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Serena's Log
« on: July 02, 2012, 05:34:19 pm »

Serena's past is a bloody one. She was born half succubus, half human taken from her human family at a young age by succubi. They took her for her telepathic ability and raised her into a heartless killer. For years she did their bidding until her humanity began to grow. She pulled away from their clutches and began a new life teaching at Oraion.
She teaches the tracker class and is in a relationship with Leon. To quench her blood lust she drinks heavy amounts of alcohol. It doesn't intoxicate her as it would anyone else, but keeps her killing instincts at bay. Lately, however, it hasn't been doing the trick. She almost left her teaching position to go into hiding and keep from attacking the students. After starting a physical relationship with Leon her succubus cravings have ceased.
Name: Serena Halliwell
Age: 24
Gender: female
Bio: Serena is a half breed succubus. Instead of being raised by her human parent, like most half breeds, she was taken to live with her fellow succubi. She was six years old when she first wielded a sword and found it a much more civilized way to fight than using her claws and sexuality like most succubi. She has horns and wings but can retract them to look like a normal human. Since succubi have their own way of finding and tracking humans to prey on, she uses this ability to track animals instead.
ability: Being a half breed, she doesn't need to feed off a persons life force to survive, but she does have that allure succubi have, telepathic, flight when her wings are out
Likes: nighttime, wine, the thrill of a fight, romance
Dislikes: trouble makers, being disturbed, losing
Classes: tracker class
Equipment: a sword

Stats: total 1000
strength- 100
speed- 125
intelligence- 115
energy to use ability- 210
stamina- 170
martial arts skills- 130
equipment skills- 150

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