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Elliot's Log
« on: October 25, 2012, 09:44:46 pm »
Subject: Elliot Miyura[10/25/2012]

From the moment Elliot appeared on campus, he's been causing trouble. In his first week on campus, he damaged school property multiple times, infuriated a teacher, befriended the same teacher shortly afterwards, and generally did whatever he pleased. Somehow, the teen befriended many other students during his first month on campus. Most notable of which was Yume, a young woman with the ability to summon creatures. The woman seemed to be attracted to the teen, a fact the teen distrusted due to his past experiences with women. Eventually however, romance died out before it had the chance to blossom as Yume mysteriously disappears. For a while, Elliot was panicked about the fate of his lost friend, but once he'd received a letter explaining that it was a transfer, the teen sighed and bid her farewell moving on with his life...

-A Blast from the Past ((A "Family" Reunion -> Yo Pup -> Family Affair))-

...Or so he thought. Completely out of nowhere, his cousins Gregor and Jessica Nye and childhood friend Elyana Romanov enrolled in the school as teachers totally throwing the teen for a loop. These people were a part of a mysterious clan that Elliot was born into that had many strange abilities. The clan had shunned Elliot as a child, thus, he'd hoped he'd never see them again when he moved away from them years ago. Yet, here they were, back in his life yet again. And as though that weren't confusing enough, they invited him to the pack that they were forming and actually began training him in the ways of the Crescent Moon branch of the clan, the part that Elliot was a part of, yet never knew the workings of! The teen enjoyed this new side to his cousins and the training and revalations provided by Ely (such as the fact that the previously inept Elliot MAY have had some of the abilities that he was previously shunned for not having!), yet, all was not well. His new pack was a lot different from before, most notably Elyana who was a LOT darker than she was in the past. Elliot was so happy about being with his new family and learning about his heritage that he didn't notice right away, but events would soon occur that would bring the flaws of his "happy family" to the fore...

-A Pack of Problems ((Protecting the Pack -> Regrouping and Becoming a Problem -> Elliot's favorite place))-

One random day, Elliot heard the call of his cousin Gregor summoning him to Silver City. Seeing as the wolf didn't call him often, Elliot decided to answer the call. Little did he know that he would be sucked into a battle with Yuji's forces. A battle that could have easily gotten him killed for reasons he did not understand. After they retreated, the teen found himself facing another battle; with Gregor. His older cousin spat vicious accusations at the teen about how he had endangered the pack during the fight in Silver City and that he was keeping secrets about Ely that neither he NOR the woman in question could account for. Hurt and confused, the teen was forced to flee from his enraged cousin retreating to a hangout spot he'd claimed for himself long before his pack had arrived. Joined shortly afterwards by Elyana, Elliot and the woman shared a blessing from an ancient spirit that wached over the teen for a long time before they began discussing his cousin. There, it was revealed that all was not well between Ely and Gregor, but, deciding to stick up for his blood, Elliot tried to convince Elyana that things with Gregor would improve. That was when the teen realized that he too had feelings for he and Gregor's childhood friend, and he fled from her leaving her behind before she could pick up on his feelings and make matters worse between the 3 of them.

-Recuperation ((Open Challenge -> Deep into the Mountains -> Grand Tour))-

Still thrown for a loop about discovering his feelings, Elliot decided to distract himself by focusing on something else; his weakness. The teen had spent most of his life training in order to earn respect and that had not changed since he arrived on the island. Being constantly exposed to so many others that were so much stronger than him made the teen painfully aware of his inadequacy and he'd been training non-stop in order to close the gap between himself, and everyone around him (in his eyes). First, he decided to test himself with an open sparring session. unfortunately for him, only one person showed up; Ankoki Kyo. This person was one of the worst possible people that the teen could've faced, yet, the teen somehow managed to keep up with her, and even press her a bit before he was soundly defeated. Not long after that, he had his second encounter with the Kyos in the form of Leon when he'd gone in search of a teacher. Once again, the teen did surprisingly well before losing, but lose he did. Fortunately however, he'd impressed Leon enough in the process that he'd earned himself a teacher! And his luck continued to turn on the upside as he met Niha and Sayi; 2 friends of his that he'd met while living in Japan that were now attending the school with him! The trio went on a short tour of the school ending in a quick jaunt at the beach before the teen finally returned to his dorm. There, a pleasant surprise awaited him that was the perfect thing to help him overcome the emotions brought up by the events that had happened only about a month prior. Now renewed and reinvigorated with a new sidekick, the teen prepares to face a new day and any challenges that they may set before him.
- Kazuma Edilos & Daemos

Name: Kazuma Edilos / Daemos

Age: Unknown / Unknown
Gender: Male / Unknown




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- Elliot Miyura

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