Chein haven't known her, and vice versa.

They been seen together most of times, hanging out in the same woods, or go somewhere, some assumed they are really closed, as if they were a couple or best friends, which brought to kauhi's blushing so many times. During this times, chein began to inspect that there was something off about the contract clock sign on Kauhi's chest, something she can't put her finger on it, yet she knew it was something important. They also found out that Kauhi could actually have some access to chein's ablilities directly, other than unlocking it for chein, which surprise to both, and how his eyes tend to become crimson sometime...

As four years go by, with their bonds grow stronger and they get to know each other a bit more, they both develop feelings for each other, yet neither couldn't say it to other and hide it. It was when Kauhi was going to be 14 soon when he overhear his sister, Celia, about receiving a letter from Yume who is in a place called Oraion Island... he asked Celia about the island.

He decided to talk it over with chein. They both agreed to go there for a couple of reasons, including seeing Yume after four long years, and hoped they might find clues to Chein's existence or her past at least... and to Kauhi's too. He admitted there was something strange about himself, but like his late parents, he couldn't pinpoint what it was. And so, few months after Kauhi became 14, he and Chein then left their village to go to their destination: 'Oraion Island'
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Name: Kauhi Kasai
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Look: -5'3 and Emerald eyes, shift to crimson eyes when using The Chained Rabbit's abilities or when happen randomly-

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Name: Cheindousagi 'Chein'
Age: Look to be 14 in human form.
Gender: Female
Human's form.
-4'11 and violet eyes-

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