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Kaya Mitsume's Updates
« on: June 30, 2012, 07:26:30 pm »
              For the week of 6/23-6/30

Fourth year Kaya Mitsume has had an interesting week. She's met quite a few people, including the likes of Haro, Miles, Rina, Anihe, Jizero, Cherry, Yukimora and Mika.

Though a rough start was had between Jizero, Anihe and herself, it seems to have gotten settled, and the three may not call one another friend, but it's a comfortable acquaintance.

She seems to have gotten close to Haro, though some speculation is had as to what is going on between them both. With Miles another factor, could it be a love triangle?

Her first day, she set free a seven sins soul, freeing it to find peace. In the middle of the week, she quickly became embroiled in an adventure that nearly went terribly, and deadly wrong. The Haunted Mansion almost got the best of the three that ventured inside, but in the end all three were seen safely out of the house by the empath.

More of her story has come to light, though much is still hidden about the girl. (For reference, see the conversation between herself and Haro in her dorm. Beginning on pg. 5, we believe.) Secrets of her past have come to light, and the little empath and the first of her suitors seem to have settled the squabble. Is there peace once more, or could there be trouble in paradise again soon?

Meanwhile, Miles seems to have an interest in the empath. Will she choose between the men? Will she break the hearts of the two involved? What will become of this twisted tale of romance and intrigue? We'll find out more next week.
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Re: Kaya Mitsume's Updates
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                   July/August synopsis

Much has happened in the life of the empath, and it's only gotten more complicated. Since last reporting, a relationship has developed between swordsman and goddess. The pair has been hot and heavy for a bit of time, and yet the spider and the empath seem to have a close relationship, also.

Haro seems to have liked it enough to put a ring on it, and the newly engaged couple is extremely happy. Not even a handful of days after, more good tidings came their way as they also found that they were expecting a bundle of joy.

With the wedding planned in December, and Haro's father set to arrive in November, things appeared to be entirely sunny and perfect for the young couple. Such peace was not meant to last sadly.

Over the span of a couple of weeks, tensions rose between the empath and the spider. The vrenom suit came back to ruin the day, and in a desperate move to retrieve the spider's mind before the venom suit could take it, the little siren raised her voice and shouted the house down. Miles' ears did not last through this.

Trapped into something that was quickly becoming an impossible situation, the Fates called spider and empath before them to try and solve the mess that all of this had become. They offered blissful forgetfulness to the spider, and he took it. He remembered nothing of his feelings for Kaya. This held until the arrival of Aphrodite seemed to charge his memories and make them come back around full force.

Miles' remembered, but he had come to an important conclusion that made the difference. He couldn't have Kaya. The choice she'd made could not be undone. By giving her body to the swordsman, she'd sealed her fate and choice. She and the spider could never be.

Both spider and empath had concluded this, but Haro's heart darkned in jealousy. In a painful and ultimately deadly encounter, the struggle came to it's pinnacle. The three came before the Fates. Blood and life was the paid price, as Miles' died in this timeline, to be placed in another, and the couple's unborn child was also sacrificed to see that the mistakes could be unwoven and sealed away.

The empath has completed many battles, leading missions, and performing well in the tournaments. Who knows what could be next.
Name: Kaya Mitsume 'Lorelei'
Age: 17 at start, now 26, doesn't appear older than 23
Gender: Female