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Re: shinji updates
« on: September 19, 2012, 05:29:18 pm »
subject shinji
since coming aback from the underworld again shinji memories of mika have been erased. with his memories gone he have deicide to ask jasmine, jasmine works at the not your everyday gym, shinji has also felt something missing from his life, he has wrestled with the idea with leaving the school,
subject shinji
Shinji was suffering from Sleep deprivation, from a dream in which he was chasing an unknown girl  but never caught up with her, he aws confused about this dream and deicide it was better to just not sleep to avoid the dream , 2 wek later he meet zatari in Sliver city she seal the dreams away but only if he willingly join her.
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name: shinji
look: He's 5'12 with yellow eyes
Bio:  shinji is a genuis but he does not act like it he loves too be around his friends and making the people around him laugh he does not get angry often but when he does goes on a rampage, but overwise he's a clam guy, he hates his family because of when he was only 11 they tried to kill him. so he make's it his goal to kill them anyway he can.
powers: create and control fire, water,air and magic
Likes: hanging with friends, girls(kind of a pervert),skipping class, making people laugh, randomness,sleeping, training
Dislikes: studying, people that  thinks that they are above ever one else, his family.
Classes:Elemental Studies, Supernatural/Demonology,
Clubs/activities: leader of the magical force
Class Rep: Yukimora Jinzo
Year:2nd year
Equipment: Gauntlets, twin desert eagle(left: Zeus silver right: hades black)
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